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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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“We wanted to go to Europe, but we ended up in hell”: How did the Maidan start 10 years ago and where did it take Ukraine?

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 12:08:53

We wanted to go to Europe, but we ended up in hell. Photo: Oleg TERESHENKO

On November 21, 2013, riots began in Ukraine, which went down in history as the Maidan. The KP military correspondent, who reviewed the entire 10-year tragedy of Ukraine, from the barricades on Independence Square to the battles for Mariupol and Bakhmut, recalled with the help of what slogans the entire country was so terribly deceived.


Let’s start at the end. February 2014, strong frosts. I am sitting on the windowsill of the Stalinist Hotel Ukraine. It rises above the Maidan. The legacy of the damned regime, which gave Ukraine everything from its name and language to its subjectivity and industry, weighs heavily on Independence Square.

The monument, the architectural center of the Maidan, the Column of Freedom, compared to the gigantic hotel, looks like a pencil stuck in a jumbled anthill. The anthill burns with a stinking rubber smoke. Rubber fumes are everywhere: on walls, clothes, faces and hands. The honored figures of the Maidan, of the cattle infantry, look like black men from an operetta.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

Below me, in the hotel lobby, lie corpses, three dozen white lumps, part of the “Heavenly Hundred,” who were shot from both sides in the morning. They fired from both the Maidan and the rooftops of the government quarter, just to be safe. The hotel sheets were soaked in blood. The bodies are transferred one by one from the hotel to the square.

At this time, on the Maidan stage they play the hit of the season – the song “Plyve Kacha”. The black crowd lights lighters and sways to the music. “The Voice of the Maidan” and its commander Andrei Parubiy, who received a certificate of mental retardation in 1971, shouts into the microphone the old Bandera motto: “Glory to the heroes!” The square responds: “Glory to the heroes!” The spectacle is chilling and surprising: 80% of Russian speakers in the area. I kept thinking: how similar is this to a ritual: they weave with blood, they weave with death.

And so it happened.

kyiv residents stood on the Maidan with pots on their heads. So that the authorities do not hang noodles on their ears. And they received a head full of propaganda noodles from the leaders of the “hypnosis revolution.” Photo: Andrei STENIN/RIA Novosti


I dress warmly, put on a Kevlar armored plate under my jacket, leave my editorial ID in the room – Maidan activists have already begun to catch Komsomolskaya Pravda journalists. Colleagues of one of the Russian channels were tortured all night in the basement of the Budinka union. They beat me with batons and electric shocks, then they threw me on the street and passersby picked me up…

I put the camera in my pocket; It’s very cold outside. I am going to participate in the farewell of the victims. Between the transport of corpses, Yulia Tymoshenko takes the Maidan stage, wearing Louboutins and in a wheelchair. She has just been released from prison, the people roar and welcome the “gas princess.” The “Princess” winces in pain as shreds of soot from burning tires fall onto the stage. It seems that she understands that there is nothing more for her in Ukrainian politics.

I run to the hotel to warm up. There is a surprise at the entrance. Some figures on the Maidan do not let me enter. The young activist is characterized by his black face with delicate snot frozen on his upper lip. All inside some sort of homemade bracelets and leggings made from sewer pipes, in his hand is a Berkut aluminum shield and rebar. “Garbage Warrior” tries to speak to me in a language whose sequel it doesn’t know. For now, you will have to learn:

– We don’t need Muscovites here!

Photo: Alexander KOTS

I explain that I live here, I paid for the room, here is my key, etc. But the activist is adamant: “Here we are the power.” A Maidan slogan that will later make our opposition fall in love with it.

I walk through the hotel and find the service entrance, go up to the room, marveling at the stupidity of the Maidanites. I honestly don’t understand what’s happening. Just a day ago, competing Maidan spectators explained to me: “We are not against Russia, we are not against the Russian language, we are against Yanukovych and the Kremlin.” For example, I was puzzled by the question:

– What language do we speak to you? In Russian! How are we going to fight him?

It turned out that it’s very simple, you just need to start punishing people for speaking Russian. First, good. Then, beat, fired from work, expelled from the country.

That day, something changed on the Maidan in a matter of hours. The blood put an end to this “festival of disobedience”, turning it into a funeral mass, which would later become a true death cult. And this blood of the “Celestial Hundred” is only the first. There will be more, whole rivers.

But none of the Maidan extras had any idea about this then.


But it all started innocently! From an online tweet written by future post-Maidan Verkhovna Rada deputy, journalist Mustafa Nayem: “We will meet at 10:30 p.m. under the Independence Monument. “Dress warm, bring an umbrella, tea, coffee and friends.” The tweet went out on November 21, 2013, that was the day a bloody wheel rolled across Ukraine, crushing the deceived people.

As corresponds to the dramaturgy of the color revolutions, the students were the first to go to the Plaza de la Independencia. There was a reason. Since the “Orange Maidan” of 2004, Ukrainians have been told how they will join the friendly family of European nations, “they will follow the European path.” The EU was evasive about this and was in no hurry to accept Ukraine, although when the Europeans need it, in a week they will accept any poor, bald devil, from Romania to the Baltic States. But Ukraine was destined for a different fate. President Yanukovych refused to sign an association with the EU. He promised, he held out until he signed and he refused, so that it would sound louder?

Students who took part in the first picket in November told reporters that without this partnership with the EU they “feel like they have no future.” The picket was broken up by force. A wave of indignation arose: “They are children!” Did these students know what the future held for them? No, of course, no one could imagine THIS.

At first, US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland distributed buns on the Maidan. And then he named members of the Ukrainian government over the phone (their negotiations were leaked online). Photo: Andrew Kravchenko/AP/EAST NEWS

Three days later, on November 24, the Bandera-type Ukrainian opposition gathers 100,000 people in Independence Square. The students were lost in this demonstration, other people from other regions came to protest. To start, they took an old motto from 10 years ago: “Get rid of the gang!” This meant the Yanukovych government.

On November 30, security forces from all over the country will be transferred to kyiv. “Hundreds of Maidan self-defense groups” are beginning to form: 5 thousand people have signed up. The authorities understand that they cannot delay any longer and begin to clear the area. The cleanup ends with between 500,000 and 800,000 people gathering on the Maidan. The first administrative buildings in the city center are being occupied. Sensing their numerical superiority, the maidanists begin to force confrontations in Berkut, giving an image of the protest to the media. The Western media, as if they had an order, are behind the Maidan. Who would doubt it?

The construction of the first barricades begins on the first Sunday in December. The European Parliament legitimizes the Maidan by adopting a resolution in support of it, which, of course, constitutes gross interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

And the Kiev authorities begin to vibrate: politicians and officials, one after another, approach the protesters and prepare “alternative airfields.” “Berkut” continues to “wait for an order” and stupidly stands on Grushevsky Street, carrying gasoline bottles and firecrackers on its shields. He looks beautiful; I spent hours filming it myself. All Western television channels broadcast the picture: “The battle of the Ukrainian people for freedom.” Most kyiv residents disgustedly avoid the smelly, smoky, noisy place in the center of the beautiful city. Hundreds of meters from the Maidan in any direction there is pure snow, cars drive, children walk, and beautiful Kiev women in fur coats drink kava with tsukerki.

They still do not know that the entire future life of Ukraine has already followed the red and black path of blood and soot, and that the “European path” will remain a chimera in which the entire “country of fools” has been deceived. . chase.

Photo: Alexander KOTS


A favorite phrase of Ukrainians suddenly upset by the new government. It was actively used in 2014-2015. Sometimes with a humorous tone: “Yatsenyuk promised on the Maidan!” Yatsenyuk has been in Miami for a long time and little by little this phrase stopped being used: “It’s too disgusting to remember all this,” said a friend from Odessa, who first supported the Maidan and then did not know how to get up. his former homeland, Russia, he told me honestly. So what did the Maidan represent?


This is undoubtedly the main official slogan of the Maidan. The first part is taken from the time of Petliurism, the second part is the greeting password of the Banderaites. Of course, there were many people on the Maidan who were not comfortable with this slogan. But for 10 years, they have been discouraged from speaking on this topic, or turned into a sub-ethnic group – “political Ukrainians”, people who do not have a drop of Little Russian blood, but who are ready to spill as much foreign blood as they want for their Ukrainian character.

Torchlight processions with a portrait of Bandera are now common in Ukraine. And foreigners are surprised: this is a copy of Hitler’s processions. Photo: ZUMAPRESS.com


The nominal reason for the Maidan is Yanukovych’s refusal to sign the EU association with Ukraine. Why, after the Maidan victory, was Ukraine’s entry into Europe carried out under the slogans: “Come for a week” and “We will call you again”?

It’s been 10 years since the Maidan! But Europe has not gotten any closer.

If I had told anyone on the Maidan back then that this would happen, they would have cursed me.

After 10 years, the EU only promises Ukraine that maybe it will accept it… in another 10 years.

However, Ukraine’s citizens were thrown a bone: a visa-free regime, which millions of Ukrainians took advantage of to escape the “Maidan conquests.”

After the start of the SVO, Zelensky again demanded Ukraine’s rapid admission to the EU. The result is zero. It is estimated that for true entry Ukraine needs EU subsidies worth 186 billion euros. This money should be taken away from all the other “Eastern Europeans”, from the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, who maintain a tolerable life at the expense of the financial needle of Brussels. Those IVs will have to be ripped out and put on the Ukrainian side. No one knows which will happen first: Ukraine will reach the standard of living of Estonia or Poland and Romania will fall to the level of Ukraine, the poorest country in Europe.

And that is why Europe does not want to take risks.

Wait another 10 years?

What did the Maidan represent then?

With Yanukovych it would have been faster.

Photo: Alexander KOTS


In the official interpretation, “the motto expressed the hope that the government would represent the interests of the people and listen to their opinions.” About the Maidan they forgot to clarify: what people? As a result, people were banned from speaking in their native language and the police sprechen, “linguistic ombudsmen”, fined sellers, waiters and taxi drivers if they spoke to a customer in Russian. Teaching in schools and universities in Russian is also prohibited. In a country where, at the time of the Maidan, according to a Gallup poll, 80% of citizens used Russian as their native language. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was practically liquidated along with its main sanctuary, the Kyiv Lavra. The opposition parties have been liquidated. Politicians and dissidents are expelled from the country, imprisoned or killed. Russia became the official enemy of Ukraine long before the Northern Military District (Kiev officially registered it in its military doctrine), and part of the country, Donbass, has been living under regular artillery attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine since 2014.


Freedom is difficult, but there is as much death as you want. The main achievement of the Maidan is the total and violent mobilization of all men, including the disabled of the third group, to participate in “meat attacks.” In assaults without armor or artillery. Armored vehicles are expensive, you have to beg NATO, struggling with debts. And there are so many dead that it was necessary to expand the cemeteries in the cities, but in most cases the corpses are simply not removed from the battle sites so as not to pay benefits to the families.


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