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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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“We will not die”: a Russian hero wounded under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine read his poems so as not to lose consciousness

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 20:18:51

The wounded soldier Volkov, who read a verse on the battlefield, survived and is preparing to join the ranks.

The network continues to admire the strength of the Russian soldier Alexei Volkov with the call sign “Wolf”. Pale from blood loss, under the influence of painkillers, he reads poetry of his own composition on camera. His legs, broken by shrapnel, are bandaged in the woods and he is barely conscious as he utters these words on camera:

“We will not die, because we never die.

There is a fire right in the heart, we will fan it until it becomes a flame.

And we will throw those enemies that the heart asks for.

Our soldiers cannot be broken or beaten”, affirms the combatant.

Projectile explosions can be heard in the background of the recording.

“You can’t buy history and global recognition.

The yellow-blue rag will not replace the red Russian flag.

We believe in ourselves, in our country, and everything is going very well.

And I always prefer red to bluish-yellow,” continues Volkov.

He ends the verse with the words: “For a Russian soldier, victory is a reward.”

The poem turned out to be rap-like and quickly spread across the web.

In the unit where Aleksey serves, they said that after a hard battle, the “Wolf” rushed to help pull out the wounded comrades. And the Ukrainian militants, defeated in battle, retreated and began to take revenge: instead of evacuating their wounded, they began to drop grenades on our orderlies from drones. One of them cut off Alexei’s legs and with the other covered the wounded: he covered her with himself and survived only because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

When a doctor named Vladimir found Alexei a few hours later, the warrior lost a lot of blood. The “Wolf” only had a tourniquet, which he put on the most damaged leg, but fragments from the explosion of the second grenade impacted the other. The instructor injected him with a dose of painkillers and asked him to talk to him so that the hero would not lose consciousness: “Wolf” handsome, I’ll get you out brother. Talk to me, I’ll get you out…

Vladimir took the hero with him for five kilometers, and during smoke breaks the “Wolf” read him his poems …

Today Alexei Volkov is in the hospital. He talks about himself like this: “I am Volkov Alexey Alekseevich. The person in the video. Someone says that this is fake or a setup. He closes his mouth and don’t open it. We are Russian peasants, Russian boys, soldiers. We went there to defend the interests, the interests of our country, of our homeland. The territory of Donbass is our territory, the territory of the Russian Federation, and we went there to cleanse all evil spirits.”

Alexey added that he recorded another video, not to read someone a “moral”. His colleagues asked him to take care of his health and Alexey decided to send them the next video of him.

The “Wolf” went out onto the grass, put his crutches aside and did 35 push-ups.

– That’s more or less the way things are. I don’t want anyone to have any doubts: a Russian soldier never gives up and never will. Alexei Volkov was with you, the warrior promised.

Volkov Alexey Alekseevich, “We will not die”

We will not die! Because we never die!

There is a fire right in the heart, we will fan it to flame!

And we will throw it at those enemies that the heart asks for.

Our soldiers cannot be broken or beaten!

Autumn, summer, spring will show.

Who is more successful here? Short.

Where your eagle is, there are our tails!

Where your money is, there are our exploits and victories!

Billions won’t help earn legendary status.

You can’t buy history and worldwide recognition.

Do not replace the yellow-blue cloth.

Russian Red Flag!

we believe in ourselves

In our country and everything is going great!

and yellow and blue

We always prefer red.

we raise our flag

Higher and higher.

To see our victory

It is not necessary to go up to the roof.

We are the warriors of God.

We are sent by God and heaven.

And so that it doesn’t happen

We always win!

We will not die!

Because we never die!

If something goes wrong, if we hurt,

Cause there’s blood running through our veins


Our creed is Unconditional Victory!

No one has missed a bullet yet, bro.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t

After all, you and I are together: warriors of luck!

We crush and destroy all coming enemies for a hundred years.

After all, no one has victories like ours!

Those legends, such teachers, such traditions…

Lenin, Stalin and Putin are our favorite faces!

You can’t grow these

It doesn’t matter how hard you try.

to our soldier

Don’t put your finger in your mouth!

The best country in the world!

The best country on the planet!

None of your arguments

Don’t discuss it!

We don’t need to be taught to live

What should be done!

For the Russian soldier –

Victory is a reward!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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