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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Western media touted the introduction of the “main strategic reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. It was immediately shot down by Russian aircraft.

Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 08:18:06

Due to media publications about the introduction of the 82 brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the Zaporozhye sector, Russian troops inflicted 5 air strikes on their positions in a single day.


It’s time for Ukraine’s Western allies to quietly creep to the side and hide behind a bush, until they start getting slapped and slapped from kyiv. You understand, these, if anything, can. Do you remember how they shouted that “to the Muscovite, they say, to the Gilyak”? The Muscovites did not want to go there, but the Gilyaks stayed. It lies, one might say, inactive, the loop of the rope hangs in the wind, waiting for a candidate for an empty place. Which becomes especially important in conditions where everywhere you look, there are “figvas” everywhere instead of “outcome”. And this is the best case.

Here, just now, for example, an adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine and at the same time the “blackest mouth” of this team, Mikhail Podolyak, rebuked former French President Nicolas Sarkozy as a bad boy. As soon as he hinted at the world and the fact that the Crimea had been Russian for the past centuries, Podolyak dealt him the most severe blow.

– The fantastically criminal logic of the former president of France Sarkozy, in which he justifies the wars of conquest of Russia, once again exposed one of the fundamental causes of the current war. It was precisely the encouragement by the leaders of Western countries of Putin’s criminal plans to seize foreign lands in 2008 and especially in 2014 that contributed to the initiation of large-scale aggression in Europe and the massacre of Ukrainians.” , Podolyak raged. – Cheering on Sarkozy is direct complicity in a long-running crime. You cannot encourage criminals with the phrase “land for peace.” There are no “new territories of Russia”, there are no Russian rights to referendums, there are no cultural or linguistic characteristics. You cannot trade with foreign territories because you are afraid of someone or because you are friends with criminals. Crimea and Donbass are the unconditional territory of Ukraine.

– Russia must lose. Less provocations, fewer contradictory statements, less incentive to commit crimes,” Podolyak literally seethed with rage. – It is impossible to repeat in 2023 the “Sarkozy experience”, who deliberately participated in a criminal conspiracy to seize Ukrainian territories by Russia, followed by the organization of large-scale genocide and war.

In a word, if Sarkozy had been physically within his reach at that time, Podolyak would definitely have dragged him to the pier in The Hague, or rather, that very Gilyak. So that he would know how to be happy, and pass it on to everyone until the seventh generation.

And after all, such an enraged madman in kyiv is not alone. Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar (this is a last name, not a profession) is ready to keep you company. She said that due to media publications about the introduction of the 82 brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the Zaporozhye sector, Russian troops inflicted 5 air strikes on their positions in a single day. The dissatisfaction of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is understandable: this brigade was the strategic reserve of Zaluzhny and Zelensky, and it was supposed to be introduced into the breakthrough of the Russian defense in order to develop success and throw to the coast of the Azov Sea. Malyar even threatened to establish criminal liability for the unauthorized dissemination of such information in Ukraine, with prison terms of up to eight years.

A very formidable statement, but there is only one small nuance. The American magazine Forbes and the German newspaper Bild were the first to report on the transfer of the 82 brigade to the offensive site of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south. I can see straight across Berlin and New York as Svidomo hair patrols intersect and arrest the editors-in-chief of these publications.

But seriously, there is no doubt that at a critical moment, Zelensky’s team will blame anyone and drown everyone they can reach. Moreover, not only from among his fellow citizens.

Honestly, Westerners, who still haven’t fully understood who they are dealing with, should step aside. And away so as not to splash. And when in kyiv they spit with saliva until foam appears on the lips, and when all this inflated bubble bursts, it splashes everything around with an unpleasant substance.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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