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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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“What a handsome man is sitting next to me”: ​​Natasha Koroleva celebrated the New Year without Tarzan with another man

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 00:47:42

Natasha Koroleva.


Natasha Koroleva, like many show business stars, celebrated the New Year at work. On the night of December 31, the singer had a corporate party. To perform at private parties on the New Year holidays, the artist charges a fee of 1.5-2 million rubles.

On the stage, Natasha performed in a pair with her son Arkhip. The star mother and her 20-year-old heir sang the song “Of course I believe you” in a duet. A video of her performance on social networks was shared by Arkhip’s friend, former stripper Anya Volynkina (aka Melissa Fox).

On the stage, Natasha performed in a pair with her son Arkhip. Photo: video frame.

Previously, the Queen always sang this song with her husband Sergei Glushko. But Tarzan was not with her that night. Apparently, the couple decided to celebrate the New Year separately. As the clock struck midnight, the Queen filmed a greeting video for fans behind the scenes of the corporate party. Her musicians, her son Arkhip and her daughter-in-law, a stripper, entered the scene. Tarzan was not with them at the time, though he might well have spent at least half an hour and congratulated his beloved woman on the greatest feast of the year.

The singer celebrated the New Year with her son and daughter-in-law Melissa Fox. Photo: video frame.

After the corporate party, the Queen managed to perform at another concert, this time in the company of fellow stars. The actress got in touch on social networks and once again congratulated subscribers on the New Year. At that time, Philip Kirkorov was sitting at the next table.

“They tell how you celebrate the New Year and, most importantly, with whom you will spend it. Look how handsome I have him here sitting next to me. Handsome men are always with me,” Natalia joked.

Sergei Glushko now rarely appears with his wife in public. According to the singer, her husband decided not to perform on stage again. Tarzan was 52 years old and left the stripper career. However, they say that in fact Sergei Glushko was no longer invited to concerts with Natasha after a high-profile scandal with treason. Two years ago, Glushko’s affair with a fan who opened up on a talk show came to light. The queen then preferred to pretend that there was no betrayal and that she was above gossip. However, Sergei did not manage to completely wash off the stain on the reputation of an exemplary family man.

“Look what a handsome man is sitting next to me,” the Queen joked. Photo: video frame.

Much more often than with her husband, Natasha now appears in public with her son. From time to time her girlfriend joins them. The singer’s heir has been happy in a relationship for two years. Arkhip’s chosen one once worked in one of the Moscow nightclubs and earned 800 thousand rubles a month. But, having met the star heir, Melissa left the polo. She now works as a makeup artist. For the sake of a strict mother-in-law, the girl quit her job in a nightclub and began to do makeup: she puts makeup on people before filming.

The son of Natasha Koroleva studies at the Higher School of Economics at the Faculty of Japanese Studies. The young man is studying Japanese and in his spare time he works as a tutor. But these modest funds are clearly not enough to rent his own home. The Queen does not hide the fact that it is she who pays the rent for the apartment. The singer also bought Arkhip and his girlfriend everything they need for everyday life. However, Natasha did not allow the young woman to show off especially. She did not rent a luxury home for them. As a result, the singer’s son settled in a modest odnushka.

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