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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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What biblical messages from Marc Chagall can be seen at the exhibition in Khabarovsk KXan 36 Daily News

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 17:47:34

The museum ensures that the exhibition “The Bible” is a unique opportunity to touch the secret of the soul of the great artist, who as a child, according to his own admission, “was fascinated by the Bible.”

“In his works, Marc Chagall revealed not only the wisdom and greatness of the Holy Scriptures, but also emphasized the warmth and intimacy of the biblical texts, resolved in a truly “Chagallian” way, says the museum.

Photo: Far Eastern Art Museum

Chagall also believed that all real works of art are imbued with Biblical motifs, and many art historians agreed with him. In the 1930s, the well-known French publisher Ambroise Vollard commissioned illustrations for the Bible, Chagall took the job seriously, traveled to Palestine and Syria, saturated himself with the “strongest” impressions of his life, and created forty gouaches with images of paradise, Adam and Eve, Dávila, heroes of other Books.

However, World War II prevented the series from being completed. Only after its completion, Marc Chagall returned to his favorite theme and even expanded the biblical series: we are talking not only about plots, but also about approaches and tools. So, if at first the series included, as a rule, black and white engravings and etchings, then after the war the artist more often created colored sheets. He also represented biblical characters in murals, stained glass, ceramics, mastered the technique of lithography.

Photo: Far Eastern Art Museum

“We can say that all of Chagall’s work was a biblical message to the world, the artist believed that he should tell people about the greatness of the Creator and the beauty of the world, about love and death, about heaven and earth, created by God for the joy of people”, the Russian art critic Irina Yazykova.

In 1955 an edition of the Bible illustrated by Chagall came to light. A year later, the works of this series have already begun to be actively exhibited in France. Since then, with various additions and interpretations, under various names, lithographs, etchings and sketches have traveled the world.

Photo: Far Eastern Art Museum

“The works of our great compatriot are rarely exhibited in Russia, and some museums have genuine works by Marc Chagall in their collections. Therefore, this exhibition will be a gift for all connoisseurs of the great master’s work,” they say in Far East Museum of Art.

Photo: Far Eastern Art Museum

It was possible to hold a large-scale exhibition in Khabarovsk thanks to the national project “Culture”.

You can see Chagall’s “biblical messages” until July 16.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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