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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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What children’s books to expect in 2023: how not to drown in a sea of ​​literature, Pingvikings and the continuation of the Fox and Piglet series by Norwegian Bjorn Rervik KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 14:41:28

“From the Odyssey to Harry Potter. Visual navigation through the sea of ​​literature”, Elena Kuznetsova, FOMIN

The book takes the reader through millennia of literary history, from the Gilgamesh epic to novels created by a neural network. Here the stories of more than 300 writers, poets and playwrights are collected. What do ancient Greek tragedies and Hollywood blockbusters have in common? How did women enter the rankings of the world’s most widely read writers? Which poem is the longest and which work was written over fifteen hundred years? And, of course, the book will help you understand literary styles and trends.

“On the edge of the earth”, Anna Desnitskaya, “Scooter”

This is the story of two boys who dream of a true friendship. One of them lives in Latin America, and the second – in Kamchatka. But, as we know, distance is not an obstacle: they meet and find friendship.

Guide to “Dead Souls”, Alexei Oleinikov, illustrations by Vlad Myakonkin, “Scooter”

“Dead Souls” continues the series of fascinating graphic guides, which already includes “Eugene Onegin” and “Woe from Wit”. Undoubtedly, a fascinating story awaits us.

“Smells Like Dog”, Eva Nemesh, “Compass Guide”

Eva Nemes’s collection of short stories for teens “Smells Like a Dog” took third place in this year’s “Kniguru” contest. Here the animals are very different, wild and domestic: a non-existent leopard, a pink cat, a flying deer, dogs… And a person always appears next to them in everyday or fantastic situations.

“Inktober”, Elena Boroda, “Compass Guide”

A new book by the author “Zoom. Quarantine tale”. Varya and Gosha do not know each other. Each of them decides to participate in the “Inktober”, a challenge for illustrators. And if the calm Varya only wants to publish the photos of him, then for Gosha this is a challenge to himself. He decides for a whole month, the whole “October of ink” not to leave the house. The strange tasks of “Inktober” suddenly find their embodiment not only in the form of illustrations, but also in the everyday life of the characters.

“Beyond the horizon”, Tatyana Ildimirova, “Compass Guide”

This book includes two moving stories. In the story “140 beats per minute” sixteen-year-old Dasha became pregnant. The realization of this was almost a disaster, and the most painful thing was to shatter the hopes of the parents. And Anya from the story “Beyond the Horizon” was having fun celebrating the birthday of her best friend Yana, until the phone rang, because of which they found out about the tragedy that occurred in the city, which cut off the lives of many people. .

“The Gray Bride of Lilleheim”, Nikolai Obodnikov, “Rosmen”

This work by Nikolai Obodnikov won the New Children’s Book award in the Popular Fantasy and Popular Horror nomination. A Russian family arrives in a Norwegian seaside town. But everything turns upside down when some teenagers give life to a sinister legend. Adults, turning into wolves, open the hunting season for children. And alone in the sunlight, two warring generations come together, searching for a way out of the doomed town.

“A monstrous book. Not terrible tales”, Yulia Vesova, “Rosmen”

Monsters are hiding everywhere: under the bed, behind the wall, in a puddle, and even in a saucepan. They purr, snore and rumble. Julia Vesova offers to get acquainted with them. The main thing is not to be scared, because the monsters themselves are afraid of you… The book plays on the most common fears of children, and fairy tales help to effectively overcome them.

“Pingvikings. Who stole the helmet?”, Anton Soya, Rosman

Continuation of the adventure story “Pingvikings”. The fame of the warrior penguins has spread throughout the world. More and more tourists began to come to the coast of Antarctica to take photos with Pinya, Punya, Gunya and his friends. And once one of the uninvited guests stole … a saucepan! More precisely, the famous combat helmet.

“Mythbusters. 1. Shadow Castle Box”, Evgeny Gagloev, “Rosman”

A detective adventure story that fans of the Gravity Falls series will love. In the very center of Prague, under the former house of Faust, shrouded in secrets, a gloomy dungeon with amazing inhabitants and mysterious writings on the walls is suddenly discovered. Igor, Maxim and Kira Knyazev will have to figure them out.

“GEOLOGY: minerals, continents, noosphere, Petr Voltsyt, “Walking towards history”

How does dill help to penetrate the secrets of the earth’s interior when the Baltic collided with Kazakhstan and what turned out, why is the Dead Sea so salty and when to buy a lead umbrella? This book is not a geology textbook, but a story about our planet and the people who study it. Here, readers will find easy experiments to do at home in the kitchen with a saucepan, vacuum cleaner, griddle, and watercress.

“Archaeological discoveries: cities, tombs, treasures”, Ekaterina Stepanenko, “Walking into history”

Is it possible to build a railway and accidentally discover an unknown civilization? And believe the tales of an ancient poet and unearth a legend of the city? Could the discoverer of the richest tomb ever found? Readers expect dreamers and adventurers, treasure hunters and meticulous scientists and, of course, their outstanding discoveries, accidental or the fruit of many years of work.

“Wild cities”, Pavel Boev, Dmitry Burenko, “Walking into history”

How do people get along with wild animals and plants in a modern metropolis? Together with the authors, the reader will visit different cities of Russia: Vladivostok, Moscow, Sochi, Murmansk, Derbent and others, get acquainted with the Baltic seal, tiger, mandarin duck, gray whale, karakurt spider, Louisiana slug. He also learns how urban ecosystems work, how wetlands purify water, and how urban grasslands save pollinating insects.

By the way

Some more of the most anticipated news from the “Scooter” publishing house:

· Continuation of the story of Fox and the Piglet Tail Carrot by Norwegian Bjorn Rørvik and the launch of another of his series – about the Two Knights.

· The cartoon “The carpet we brought from Uzbekistan”, drawn by Alima Umirova, is about a girl from Uzbekistan who moved to Russia and is trying to adapt to a new reality.

· “Rumors in the Empire” by Aleksey Aksyonov about how rumors appeared, how they spread and how the special services banned “wrong rumors”.

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