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Friday, July 12, 2024
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What companies are willing to pay young people good money? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 18:11:00

As the Level Group company and the A2 research agency found out, every third zoomer would like to receive at least 50 thousand rubles during an internship. One in five people is ready to work for a remuneration of 30-40 thousand rubles, one in six – 40-50 thousand, another third of interns are ready to receive less than 30 thousand during the internship. Young specialists believe that after the end of the internship, the salary should immediately increase to 100 thousand rubles.

Most offers for apprentices are made by high-paying organisations: IT companies, financial and sales organisations, industrial companies and construction organisations, according to Superjob. Some of them set high salaries even for inexperienced employees.

Basically, interns who find work in big cities, for example, Moscow and St. Petersburg, can count on a high salary during the internship period. They are ready to pay a business consultant for an internship 80 thousand rubles a month; in the logistics department, an intern can receive 74 thousand, in production, employees without experience receive 50-60 thousand.

However, it must be taken into account that people who already have the necessary knowledge come to production. Your task is to acquire practical skills. And if we remember the staff shortage that exists in this particular area, it turns out that production doesn’t really care about paying interns well.

And yet, most employers are not prepared to pay high salaries to newcomers. Among students who had already completed an internship, 34% received 30-40 thousand rubles, 24% – 20-30 thousand, another 24% – 10-20 thousand, and one in five – less than 10 thousand. Please note that the payment that companies are actually willing to provide during the internship is very small and is not enough even for basic needs.

At the same time, internships are becoming more common: 70% of companies carry them out. And in a third of them these are specially developed programs.

The salary that companies are willing to offer to interns is not enough to cover basic needs

For young professionals, an internship is an opportunity to land a staff position. “In the competition for talent, more and more companies are betting on the development of their own staff,” says Valentina Romanova, human resources director at Level Group. In conditions of staff shortages, creating their own internship programs helps companies achieve very good results and renew their team with young employees.

At the same time, interns often point out that they are rarely allowed to participate in the team’s overall tasks: more often, interns are assigned routine tasks that other employees do not want to do. And young people do not always see job prospects in the company where they do their internships.

The term “internship” is not enshrined in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation: an employment contract is concluded after an employment order, therefore, during the internship period, young employees are hired under a contract of a fixed duration, explains Avito Rabota. The internship period is recorded in the work book.

At the same time, young specialists gain their first work experience through internship or internships. The employer will not be able to pay for the internship. But I need an internship. The apprentice’s salary cannot be less than the minimum wage. In addition, practice is a mandatory part of the educational process and internships are a personal initiative of the specialist, reminds Avito Rabota.

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