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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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What did the father of the TV presenter Dmitry Borisov say? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 00:07:25

In it, Larisa Guzeeva reads love letters. Leonid Yakubovich tells who they do not take as pilots. Arina Kholina: what kind of sex can bring a husband or divorce. Valery Syutkin on the go composes a song for Karina Kross and Vali Karnaval. Dmitry Dibrov breathes new life into his beloved “Anthropology”. Denis Kazansky – talks about football, hockey and more. Discussions of different generations, advice from top experts, exchange of experiences and energy – all this every night until five in the morning. And you can also listen and watch a number of podcasts on the 1tv.ru website.

And also, for example, on Channel One there will be a podcast about books “Don’t talk, let them read.” The presenter is the literary critic Dmitry Bak, a frequent guest of “RG” and “part-time” – the father of the popular TV presenter and producer Dmitry Borisov. “Family members laughed at the name of the podcast, since my son is the host of the show “Let them talk,” says Dmitry Bak. “The podcast is aimed at those who love to read or want to understand modern literature. In addition, this is an attempt to revive the “classic”, which is a priori considered cliché or brilliant.In addition, the podcast is an opportunity to get acquainted with people of literary professions, with the backstage of the sphere – editors, publishers, agents, shop assistants, translators… Naturally, the program will also include conversations with readers, sometimes very well-known, from the business world, actors, musicians… And the main guest will always be a writer who has published a book that aroused interest The guest of the first podcast will be one of the winners of the “Big Book” Sergey Belyakov.

There will also be a podcast on the “Seriality.com” series. Presenter Sergei Tomash says: “We live in a time when people may not read books or follow the news, but almost everyone watches a series. For some, this is entertainment, for others, it is a guarantee that tomorrow there will be a new series , and connects the past with the present for them, for the third – a form of therapy, for the fourth – the opportunity to find role models for themselves. At our meeting, we will recall the brightest examples of thematic series and stylistically different. and discuss how they can be not only entertaining, but also useful. Which of them you need to watch at different times in life, when you are in unrequited love or when you quarrel with your boss. Thus, you get a list of series that you can not only make a good company on vacation, but also stay in life when you work on weekdays. The series will definitely not let us down.”

The podcast “Easy Money” will be hosted by Mikhail Khanov, “Space Stories” by Anton Shkaplerov, a test cosmonaut, a participant in the unprecedented project of Roscosmos and Channel One “Challenge”. This is what he says: “My podcast is an introduction to the vast subject of space for viewers. It is an explanation of the various nuances associated with preparing for flight, unusual situations in spacecraft, and innovations that are now occurring related to this area. My task is to make it interesting and uncomplicated.

Also, the podcast hosts on Channel One will be: psychologists Sergey Nasibyan and Tatiana Krasnovskaya (consultants of the “Trigger” series) will surprise with a “shock” method of therapy; Aglaya Nabatnikova will discuss the best books of the year; Svetlana Dragan will become the host of the AstraSmart podcast; Vera Kincheva will advise you on comfort; Igor Igritsky will help you understand Russian TV series on digital platforms.

And also Vadim Galygin, Larisa Guzeeva, Leonid Yakubovich, Valery Syutkin, Dmitry Dibrov will figure it out for five and ironically discuss the post-New Year hangover.

Direct speech

“Everybody Wants to Fly”

Host – Leonid Yakubovich: “A talk about those who live in the sky and the sky: about pilots, technicians, flight engineers, flight attendants, designers, military and civilian testers. About everyone who is related to aviation. 36 minutes about what science, technology and the human spirit move forward, about the desire to soar into the sky, defeating the force of gravity. I want people to experience the same admiration for aviation that I myself experience.


Host – Larisa Guzeeva: “We live in the world of SMS and short messages, when instead of” hello “they write” private “. What is it? My podcast is a reminder that there is another epistolary genre. Letters can contain both fantasy, desire and Therefore, I am interested in this podcast, within its framework there is an opportunity to discover something new for me, an opportunity to get in touch with the beautiful I have been friends with Katya Rozhdestvenskaya for many years and I know that his father Robert wrote delicious touching letters to his wife Alla Or the great actor Georgy Burkov “, madly in love with his wife Tanya. The podcast is about these letters, this tenderness and soul, casting doubt on the formation of relationships. “I really want to talk about this spirit. I don’t urge young people to remove their heads, but water wears away a stone.”

“Stories of my life”

Presenter – Valery Syutkin: “These are the stories that happened to me, told by my comrades, colleagues, friends, who somehow influenced my life. Maybe some will be useful to the audience, help them. I always trust the formula: ” Form habits: you obtain character, form character, you obtain destiny. This podcast is not an edification or an autobiography, but rather a collection of life situations from which I have learned lessons.”

“Football”, “Hockey”

Host – Denis Kazansky: “Football and hockey in our country traditionally intersect with themes, philosophy and interest. The sports podcast in Primera is an opportunity to learn from great coaches and players their opinion on the development of the game in special conditions from world isolation. The first guests are Oleg Romantsev and Igor Larionov, and their vision is interesting to absolutely everyone who loves sports.”

Hansen Taylor
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