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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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What Do Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin Look Like, Who Left for Israel, With Their Children: A Rare Photo

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 22:13:04

Alla Pugacheva, her husband Maxim Galkin, and twins Lisa and Harry have been in Israel for almost a month. The star family traveled to this country in February. The other day, social media users captured celebrities walking through Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast.

Popular Russian singer Alla Pugacheva and Zvezda TV presenter Maxim Galkin rented a house in the resort town of Caesarea for their family vacation. She has spoken about her love for her homeland on multiple occasions, saying that Israel provides just what she needs to recover from a busy year. She’s found even more balance this time by doing not only relaxing but also therapeutic exercises, including yoga and swimming.

A photo taken on the street by passersby became public property. In the picture, Alla Borisovna is wearing a light gray pair of skintight trousers with white ballerinas and a roomy sweater. She had let her hair down and felt luxurious for the day.

Galkin wore a T-shirt, walking shoes, and elongated shorts.

It is worth noting that Pugacheva had previously claimed that she was leaving Russia for a short period of time. During her children’s school vacations, her youngest (a seven-year-old) invited him to join him on vacation. The singer did not accidentally choose Caesarea as the city for the family vacation. This city is especially important to her. As you know, in their native church here, she married Philip Kirkorov many years ago.

Almira Borislavovna has been to Caesarea’s clinic more than once. At one point, the doctors there collected and gave her drugs for treating diabetes. Thanks to the medicine, Balkan lost a lot of weight that she is still talking about publicly.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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