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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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What do Lamoda employees give? Wide selection for friends and family.

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 07:23:36

Just as Santa Claus has elves who collect gifts, one of the largest online platforms (read: New Year’s Eve gift provider) has employees who diligently make the service as we know it today. They are the first to know about new brands brought to the country, emerging beauty trends and demand for popular products. We decided to ask Lamoda employees what they give their loved ones for inspiration, and to be honest, we ruled out a couple of gift ideas. And you can cancel, but not exactly!

Commercial Director Manager

New Year for me is like a ticket to childhood, when everything around is shrouded in magic and Santa Claus is about to arrive with a bunch of gifts. I don’t like making wish lists: they destroy the fairytale status and that pleasant expectation of a surprise. By the same principle, I give gifts to loved ones: a couple of months before the holidays, I start reading their suggestions and wishes so that the surprise is really pleasant. But if there are no ideas, there is always the option of choosing something necessary for them to use and remember me.

Favorite New Year’s gift: marriage proposal from (for 10 years) husband.


Now my apartment is undergoing renovation in full swing, and I am already presenting the final picture. Most of all, I would be pleased with the interior items to create comfort. From the universal – good and aesthetic candles.

Diptyque, Wood Flame Scented Candle 190 g Vilhelm Parfumerie New York, Scented Candle Art Deco Candle 190 g Diptyque, Verveine/Lemon Verbena Scented Candle 190 g

Following my spy scheme, this year I noticed that my husband is very interested in a certain perfume, but for some reason he won’t buy it. The fragrance is from Creed and it will be one of my gifts.

Creed, Silver Mountain Water EDP, 50 ml

All the girls around me love beauty. I will choose a win-win serum and cream from Comfort Zone and candles – let them organize an evening just for themselves.

Comfort Zone, SHINE Face Serum, SACRED NATURE, 30 ml Comfort Zone, Sacred Nature Nourishing Face Cream, 50 ml Vilhelm Parfumerie New York, Art Deco Candle 190 g Byredo, TREE HOUSE Scented Candle, 240 g

It seems like everything has already been donated – over the years, you start to reinvent the wheel. Last vacation, my gift was a family trip for the January vacation. Mom loves pretty bags, so this year I’m leaning towards the classics. I will choose Coccinelle.

Coccinelle, Bag ARLETTIS

Playing Secret Santa is our New Year’s Eve tradition. Every year we decide on a theme and feature something from a category. Last time, everyone traded their favorite books, and this year we’re going to focus on cozy little things for the home.

Tonka Durance aroma diffuser, Verbena Sachet / Verbena Giardino Magico, PEAR-BERGAMOTA aroma diffuser, 100 ml

Head of the Online Content Department

In matters of preparation for the New Year, I am pragmatic: every year my phone notes turn into an endless list of wishes from loved ones. Whenever I have a gift idea, I add it to the list, and when I give the precious one, I love to check the “done” box. But I’m not one of those who will buy something “on the link”; it’s important to me to keep the magic of the box with something unknown. My perfectionism ends in wish lists: the gift-a-thon always takes place in the last days of the year, and I don’t even promise myself that I’ll do everything in advance.

Favorite gift for the New Year – a steel Apple Watch I gave, which my friends miraculously managed to bring from Paris on the eve of the holiday.


I love to please myself at the end of the year. It must certainly be something that is not on the planned shopping list and always beautiful. I’ve been wanting new sunglasses for a long time, but I keep putting them off. The most coveted this year are the classic Saint Laurent aviators.

Saint Laurent, Sunglasses SL 392 WIRE 003

I love when a gift is like a work of art. Therefore, definitely something from the new line of Swarovski – the boxes of it as a separate art object. I will choose the Harmonia necklace, which is both simple and very fashionable.

Swarovski, Harmonia necklace

I like to give something from the category of things that not everyone will buy for themselves, or cannot but fit in, like clothes or cosmetics. An ideal gift is a Figuier scented Diptyque candle – everyone loves figs, it’s marked.

Diptyque, Figuier/Fig Scented Candle, 190 g

I love sharing gifts for every parent. For mom, perfume. He periodically borrows something from my collection, so it’s always easy to find something he likes. I choose between the more conceptual La Fin Du Monde by Etat Libre d’Orange and the hit Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois. For dad, always something practical. The adidas Originals Superstar Shoes are comfortable and completely versatile.

Marc-Antoine Barrois, ENCELADE Eau De Parfum, 100 ml adidas Originals, SUPERSTAR Etat Libre d’Orange Sneakers, LA FIN DU MONDE Eau De Parfum, 50 ml

The production team is very large, so there is no tradition that everyone gives gifts to everyone. Some people exchange gifts in small groups, some play Secret Santa. My all-in-one go-to is La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast Hand Cream. I have been using it in winter for several years, it saves. The best remedy for those who lose gloves regularly. And for those who don’t have enough aroma, I give you Byredo Rose.

La Roche-Posay, CICAPLAST MAINS Hand Cream, Damaged Skin, 50 ml Byredo, ROSE Hand Cream, 100 ml

Head of Advertising Solutions

Gifts have to do first with emotions, and only after with things. And although I usually make a wish list before the New Year – I love it when they give me what I really want – with my relatives I try to guess with a gift without a direct question. All the magic is in the “inside”, when you give something that reminds both of you of some kind of joint joke that only you understand.

Favorite gift for the New Year: once a group of us came as a surprise to another city for a friend who was going to live permanently in another country.


Some, but there are never too many bags. I want that very dear Coccinelle.

Coccinelle bag, PRISCILLA

I will give my boyfriend a good travel bag. You never know what spontaneous trip you’ll be on!

Franchesco Mariscotti, travel bag

My best friend is an aromamaniac and he likes to decorate interiors. So a beautiful candle with a nice scent is the perfect match.

Vilhelm Parfumerie New York, Swedish Chocolate Candle 190 g

I firmly believe that parents should be given something that they themselves will never buy, because they will definitely find something more useful. Therefore, I give perfume: to my mother, the classic Chopard, and to my father, the eccentric HFC Paris.

FOR DAD: HFC Paris, Sword Dancer Eau de Parfum, Subtle Spicy Fragrance, 75 ml FOR MOM: Chopard, The Gardens Of Paradise Eau De Parfum, neroli a la cardamom du guatemala, 100 ml

I like to give nice cute accessories to remember and to be useful. After all, the most useless gift is the one that ends up collecting dust on the shelf.

Ruxara, Pabur earrings, DOUBLE BEAR pendant

Chief Marketing Officer

New Year for me is another reason to show my love to my loved ones. I am a conservative and do not like to make wish lists, because the most pleasant gifts are usually impulsive: when you walk through the store and accidentally call attention to “the same” that “they will like it.” The easiest key to choosing the perfect gift is to know the person well. If you understand what your loved ones like and burn, then you know exactly what they will like. And the most memorable gifts are the ones for no reason.

Favorite gift for the New Year – all gifts are favorite if they are given by loved ones! From the recent: an image donated by the artist herself, who guessed everything.


The sun in Moscow began to appear more often than last winter, so you can update your collection of winter glasses. He looked at the classic Ray-Bans.

Ray-Ban, Sunglasses WAYFARER RB2140 901/58

When you really feel your partner, you can bet on risky gifts: perfume or a trip. I decided to give it all at once: a surprise trip, which in my memories will sound like a fragrance from the Escentric Molecules collection. And, of course, a Maison Margiela trunk, with which to take on any trip.

Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette, STORY EDITION, Limited Edition, 100 ml MM6 Maison Margiela, Bag

The best gift for friends is dinners and parties together. And to make recovery after them just as pleasant, I’ll give Elemis and Erborian care kits.

Elemis, Japanese Camellia Body Butter, 100ml Elemis, Gardens of Britain Body Care Set, 300ml + 100ml Erborian, Bamboo Mattifying Face Balm to Reduce Pores 190ml Erborian, Bamboo Frappé Cream Face Cream 50ml

I like to give sets, but not in the classic sense. My favorite gift box is travel + beauty. Parents need more vacations: a trip to a warm and exotic country awaits them with the Grown Alchemist set. The ethnic jars refer to the moment in which you have already put on a helmet and you jump into the ocean.

Grown Alchemist, Neuro Peptide & Violet Revitalizing Face Cream 40ml Grown Alchemist, Tea Tree, Cedar & Ylang Ylang Antibacterial Hand Cream 65ml Grown Alchemist, Sunflower Seed Extract & Tocopherol Eye Balm 15ml

We are all Lamoda fans and follow the news, so I will give my dear colleagues a certificate with a note advising them to choose something they like from the Comfort Zone collection. Its masks, oils and toners are the very gift that we all want to receive, but we don’t know it.

Comfort Zone, Kaleidoscope Renewal Facial Set, 2x2ml, 2x2ml, 50+50ml Comfort Zone, Kaleidoscope Facial Renewal Set, 30+50ml

Lamoda is a place where you can find gifts for absolutely everyone. From elegant scented candles to quirky bags and versatile beauty products. Now the choice of gifts has become easier, faster and more convenient. And the categories within the service will help you decide on the direction of the gift: whether it is a little thing for home comfort, high-quality clothes and shoes, perfumes or vintage finds. The main thing is not to forget about the gift for the main person – yourself!


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