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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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What do men think? And why did a black patient receive a penis transplant from a white man?

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 08:26:51

Dr. James T. Sen holds up a photograph of John Wayne Bobbitt’s amputated penis during his trial


Agree, it rarely happens that a foolish woman stands at the origins of a scientific breakthrough. But in this case, that’s exactly what happened. On June 23, 1993, the hysterical and quarrelsome Lorena Bobbit cut off the reproductive organ of her drunken husband. It is not very clear why she did this, whether he beat her or deceived her, even the court could not find out. But this story had, pardon the pun, a happy ending. The extra part (in her opinion) of Lauren’s husband was thrown out of the car window when she left the scene on the highway. Fortunately, she soon realized what she had done and called 911. John Bobbit was lucky: his treasure was not eaten by dogs or hit by a truck. The police managed to quickly find the missing part on the side of the road (she didn’t even have time to get dirty) and took her to the hospital where Bobbit was resting. Surgeons James Sen and David Berman decided: what the hell is not kidding, let’s try to put the puzzle back together. And after a 9-hour operation, John Bobbit was reunited with the organ dear to his heart.

Member sewn so well it worked like clockwork. John even starred in several porn movies. The story got some loud publicity and then public relations did the dirty work for him. Dozens, if not hundreds, of crazy women from all over the world began, following Lorena’s example, to cut up the personal belongings of their wandering husbands. As a result, surgeons got their hands on this operation, and it ceased to be some kind of curiosity. The accumulated experience had to be put somewhere, and little by little the doctors approached the task of transplanting the male member. By the way, from a scientific point of view, this is a very difficult problem. Because at the time of 2014, transplanters could not transplant only two parts of the body: the head and the phallus. However, some women are sure that there is not much difference here, because men often think about this very place. We only note that this is a controversial statement. But the operation is really very complicated, because it is not only necessary to sew up many small blood vessels and nerves with jewelry so that the delicate organ remains in working condition. The most important thing is that you need to make sure that the foreign part of the body is not rejected by the body. Therefore, to date only five such operations have been performed in the world.

The first pancake, as always, came out lumpy. In 2006, Chinese surgeons made a 44-year-old Guangzhou resident happy who was left with a 1-centimeter-long cut in an accident. His own device could not be restored and all hopes were pinned on a donated organ. At some point, surgeons were able to persuade the parents of a 20-year-old boy who was registered brain dead to donate a significant body part for a living poor poor. The operation was successful, the patient received a 10-centimeter penis. But when he decided to use the transplanted organ in bed with his wife, the couple had psychological problems. The wife has gotten it into her head that she is cheating on her husband because she is having sex with a stranger’s body part. As a result, the pioneer had to amputate his manhood.

The world’s first successful operation was carried out, oddly enough, in Africa. Specifically, to the clinic of the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa). The fact is that in some local tribes the rite of passage, which symbolizes the transition of a teenager to the status of a man, includes the procedure of ritual circumcision. All this is done, as a rule, in unsanitary conditions, so some men, some time after initiation, lose what makes them men. South Africa could become the transplant capital of these specific parts of the world; in any case, the need for such operations in the country is great. But the problem with donor organs does not allow the direction to develop quickly. Still, there were enough resources for the first patient: just a year after the operation, a 19-year-old African conceived a son. But it was impossible to get suitable spare parts for the second patient in South Africa, and as a result, the causal place of a white man was sewn to the black patient. It cannot be said that this bothered the operated citizen so much.

– By far this was the happiest patient we have seen in our department. – said Dr. Andre van der Merwe, who led the surgical team.

After discharge, the patient was able to have sexual relations for the first time in 17 years of forced abstinence and was incredibly happy about this circumstance. True, problems of an aesthetic nature arose – the ladies were confused when they found out that their gentleman in some places resembles a zebra. As a result, the African solved this problem by getting a tattoo in the salon, you know where.

In general, world science has reached a level of development that allows it to cope with any misfortune. It remains to hope that we will not have to use some of his achievements and we will always be guided by the rule “I take everything with me.”

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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