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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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What do Venus de Milo, Marilyn Monroe and Barbie dolls have in common?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:04:55

Recently, the Hollywood movie “Barbie” was released.


Girls of many generations were crazy about the Barbie doll, and as children grew up, she became a style icon for adults as well. The recently released Hollywood movie “Barbie”, which garnered a box office record in the first few days of booking, finally immortalized the sexy doll as a modern standard of female beauty. Is it possible to become as beautiful as the famous toy? Is there a “Barbie gene”? We talked about this with Vera Kushnarenko, a geneticist at the MyGenetics National Center for Genetic Research.

What do Venus de Milo, Marilyn Monroe and Barbie have in common?

– Vera, we know different types of female beauty ranging from the Venus de Milo, the Rembrandtian woman, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Barbie doesn’t really look like them. What then is the secret of her popularity?

– Actually, they have something in common. A key factor in the attractiveness of a female figure in the eyes of men is the ratio between the waist and the hips. A ratio in the range of 0.68 to 0.7 indicates a high level of estrogen in your body – female sex hormones. Men subconsciously see in such a woman a high reproductive potential, that is, she can give birth to healthy and beautiful children. We see this ratio on Barbie, her waist in relation to her hips appears slim and skinny, so this bait works. But with the rest of the proportions of the body it is more difficult. If we translate the doll sizes into the parameters of a real person, we get a woman with a height of 167.5 cm with a waist of 54 cm and hips of 78 cm. Everything is in order with the waist-hip ratio, but the figure is very elongated in size. Getting a Barbie body from birth, when a woman is very tall and very thin, is possible only in very rare cases. Even Margot Robbie, who played the main character in the Hollywood movie, with the same height – 168 cm, has much more “rich” forms – 92-64-92. And the average Russian women look completely different: her height is on average 165 cm, for such growth the norm for the waist and hips is 60-75 cm and 85-115 cm, respectively.

– If a real woman had such dimensions, would she have good health?

– If these are your natural data, and such a genetic combination is very rare, then most likely you did not have health problems. But the fact is that millions of women, without those genetics, strive to become like Barbie. And, in most cases, such an appearance is achieved through strict diets (hello, anorexia!), Or through operations, for example, by removing the lower ribs, and this, of course, leaves an imprint on health. It is impossible to artificially make yourself a Barbie.

Girls of many generations have been crazy about Barbie dolls.


figure skater

– But after all, in figure skating, this type of athlete is now spreading – a girl-stick. So, purely theoretically, with the help of this sport, can you achieve such a complexion?

– Here the trick is to manipulate the girls’ puberty. As a general rule, girls begin puberty between the ages of 12 and 15. In professional figure skaters, due to great physical exertion, puberty is delayed, and therefore at the age of 15-16 they have a window of opportunity for a very short time – one or two seasons. She is already an adult, but she has the body of a girl and this allows her to perform complex multi-turn jumps and skating programs that not all male skaters can do. But you can’t fool nature, at the age of 17-18 she still has puberty, her hips and breasts begin to grow. And if she has not won anything at the moment, then she has to leave the sport without great achievements, for many this becomes a personal tragedy. And one more thing, figure skaters don’t often achieve Barbie proportions because they tend to be short. With such a complexion, it is easier to maintain a slim figure.

Will blondes with blue eyes disappear due to mixed marriages?

– Is it true that Barbie is the swan song of blondes with blue eyes? It is said that in the next 100 years the skin and eye color of humanity will darken as a result of a large number of intermarriages. The process has even reached the royal families: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a living example of this. And dark hair and brown eyes are the dominant feature relative to blonde hair and blue eyes; therefore, will the Barbie type be impersonated?

– Here I can reassure readers, blue-eyed blondes with milky skin will not disappear anywhere. The fact is that such an appearance appeared among our ancestors as a very successful adaptation for survival in conditions of high latitudes, where there is little sunlight. This mutation arose about 10 thousand years ago, when our ancestors, immigrants from Africa, dominated northern Europe. Vitamin D is mainly produced in the body when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Thus, in light skin, vitamin D is produced better than in dark skin, and it is extremely important for health. For example, there is evidence that children with light skin are less likely to develop rickets in low daylight conditions in the north. If we take the entire planet, there have never been many blue-eyed blondes, this is mainly Northern Europe and the northern part of Russia. In fact, this is a recessive trait, but it can be successfully inherited. For example, a brown-eyed mom and dad can have a blue-eyed child if they have that type of “Barbie gene” in their family.

– And what were our ancestors like before the “revolution” of blue-eyed blondes? Were they similar to modern Africans?

– No, our ancestors, although they came from Africa, did not look like Africans or Europeans today. They mostly had dark skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. Mutations in skin and hair color went both ways. In the group that went to the North, a mutation associated with fair skin was fixed. And in the tribes that remained in Africa, mutations spread that resulted in darker skin and curly black hair. It was a protection against high levels of solar radiation and, consequently, the development of skin cancer.

Attention, on the screen agents 0.7

– Some scientists associate the popularity of different types of female beauty with the resources of society. For example, the era of food prosperity is approaching – the fragile British model Twiggy is becoming popular. Lack of food is at the peak of the Rembrant type of woman. Is there any logic in this?

– Actually, over the centuries, the fashion for female beauty has been constantly changing and far from always depended on nutrition. For example, in the Middle Ages, not the best-fed time in human history, women of the asthenic type with blond hair, fair skin and very small breasts were in fashion. But at the same time, women were getting a kind of plastic surgery…

– Have you had a breast augmentation?

– No, they enlarged the stomach. They would put special towels or pillows on their abdomens to make it look like they were pregnant, because the main function of a woman was considered reproductive and ladies who constantly had children were held in high esteem. Already in the New Age, the minds of men were captured by Rembrandt’s women: powerful, magnificent, radiant with health. Then fashion shied away in the opposite direction: women began to crawl in corsets to an incredible wasp waist and smeared themselves with whitewash to look pale and weak. The 20s of the last century were women with short haircuts, a boyish type of figure and straight dresses that did not emphasize anything at all …

– Are modern models a mirror image of Barbie?

– Not precisely. Models in the world of high fashion are even taller than Barbie’s proportions suggest. It is believed that the height of a girl with a model appearance should not be less than 175-180 cm, but at the same time, Barbie still has pronounced breasts, waist and hips, and the models are very flat and slender. nothing to catch But, no matter what headliners and trendsetters set at different times, women with an hourglass figure – Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Hedy Lamarr – have always been in the center of male attention. Because they represented that magical waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. Nature is not fooled, it traps even the design of the Barbie doll.

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