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Friday, March 24, 2023
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What happens to Anastasia Zavorotnyuk after being discharged from an oncology clinic

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 21:22:26

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Russian doctors from the very beginning offered various experimental methods for the treatment of cancer.


Fans of the ‘beautiful nanny’ took the news of her discharge from the hospital, where the actress spent the last five months, with excitement and hope. For example, if the doctors let Anastasia Zavorotnyuk go home, it means that all the planned procedures have been completed, and there is no need to be in the hospital walls.

Yes, and experts in the case of Zavorotnyuk admit it: the mere fact that the patient has been fighting glioblastoma for four years, the most aggressive type of brain tumor, inspires optimism. After all, the life expectancy of most patients with such a diagnosis does not exceed two years.

At the same time, oncologists note: since 2019, when the actress was diagnosed with a disease, the treatment regimen has not changed: first, the patient undergoes an operation to remove the tumor (if possible), then to the radiotherapy and then several cycles of chemotherapy.

– The world standard today remains the same: such a sequence gives the best result, – Igor Dolgopolov, an oncologist, doctor of medical sciences, confirmed to KP.RU. – Of course, experimental approaches are being developed in parallel, for example, various immunotherapies. In my experience, if a person has lived for four years, doctors use more than standard therapies. What’s the story with glioblastoma? There is no official second-line therapy for this disease. This means that if a patient has undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, but relapses, there is no standard treatment regimen. Then the art begins.

In fact, Russian doctors offered Anastasia Zavorotnyuk from the very beginning various experimental methods of treating cancer. So, the actress’s family provided cells from her tumor to the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and scientists developed an individual miracle vaccine for the “beautiful nanny” based on harmless viruses that would supposedly destroy cancer. . However, the artist’s husband, Peter Chernyshev, ultimately chose a different method than the St. Petersburg scientists – Zavorotnyuk underwent experimental immunotherapy at NN Petrov in St. Petersburg. It seems to have had an effect.

Meanwhile, how the actress looks and feels now, one can only guess.

– If the tumor occupied half of the brain, then, of course, the person was initially incapacitated. And if the glioblastoma was small and it was successfully removed, then the person leads a normal life. And his disease is no more noticeable than in a patient, for example, with arthritis, Igor Dolgopolov explained. – In general, the quality of life of patients with tumors of the central nervous system, of course, is reduced, but many can take care of themselves.

Now rehabilitation is important for Anastasia Zavorotnyuk – she often works real miracles.

– During rehabilitation, motor activity, speech, the ability to read, write, social and psychological adaptation are restored. Even virtual reality is used: for example, in special glasses a person “shoots” with his eyes at some objects to develop coordination of movements. These are completely complex programs – a completely different world that can bring the patient back to life, the oncologist said.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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