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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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What Henry Kissinger warned the world: the legendary politician turned 100

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 04:35:16

On May 27, Henry Kissinger turns 100 years old.


On May 27, Henry Kissinger turns 100 years old. The patriarch of foreign policy celebrates his centenary in good health. He, a staunch defender of Anglo-Saxon domination, however, is perceived not as a classic “hawk”, but as a kind of “prudent” political predator who will not peck anyone just for pleasure, only out of necessity.

The years of the entry of a Jewish emigrant from Germany to the leadership of the United States as national security adviser to the President and Secretary of State are associated with the course towards “realpolitik”, which led to the early 1970s to “detente and peaceful coexistence of the two systems”. Kissinger, who entered the history of diplomacy with his art of “itinerant negotiations”, achieved a lot. Having normalized relations between the USA and the USSR, whose symbol was the visit of President Nixon to Secretary General Brezhnev in 1972, the American Secretary of State managed almost simultaneously to find the “key” to the Chinese leadership, which at that time was openly in conflict with the Soviet one. Admittedly, I was satisfied with this.

Henry Kissinger in front of his car in Paris, where the 1973 Vietnam peace talks took place.


Kissinger was prominent both in settling the Vietnam War (which he first helped spark) and in divorcing the corners of the Arab military “circle” with the Israelis during the 1968 and 1973 conflicts. measure to the massive emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union. He pulled the secret strings of the bloody coup in Latin America, mainly in Chile and Argentina. President Allende was overthrown by General Pinochet with the support of the Americans just as Kissinger was suggesting foreign policy to the President of the United States.

There were many things in the life of the Jewish boy Heinz, who became Henry in America. Or it may not happen: the Kissinger family fled from the Nazis just in time, his relatives, who remained in Germany, died in the Holocaust.

Having become an American citizen after joining the American army during World War II, Henry Kissinger measured his destiny by leaps and bounds: service in military intelligence, brilliant studies at Harvard, work in the main American “think tanks” as a weapons specialist. nuclear. Someone even claims that he also worked in the CIA, well, at least in the structures with which this organization is “friendly”. Yes, and he himself gave grounds for such assumptions, saying in the early 1990s in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin: “All decent people began in intelligence.” By the way, the Russian president regularly met with Kissinger, always finding time for talks with the “international policy guru” during his visits to the United States or when Kissinger came to Russia.

Henry Kissinger with his wife.


“Who are you, Dr. Kissinger?” – This question has been of interest to many for a long time. But the hero himself obviously preferred to remain a little in the shadow of events, although everyone knew who “ignited” these events. He sometimes played along to achieve greater intrigue. In 1972, when Kissinger distinguished himself in American politics on both the Soviet and Chinese fronts simultaneously, Playboy magazine named him “the most desirable man of the year,” emphasizing his success in politics and with women. The politician himself, evidently not without intention, supported this issue by repeatedly stating that “the best aphrodisiac is power.”

Kissinger’s opinion was always heard. His books are carefully read by experts and politicians. His advice is taken into account. The main thing for us is to remember that he always advocates “for his own” and the protection of his interests. If pragmatism advises him to look for points of contact with opponents, then he does it. But not quite because he cares about the interests of opponents / enemies. He simply does not bring them to the stage of hopelessness, then they can become even more dangerous. Therefore, Kissinger did not and could not have any sympathy for Russia, and before that for the Soviet Union. He simply did not agree with those who wanted and want to pulverize us. No, we have to agree on the conditions under which we will play by his rules. So the control is more reliable…

This is more or less what underlies Kissinger’s recent loud statement about the need to admit Ukraine to NATO. As if he didn’t understand that this is mainly why the current conflict started. He understands everything and explains it that way. The West has inflated Ukraine so much with weapons that it has become one of the most heavily armed countries in Europe. And he called the leadership in kyiv “the most inexperienced in strategic terms.” Therefore, it is necessary to accept Ukraine into NATO so that the kyiv authorities do not have the opportunity to “make decisions on territorial claims at the national level.” That is, the alliance for kyiv will become a “straitjacket” that will save Europe from a “hermit state that takes care of itself.” Cleverly. But, with all due respect to the guru, his version won’t work either way.

Henry Kissinger talks with Vladimir Putin.


Perhaps, indeed, his time has already passed or is running out? From foreign policy experience, perhaps. The geopolitical situation is changing too fast, and approaching the world by the old standards is simply unproductive. But on other issues, Kissinger still impresses with the precision of his ideas.

What do you think of this?: “Through social networks, streams of majority opinions about users are poured out, and a person loses the ability to reflect. (…) All this weakens the strength of the mind necessary to develop one’s own beliefs and walk a certain path alone; without this, it is impossible to create something new. The impact of Internet technologies on politics is especially notable. (…) Political leaders are worried about niche pressures, they don’t have time to think about the context and, therefore, they don’t need to broaden their gaze. In the digital world, speed is a priority, which makes reflection difficult, radicals gain an advantage over thoughtful people, values ​​are formed by consensus of subgroups and not in the process of reflection.

It is true that it helps to understand many current politicians in the West, Annulene Burbock, for example. Written five years ago. Even earlier, she warned: “The Internet deprives society of historical memory. People forget what they think can always be cleared up, and they remember what they think cannot be cleared up. By moving so much information into accessible space, the Internet deprives a person of the desire to remember…”

A wise old man. Listening to it is essential!


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