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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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What illnesses prevent working with permanent disability?

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 07:41:03

The pension for permanent disability is a social benefit recognized by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) when the worker or worker, after having undergone the prescribed treatment and having been medically discharged, presents foreseeably definitive anatomical reductions, which reduce or nullify their work capacity.

Now, what are the degrees of permanent disability? Who decides and what are the factors that are taken into account in 2023? In what cases can your pension be taken away? And here is the crux of the question: what diseases prevent you from working? There is no doubt that there are many questions that arise around this social benefit managed today by Social Security, led by Minister José Luis Escrivá, for which reason each of them is answered below.

What illnesses prevent you from working?

The first thing to clarify is that the INSS does not have an official list that determines the characteristics of the diseases for which they can grant permanent disability. But what is the reason? The reason is none other than, in reality, it is the Medical Court that evaluates the worker’s disability.

This means that each ailment affects each person differently, so its possible effects may be reflected differently in their abilities and depending on their job. To give an example, an employee with a disease that affects the lower extremities can have a great impact for those who work all day on their feet, while the consequences will not be the same for those who carry out their work duties in the office.

In any case, these are the diseases with which there are more options to access a permanent disability pension:

Alzheimer’s Arteriosclerosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis Cancer Ulcerative Colitis Dementia Pulmonary Emphysema Epilepsy Multiple Sclerosis Atrial Fibrillation Glaucoma Cervical Hernia Pulmonary Hypertension Hearing Loss Chronic Renal Failure Low Back Pain Systemic Erythematosus Myasthenia Gravis Migraine Parkinson’s Hand Pathologies Vision Loss Arnold’s Syndrome Kidney transplant

How should a permanent disability be processed?

There are three ways to start the process of granting a permanent disability pension. It can be started ex officio, at the request of the collaborating entities or at the request of the interested party. Also, with respect to where the process begins, emphasize that it has to be done at the provincial address of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) where the possible beneficiary has his residence or at the Social Institute of the Navy (ISM). .

Types of disability: Which ones does Social Security recognize?

Permanent disability, whatever its determining cause, is classified according to the following degrees, as detailed on the Social Security website.

Permanent disability: for the habitual profession, the one that, without reaching the degree of total, occasionally gives the worker a decrease of not less than 33% in his normal performance for said profession, without preventing him from carrying out the fundamental tasks of the same. total: for the habitual profession the one that disables the worker to carry out all or the fundamental tasks of said profession, provided that he can dedicate himself to a different one. as a consequence of anatomical or functional losses, he needs the assistance of another person for the most essential acts of life, such as dressing, traveling, eating and the like.

How do you decide what type of disability applies to me?

In the first phase of investigation, any documentation and medical tests deemed necessary may be requested. The disability assessment team (EVI) will formulate the opinion-proposal taking into account the summary medical report prepared by the physicians of the INSS provincial office and the professional background report.

The provincial directors of the INSS or the ISN, as the case may be, will issue an express resolution declaring the degree of disability, the amount of the economic benefit and the period from which the review of the disability due to aggravation or improvement can be requested. In any case, the pension can be extinguished by review of the disability, by recognition of the retirement pension when this pension is chosen and by death of the pensioner.

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