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Monday, March 27, 2023
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What is Roman Kostomarov saved from at the cost of leg amputation?

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:09:39

The athlete’s relatives strictly prohibited their friends and acquaintances from communicating with the media.


Fans of Roman Kostomarov, who has been fighting for his life in Kommunarka for almost a month, don’t know what to believe. Anonymous messages are circulating through Telegram channels and even respected major media outlets: “the figure skater is in danger of amputating his toes”, “Kostomarov’s feet have been amputated”, “there are risk of amputation of his arm”… At the same time, the athlete’s relatives strictly prohibited his friends and acquaintances from communicating with the media.

But how could Roman Kostomarov lose his legs due to banal pneumonia, which many of us get regularly? The KP.RU site asked a surgeon, a professor at the First Moscow State Medical University, about this. Sechenov Andrei Shestakov.

– Andrei Mikhailovich, the following sequence arises: pneumonia – sepsis – gangrene – amputation. Realistic?

– By 200%! Because sepsis is a generalized inflammation, which speaks, first of all, of the loss of immunity. This is due to an infection that has entered the body. And hence the whole panorama of organic damage. Through the bloodstream, pathogenic flora spreads throughout the body – the lungs, other organs and tissues suffer. If the doctors decided to amputate, then there is a purulent inflammatory process on the leg with necrosis. And removing this focus means trying to save the patient from more serious consequences.

– That?

– Renal failure may occur. Most likely, there is a phenomenon of complete necrosis on the leg, which will not lie down for treatment, and this leads to intoxication of the whole organism. This is very serious, believe me. Take, for example, burn patients. As a rule, they die not from the fact that they have a large burned area, but from the failure of internal organs – kidneys, liver.

– Based on the news about the amputation of the feet, is it possible to give any prediction?

– None. It is unclear where he will shoot next. If doctors don’t suppress the infection, anything can happen. It is obvious that Kostomarov is given antibiotics, etc., but the drugs do not work. However, there is hope, because the amputation of the foot itself is not fatal. For health, this is a penny, a trifle.

At the same time, the doctor is not sure that Roman Kostomarov’s serious problems began precisely because of pneumonia.

– Perhaps the affected lungs are not the main focus. Streptococci, staphylococci, or another infectious agent may have entered the body. The inflammation started in the leg, and for some reason the immune system didn’t work, added Dr. Shestakov.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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