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What kind of medical care can Russians receive in the first days of January? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 21:08:14

The doctors are also resting, but the emergency services are working

The work of doctors is regulated by the general rules of labor law, which means that official holidays also apply to medical workers.

“But this does not mean that you will be left without medical care during the holidays. Most of the staff of hospitals and clinics will rest, however, the so-called “on call services” will work in medical organizations. They will provide assistance to everyone who feels unwell in New Year’s Eve,” explains Alexey Starchenko, a member of the Board of Public Organizations for the Protection of Patients’ Rights under Roszdravnadzor.

The composition of the “service team” may vary; it all depends on the level and capacity of the medical organization. The working hours of the polyclinics are determined by the regional Ministries of Health or health departments. Accordingly, on the websites of the governing bodies, you can see orders on the details of the work of medical organizations. In addition, this information will appear on the websites of medical organizations.

Features of the work of polyclinics

The polyclinics will not close during the holidays, but will work according to the weekend schedule, that is, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. At this time, there must be at least one general practitioner and one nurse on call. In addition, during the holidays, the emergency service continues to work – attached patients, if necessary, have the opportunity to call a doctor at home. You can also come from the district clinic from 9 am to 4 pm.

The main task that such service teams solve in polyclinics is the organization of emergency and emergency medical care. If the doctor on duty suspects a serious health disorder, she will decide on the necessary hospitalization and refer you to the hospital.

But it is better to plan complex (scheduled) exams after the New Year holidays, since limited specialists, as a rule, do not work on holidays.

If a special working schedule is established for most holidays for polyclinics, then January 1 and 7 will be days off. However, even on these days, a therapist will be on call during the day (until 4:00 pm).

Characteristics of the work of hospitals

Hospitals on holidays remain as accessible as on regular days.

“Inpatient medical care is fully provided. You can seek medical help at a hospital at any time; they work without days off or breaks. So if health problems worsen on vacation, then there is no reason to being afraid of being left without medical care – at the direction of the duty officer, a doctor in a polyclinic or an ambulance, assistance will be provided immediately”, adviser to the general director of the medical insurance organization “Capital-MS” Mikhail Pushkov.

In hospitals, “on-call services” will also work on all public holidays, their composition is determined based on the characteristics of the hospital.

However, of course, the holidays also affect the work of hospitals: on these dates, as a rule, planned hospitalizations do not take place (unlike emergency cases). The peculiarity of planned hospitalization is that it can be carried out at a later date without the threat of deterioration of the patient’s health. Emergency medical assistance is provided on holidays without delay.

If you were in the hospital before the New Year holidays, and your discharge is scheduled for later, then all appointments with the doctor, all procedures, all medical manipulations that he prescribed will be carried out in full.

Routine planned rounds during the holidays don’t stop either. The doctor on duty makes these rounds every day and supervises the keeping of appointments and, if necessary, the examination of patients who continue treatment in the hospital.

“At the same time, if your state of health requires special attention, the treating doctor at the hospital can always focus on this by giving you appropriate instructions on the need for an examination by the doctor on call. For example, if you recently underwent to any operation and there is an early postoperative period. In hospitals, as a rule, observation records are kept, where the attending physicians enter the names of patients who require the attention of a doctor on duty for medical reasons, “he emphasizes Mikhail Pushkov.

Ambulance service characteristics

The ambulance service on the New Year holidays will work as usual – 24 hours.

Features of the work of trauma centers

If the work of many medical organizations on vacation is based on an abbreviated version, traumatologists, on the contrary, meet the holidays on high alert. 24-hour assistance is arranged at adult trauma centers. Children’s emergency rooms, as a rule, work on New Year’s holidays until 10 p.m. But if a child is injured after this time, she can safely contact the adult emergency room. They will always provide timely assistance, regardless of age.

Features of the work of dental departments

Acute toothache is a reason to provide medical care for urgent indications. You should contact the medical organizations on duty in the field of dentistry.

This type of medical care is subject to the general principles of the requirements of the State Guarantee Program. In other words, you must receive medical assistance within two hours of applying. Please note that the working hours of dentists in public clinics outside the scope of emergency care will be based on the weekend mode, that is, all work will end at 16:00.

What to do if the doctors refuse to accept?

If you are faced with a refusal to provide medical care, if you believe your rights have been violated in the process of providing care, you can call your health insurance organization. The phone number is indicated in the policy, as well as on the insurer’s website. The call centers of the main insurance companies work around the clock.

Insurance representatives will help you solve all your problems at any time and will always help to ensure that medical care is provided in a timely and quality manner.

“Consideration of patient complaints and appeals is the main task of medical insurance organizations, free assistants for the patient. Insurers will accept the appeal and help to solve the problem in a short time. MHI representatives have many opportunities , from calling the administration of a medical organization to resolve current difficulties and ending with an examination of the quality of medical care with the subsequent application of financial sanctions to the medical organization if violations are established,” explained Mikhail Pushkov.

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