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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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What Mercadona products will drop their prices starting this month?

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 15:23:16

Mercadona surprises its millions of customers with the imminent price drop for up to 500 basic products until the end of the year and calculates a saving of 150 euros per year in the shopping cart. And all of this occurs only one month after the main shareholder of the Valencian company, Juan Roig, questioned the proposal of Minister Yolanda Díaz, about setting a price cap on the basic food basket, as was proposed in her time in France or Portugal.

Precisely in this sense, the owner of the largest food distribution chain in Spain assured that “the market is governed by supply and demand, so it is impossible to cap prices, it is like saying that wet water “. Well, now the multinational has decided to adjust its sales prices “without touching the quality of the products and guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire food chain, which includes suppliers, the productive sector, company and workers”.

In total, according to the calculations of the company of the Valencian company, it will mean savings for customers of 200 million euros between now and the end of the year and will have an impact on the company’s margin of -0.6 points. They are added to the reduction made by the company of -1.1 points since 2020 to minimize the increase in cost prices at origin and the industry.

Mercadona clarifies which products drop in price until December

The drop in price of these hundred-year-old products, many of which will be duly identified in stores, will be used for numerous foods for daily consumption. All these products will also be duly identified. As for the food section, fish stands out, as is the case with tuna, or turkey breasts.

Likewise, dairy products will also do so, including some cheeses and yogurts. On the other hand, this drop in prices also affects nuts and oils, while in terms of vegetables, zucchini stands out. It also includes pastries, wine cellars, perfumes and household cleaning and maintenance products, as well as pet food.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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