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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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What professions will artificial intelligence replace: the neural network itself responds

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 05:35:15

The ChatGPT neural network counted which professions will be replaced by artificial intelligence

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About a fifth of Russian employers are confident that in the future, neural networks could work instead of people in various areas. Half of the leaders believe this is likely, but not in the near future. These are data from a recent survey conducted by the Zarplaty.ru research center among managers and department heads of Russian companies.

Employers are already looking for employees who understand the ChatGPT neural network and its capabilities, which are the best known today. In most cases, these are companies in the IT and financial spheres. Today, companies are ready to entrust many tasks to technologies based on artificial intelligence. First of all: translations, technical support, preparation of analysis, creation of simple texts, design.

Well, what about the future? Who can be left without a job because of this scientific and technological advance? In the opinion of the bosses interviewed by Zarplatoy.ru, most likely, in the relatively near future these will be, for example, designers, sellers, copywriters, some programmers, logisticians (see “Only numbers”).

“Such surveys should be taken seriously,” Anastasia Uskova, CEO of the Rocket Humans technology group (platform for employee recruitment), told KP. – New technologies, the possibilities of algorithms, neural networks and the automation of routine processes are already unloading a person in his daily tasks, and soon they will be able to completely replace him in many areas. Writers, designers, translators, administrators, accountants and personnel and document specialists should already think now, no, not about dismissal and poverty, but in which direction to develop their careers. Since many professions in their usual form may not remain in 10 years. The automation and digitization of processes, according to experts from the WEF (World Economic Forum), will eliminate 85 million jobs worldwide in the coming years. But they will create 97 million new ones. Therefore, invest in additional education and professional retraining, especially if your profession is at risk.


And what does the ChatGPT neural network, for example, think about its capabilities to replace a person? Jokes aside, it looks like it’s time to ask the opinion of artificial intelligence too.

Also, anyone can now communicate with the neural network. In particular, through the ChatGPT Pro chat bot in Russian on the Telegram network. We asked him to comment on the burning question: what professions and when will artificial intelligence replace? And here is the response we got:

“Artificial intelligence is already replacing some professions, including plant operators, technicians, accountants, lawyers, medical professionals, and many others.

In the future, with the development of artificial intelligence technologies, it can replace even more professions such as drivers, cashiers, call center operators, sales agents, teachers, etc.

However, at the same time, artificial intelligence will create new professions that will be associated with its development, management and support. In addition, there are professions that are difficult or impossible to replace with artificial intelligence, such as professions related to creativity, social interaction and emotional support.

And here are examples of professions that, according to ChatGPT, are difficult or impossible to replace with artificial intelligence (the style of the original is preserved).

– Artists and designers who create unique and original pieces and ideas that require creativity and intuition.

– Musicians and composers who create original music and songs based on their feelings and inspirations that cannot be reproduced by artificial intelligence.

– Psychotherapists and counselors who work with people to help them develop as people, overcome problems and build quality relationships with others.

– Social workers and volunteers who care for people in need, provide them with emotional and physical support, attract resources and help them recover.

– Teachers and coaches who help to reveal the potential of each student or athlete, find an individual approach and introduce the necessary skills for development.

“These professions require high empathy, subtle feelings, and personal qualitative assessment, making them difficult to replace with artificial intelligence,” the chatbot commented on the situation.


Who may be replaced by a neural network in the future

(% of surveyed employers who are sure this is possible)

Designers 53%

Marketers 46%

Editors 45%

Programmers 42%

Logistics 42%

Accountants 33%

Sales managers 27%

HR specialists 26%

Funders 22%

Sociologists 20%

Lawyers 15%

Journalists 13%

Teachers 12%

psychologists 10%

(Zarplata.ru survey data)

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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