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Friday, July 19, 2024
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What success in writing depends on – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 02:41:45

“Used to be better”

The children’s writer from Anapa, Sergei Levin, sadly recalls the stories of his “old guard” colleague Viktor Ivanovich Gerasin: “In Soviet times, for a fee for publishing even one short story in Fat Man, you could go to a restaurant with friends, and It’s still decent. And now… swim as much as you can. For me, detlit is an important part of life, and it’s not about money. It’s about love.”

What’s up today?

With the help of writers’ unions, you can get a grant for the publication of a book, a recommendation for a writers’ forum and a place in the company of like-minded people. Participants in the projects of the Foundation for Socio-Economic and Intellectual Programs and the Association of Writers and Publishers Unions can become the best at the seminars, and will also be published.

But promoting a book is much more difficult than publishing it. Not all authors are born marketers and they don’t have to be. And not everyone is so lucky with the producer as Alexei Ivanov, with Yulia Zaitseva. However, the vast majority do not have not only a producer, but also an elementary assistant.

alternative paths

Units in the donation system have increased: voluntary donations. These people seriously develop a personal brand and pay close attention to the interaction with the audience.

Also attractive are commercial game projects in the spirit of the public “Just a writer”: those who want to join pay for the “entry” and complete the tasks. The project was once accused that “its guys are somehow not visible among the award winners.” “Our Answer to Chamberlain” was the publication of a list of various victories won by contestants in literary contests.

speaking of prizes

What is it like to receive a payment of a million rubles for a manuscript? Margarita Mamich, winner of the VIII Sergei Mikhalkov International Competition for the novel “Rails Under Water”, knows this feeling firsthand. “National Prize in the field of children’s and youth literature”, “Big Book”, “Lyceum”, “NOS”, “Russian Booker”, “Yasnaya Polyana”, “Natsbest”, “Moscow Art Prize” – including “bronze” in any of them a grandiose reserve for the future is instantly created for the author. The financial component of these premiums varies between five hundred thousand and three million.


“I’m a writer,” the man introduces himself. – “Where do you work?” – “Well, I’m a plumber.” The concept of “profession” implies a remuneration for the results of literary work. However, it is not easy to predict the success of a particular writer. Very often, the author complements his work with social activities: he acts as a festival expert; write commissioned articles; Looking for rising stars of the genre for publishing or teaching craft.

The “I just write and I just get paid” option, like flying into space, is weird, but real. There is Viktor Pelevin or Zakhar Prilepin. Your novelties can become bestsellers in the pre-sale stage. But such success does not come “with a click” or “by chance.” It’s a long way.

Writer to Writer Fight

There is a literary institute, but there is no official profession of a writer, there is a literary worker. Stability, guarantees and fabulous pensions are not what people are looking for in this field. There are editors, journalists, SMM specialists, content managers, “literary blacks” and prose writers, science fiction writers, children’s or at least technical writers, who were removed from the “list of the living” in the days of the collapse of the USSR . And despite the growing state support for literature, the situation has not yet stabilized.

Gender – our everything

Much depends on the chosen genre. The most gold-bearing vein is the main stream. These are the ones who take the big prizes and occupy the honorary shelves of bookstores: Alexei Ivanov, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Guzel Yakhina, etc.

Female prose is also voluntarily analyzed, which can be close to classic models, such as Lyudmila Ulitskaya, or be less pretentious, such as Yulia Shilova.

Children’s literature in Russia has long been supplanted by translation, but the past year has given it new life. Here Anastasia Orlova, Andrey Usachev and Ekaterina Matyushkina immediately come to mind.

The mainstream is now a gold mine for writers.

At the peak of popularity and fantasy. Especially Slavs: Danila Romakh or Evgenia Safonova.

Popularity is not a vice.

The highest circulations and fabulous fees belong to Daria Dontsova and the queen of romance Elena Zvezdnaya. Calls to read the latter can be seen on the posters of the Moscow metro. Everyone decides for himself how seriously this literature should be taken. In the end it is not always the same to read the magazine “Aurora”, sometimes you have to have fun.

About samizdat

These are light genres. A network that works on sites like Liters and Author.Today. Popadans saving Russia from Godzilla and Cthulhu, magical academies, brides of dragons and demons. The readers are satisfied. True, it is a question whether at least one such book is capable of staying for centuries.

Anyone can publish on paper through the Ridero service with a print run of 100 copies. But this does not prevent the book from being self-published. However, if you use these sites wisely, it is possible to get off to a good start.

Thus, the Rostov fantasy writer Maria Gurova started with Ridero, today her books are published in Eksmo with a circulation of 4000 copies, and she receives royalties.

What is destiny?

The writer’s fate is only one-third in his own hands. A pinch of luck, a bit of self-confidence, and a bit of charisma can help.

Especially to the author who dreams of being held in schools / swept off shelves / filmed (underline if necessary).

It is important to remember about reputation. Sometimes it’s better to be an intimate but cult writer like Nikki Cullen than to have a big name and a dismal reputation. “You need to maintain a balance between mainstream and consumer goods, without falling into the dark and absurd and pandering to the demands of the public,” writer Nika Batchen advises her colleagues.


prize funds

“Big Book”

1st place: 3 million rubles 2nd place: 1.5 million rubles 3rd place: 1 million rubles

“National Prize for Children’s and Youth Literature”

1.5 million rubles.

“Sergey Mikhalkov Contest”

1 million rubles.

“Yasnaya Polyana”

3 million rubles.

“Moscow Art Prize”

1st place: 3 million rubles 2nd place: 2 million rubles 3rd place: 1 million rubles


1st place: 1.2 million rubles 2nd place: 700 thousand rubles 3rd place: 500 thousand rubles


1 million rubles.


Elizaveta Erofeeva:

– I’m not proud to be a writer; it’s about as strange as being proud to be a janitor, a chess player, or a nuclear physicist.

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