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Friday, December 8, 2023
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What to see next year: the top ten national novelties of the coming year

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 03:14:59

The film “Cheburashka” became the attendance record holder.

Photo: frame of the film.

The box office take of the film “Cheburashka” clearly showed that our filmmakers can also respond to the West in such a way that the Western Vanderbildikha collective will die of envy. Moreover, not only “Cheburashka”. In 2023, Russian directors offer a wide range of films of all genres, including comedies, dramas, fantasy blockbusters and films about the Great Patriotic War.

The 10 most anticipated new films, compiled on the basis of the recommendations of the largest cinema chains and the ratings of audience expectations, were brought to the attention of the audience by the Russian Bestseller movie channel.

The Just, dir. Sergei Ursulyak. In theaters from February 16


Photo: frame of the film.

The historical drama tells about the feat of the 29-year-old Red Army officer Nikolai Kiselev. In 1942, Nikolai led more than two hundred Soviet Jews out of the German occupation. Along with women, old men and children exhausted by hunger and fear, Kiselev covered a thousand miles on foot. Already in our time, the International Institute for the Study of the Holocaust awarded Nikolai Kiselev the title of Righteous Among the Nations. The picture was shot in Belarus, in the places where the described events occurred. Starring Sergei Makovetsky, Konstantin Khabensky, and the main role was played by Alexander Yatsenko.

Nuremberg, dir. Nikolai Lebedev. In theaters from February 23


Photo: frame of the film.

For Defenders of the Fatherland Day, Nikolai Lebedev’s film Nuremberg, based on the book by jurist and historian Alexander Zvyagintsev, Forever and Ever, will be released. The film tells about the international military tribunal on Nazi criminals. The main character, Igor Volgin, comes to Nuremberg as an interpreter as part of the Soviet delegation. In the city he will meet the girl Lena, but the emerging feeling of young people will have to go through many tests.

“Madness”, dir. Dmitry Dyachenko, February 23


Photo: frame of the film.

Director Dmitry Dyachenko is the man who created the incredibly successful Cheburashka. The horror “Rage” is based on real events that took place in the Amur region, when in one of the villages there was an outbreak of rabies among wolves. According to the plot, the father, trying to cure his son of drug addiction, will take him to a remote hunting lodge. But it is there, in the taiga, that the epidemic begins, and the infected animals become more and more dangerous.

“Healthy man”, dir. Petr Todorovsky, March 2

“Healthy man”

Photo: frame of the film.

Having come face to face with death, the sports TV presenter Yegor Tikhonov abruptly changes his life. He becomes a volunteer at the Children’s Cancer Hospital and begins helping the Lisa Alert Foundation. However, Yegor’s noble act is met with complete rejection by his friends and family environment. The film starring Nikita Efremov and Irina Starshenbaum won the top prize in the Russian Premieres competition at the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF).

Bullfinch, dir. Boris Khlebnikov, March 16

“Bullfinch” is the name of the fishing boat, on which the main characters, video bloggers, get a job. The youngsters plan to collect unique content for a blog, but quickly realize that the reality is far from the seaside romance they envisioned. According to producer Sergei Selyanov, negotiations are underway regarding the film’s participation in the Cannes Film Festival.

Challenge, director. Klim Shipenko, April 12


Photo: frame of the film.

Probably, there is no person in our country who has not heard of the movie “El Reto”. This is the same film, for the shooting of which actress Yulia Peresild flew into space for 12 days. According to the plot, the heroine of Yulia, the heart surgeon Zhenya, must operate on the astronaut right on board the space station, since she may not be able to bear the return to Earth. To prepare for the flight, the heroine has only a month.

Free fall, dir. Oleg Urazaikin, June 8


Photo: frame of the film.

Another long-awaited picture, which takes place in space, however, in the near future. Russian cosmonaut Maxim Bortnikov is isolated from the Delta space station. Dispatcher Anna tries to help him get to the station, but the girl herself needs help. The fate of the film was left in doubt after international partners refused to work with Russian films. However, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, the picture was completed. The expectation rating of the film on Kinopoisk is 99%.

“The biggest moon”, dir. Alexey Popogrebsky, November 16

“The Biggest Moon”

Photo: frame of the film.

The script for the film was written by the director in collaboration with Elena Vanina in the style of teenage fantasy. This is the story of first love in a fictional world inhabited by emers, superhumans who can control human emotions and feel no pain. To create the inhabitants of a fantasy world, for the first time in the cinema, intra-frame projection technology was used – 3D mapping, which allows you to project various images and videos onto any uneven surface.

Servant 2, dir. Klim Shipenko, December 21


Photo: frame of the film.

Another attempt to disrupt the New Year’s box office. The first “Kholop” at one time collected a record 3 billion rubles at the box office. In the new part of Kholop, the already reformed Grisha (Milos Bikovich) will be in charge of the re-education of the older girl Katya (Aglaya Tarasova). The actors of the first part will also appear in the film: Ivan Okhlobystin, Maria Mironova, Alexander Samoilenko, Olga Dibtseva, Kirill Nagiev.

One hundred years ahead, dir. Alexander Andryushchenko, December 28

A gift for fans of “Guest from the Future”, Alice and myelophone. A new sci-fi movie based on the same story by Kira Bulychev. In the new version, the main character Kolya Gerasimov is fond of video games and writes rap, and Alice is engaged in alien fauna, martial arts and studies the history of the galaxy. Together, the heroes will take on the space pirates and save the universe.

The role of Kolya was played by Mark Eidelstein, but the name of the actress who played Alice is still kept secret. Alice’s parents were played by Konstantin Khabensky and Victoria Isakova.

Bonus: Voland, dir. Mikhail Lokshin, end of 2023


Photo: frame of the film.

At the end of 2023 they promise the premiere of a new film based on Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. The main roles in the film by Evgeny Lokshin were played by Evgeny Tsyganov and Yulia Snigir, and the role of Woland went to the German actor August Diel. The film was created under difficult conditions, money dried up in the post-production stage, and the Cinema Fund, where the producers sought additional funding, refused to support it. However, the creators promise to release the image by the end of the year.


Elena Zakharova, director of repertoire planning for Cinema Park and Formula Kino Cinema Network.

Without a doubt, the most anticipated film of the year is The Defiance. This is the world’s first film shot in space, our national pride. However, we expect the success of other films as well. For example, this is “Kholop-2”, “What men talk about.” Simple Pleasures” and “No Scrupulous in Town.” These franchises already have huge fan bases.


Bulgakov’s bad fate did not work out: the premiere of the film “Woland” will take place

The company “Mars Media Entertainment” denied information about the lawsuit filed against Bulgakov’s heirs. (details)

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