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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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What to watch and listen to in summer: 6 interesting programs on YouTube and other platforms

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 23:00:05

In our minds, summer has become a synonym for the word “vacation”. And it doesn’t matter if your last bell rang ten years ago or if you just celebrated sign-off: you want to relax in the summer. But this does not mean that the rest cannot be spent with benefit. BURE Publisher. Olga Chesnokova has created three podcasts and three YouTube shows that will entertain and broaden your horizons at the same time.

A project of Zhenya Kalinkin (former member of Smetana TV) and Dasha Kasyan on literature. Dasha should interest Zhenya (and the viewer) in the book: she for an hour talks about the biography of the writer and one of his works, often not the most popular. The show is a true panacea for those who were traumatized by literature lessons at school with their frequent dogmatism and discussion of the color yellow in Dostoevsky’s novel. The hosts talk about the books in a fun and beautiful way. We recommend that you watch it, because the creators pay a lot of attention to the scenery and costumes that complement the theme of the release.

Psychology, on the one hand, is now experiencing the heyday of popularity, on the other hand, it is being discredited due to the influx of pseudo-specialists. “It’s easier to cope” is an example of a high-quality project on mental health, carried out by Karina Istomina and Natasha Kadantseva. Each number is dedicated to a disorder (or phenomenon). The example of a personal story is considered: for this, the heroes are invited, after which a specialist analyzes the issue from a scientific point of view. The show isn’t just about why depression isn’t when you’re sad, and “bipolar” isn’t about mood swings, it’s also about relationships, codependency, and parental separation.

Although the word “podcast” appears in the title, we recommend watching it for the visuals’ sake (and the images of host Alexei Sukharev, of course). There are several formats on the site: an interview-conversation with people from the industry and beyond, and a lecture on the history of fashion, from Vivienne Westwood’s revolution and Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s biography to the evolution of the corset. .

“Revolution, sex, drugs and punk rock in the Russian Empire” – this is how the author and presenter Andrey Aksenov describes the topic of the podcast. Of several thousand years of history, it focused on the era of Nicholas II. The podcast helps to learn more about that period, about the life and personal life of the characters we used to read about in textbooks, and to understand what is behind the dry dates. For example, about the life of Natalia Nordman, a feminist, vegetarian and wife of Ilya Repin, or about how Maslenitsa was celebrated at the beginning of the last century.

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The title is the main idea of ​​the project. Talking about art in a way that is understandable and interesting not only for seasoned art historians, but also for a hypothetical “neighborhood kid”. Anastasia Chetverikova, a culturologist and journalist, delves into key artwork from different trends and eras on her podcast. Without snobbery and with a great sense of humor. And the titles of the episodes (“Yes, Bosch is with you!”, “Italian boy and his banana”) are a separate art form.

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Kinopoisk podcast hosted by service editor Daulet Zhanaydarov and film critic Vsevolod Korshunov. They discuss high-profile releases, build hypotheses (the subject of Why Spielberg’s Fabelmans Are Likely to Win an Oscar), and sum up the year. For those who want to understand modern cinema and cinema in general.

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Hansen Taylor
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