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Friday, June 9, 2023
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What turned out to be Ivan Tverdovsky’s new film based on Evgeny Zamyatin’s “Flood” KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 13:29:06

The young director Ivan Tverdovsky made an unexpected and involuntary attempt at compensation. At last week’s Winter Film Festival, he presented his film “Flood,” based on the story of the same name by Yevgeny Ivanovich. However, the latter is nominally present here: in contrast to the adaptations by Vytautas Zhalakyavichyus (“The Beast from the Sea”, 1992) and Igor Minaev (“The Flood” with Isabelle Huppert and Boris Nevzorov, 1993), there is not much left. of the original tragedy.

Zamyatin had this: a middle-aged married couple cannot have a child. Meanwhile, the neighbor’s teenager is orphaned and they decide to adopt her. However, as a result, her husband finally moves away from the fiancé and begins a quick and unfatherly rapprochement with the girl. In the end, the unfortunate jealous woman, taking advantage of the commotion caused by the flood, kills and dismembers the young rival, after which she disposes of her remains. And then he suffers a little like Dostoevsky.

Ivan Tverdovsky is not very interested in the plot of the beginning of the last century. Tverdovsky is more interested in himself, along with his obsession with human vileness. Therefore, he took and made “Flood” a remake of his first film “Correction Class.”

As in the aforementioned debut, the action takes place in a closed group of young people, this time in the swimming section. Just like there, in the spotlight is poor zatyukanny, who is being harassed by her classmates. And only one boy is trying to protect her, however, it also turns out not selfishly. Those of you who weren’t lucky enough to see the “Correction Class” may think we just mixed up the sessions, but alas, that’s not the case. The director simply decided to give us another such tape. So unbearable in every way.

Tverdovsky’s film is linked to Zamyatin’s text by the fact that the victim is an orphan (moreover, to be further victimized, numb with grief after the death of her parents), living with a married couple. Only now, with her own aunt, who is also her trainer. The aunt’s husband is also a part-time lecherous and vicious brute and trainer, so the forced sexual relations do not last long (Zamiatin’s cohabitation with her adoptive father did not bother the owner of the house at all).

Having caught the husband at the crime scene, his brutal wife finds nothing better than to bite the victim. And she finally turns her already terrible life into a hopeless hell. Now everyone is up in arms against the unrequited orphan, and there is no salvation. More precisely, there is, but it is very gloomy.

In general, again impassable chernukha. In addition, everything else was staged and filmed with the intention of causing maximum discomfort to the viewer, not only moral, but also physical, in which a deliberately unnatural image, tedious editing, frantic reproduction and prohibitively unbearable sound take part. direct. Only Lars von Trier can indulge in such frankly misanthropic experiments with the public. And Tverdovsky, excuse me, this is not him at all.

Curious fact: within the framework of the “Invierno” auteur film festival, where “Inundación” was screened, a seminar was held on how to watch the film by this same author. And one of the speakers was director Tverdovsky. His performance, however, was not dedicated to his own creation, but to Michael Haneke’s The Pianist. But in vain.

Text on the site “Year of Literature”.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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