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Monday, March 27, 2023
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What will backfire on China’s plan to resolve the Ukraine crisis? Expert gave an honest answer

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 10:48:04

The Chinese plan is the beginning of a great work


“12 points to resolve the Ukraine crisis” – this is the name of China’s plan, which the Chinese Foreign Ministry published on February 24. In this text – the message “for all the good against all the bad”. That is, it is a plan proposed by China for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine. True, the US president has already stated that this plan is beneficial only for Russia and spoke: “What good can it do?”

On the air of Radio KP, we talked about the reaction of different countries to the plan proposed by China to resolve the crisis in Ukraine with the director of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.

– We have this type of initiatives are divided into two categories. The first is what Ukraine wants, the 1991 borders, etc. And what different countries that are trying to become mediators would like, – said Alexei Mukhin. – There, the distribution of plans is quite large, but they can all be compiled in one group. This is an attempt to find a compromise between Russia and Ukraine. This line of work is very good. I think that the Russian side, having also analyzed the Chinese proposals, will generally approve them as a line of work. There are some points that raise questions. For example, the point relating to the observance of the UN Charter. I will point out that the Western countries that supported Ukraine did not comply with the UN Charter regarding the sovereignty of the country. Because Ukraine is in a strictly subordinate position, in fact, it does not have the ability to implement a sovereign policy. What to do with it? I hope that the Chinese side, by deploying explanations for this plan, may or may not be able to answer these questions. And here it is necessary, of course, to work and work.

The expert believes that the Chinese plan is the beginning of a lot of work, and suggested taking it as a basis to build a certain diplomatic platform where all these points will be discussed. In a statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry hinted that it was ready to become a mediator in the Russia-Ukraine negotiations.

“And China also draws attention to the fact that the United States, represented by Nuland or a more serious team, did something interesting,” Mukhin continues. – They did not have to deploy anything in Taiwan to impose sanctions, but they thought and began to impose sanctions against China, also for Ukraine. Well, they say, China is helping the Russians, supposedly supplying weapons, something else, for which we will impose sanctions. And he cites such a point of view that, they say, China came up with this plan, for, as it were, all the good, according to the laws, to try to push these sanctions away from itself. What is the deep meaning of this plan, if it is obvious that both kyiv and the United States do not listen to it?

In its plan, China also announces the lifting of sanctions. And not only against Russia, but against everyone.

– China is really trying, as they say, to spread straws. But, as far as I read the Russian translation (unfortunately, I don’t speak Chinese), we are talking about the lifting of all sanctions, Mukhin argues. – And this, of course, is the cornerstone of the Chinese proposals, which it is impossible not to greet. That is, China, in fact, is trying to return the situation to the format of international law, from which the Western countries have come out. Therefore, I believe that this particular point is the cornerstone and you must dance from it. Yeah, it’s interesting… You know, China, Russia, Iran, India in the future create an alternative investment reality, where they refrain from sanctions. So far, no serious sanctions have been imposed on the West, but in time this will be possible. In response to restrictions on these “big four” (let’s call them that), these countries are likely to place restrictions on Western countries. And it will be a war of sanctions. I don’t know if China wants to avoid such a war, maybe it will, but the principle and logic of the development of events leads exactly here.

By the way, the commercial turnover of China and India with the United States is ten times higher than with Russia. And our expert is sure that the more sensitive these sanctions will be.

– You probably noticed that few people suffered from direct American sanctions against Russia, because our trade turnover is minimal? – asks Alexei Mukhin. – But the European Union suffers a lot, and the Russian economy also suffered. But more sensitive will be the sanctions against the United States, because they really depend on China, on the Chinese market.


What do the 12 points of the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine really mean?

China is an economic giant, comparable in power to the United States, but it rarely puts forward high-profile foreign policy initiatives. The reason is the national mentality and precepts of one of the founding fathers of the People’s Republic of China in its current form, Deng Xiaoping. That half a century ago he formulated his “28 hieroglyphics”, a kind of “diplomatic bible” of the new Beijing. Whose main principle is: “stay in the background, try not to show yourself at all” (continuation)

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