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Friday, September 29, 2023
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What will happen now with Kevin Spacey: will the actor be able to save his career after being acquitted in court?

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:23:36

Kevin Spacey cleared of all charges


The great actor Kevin Spacey, star of The Usual Suspects and American Beauty (both Oscar-winning films) has finally denied all the accusations. A jury in London found him not guilty of sexual crimes allegedly committed against young men (including sexual assault, forced sexual activity without consent and forced long-term intimate relationships). He was acquitted of all nine charges. The question now is what’s next.

The authoritative American publication The Hollywood Reporter decided to settle this. The journalists recalled that two weeks before the trial, Spacey gave an interview to the German magazine ZEITmagazin, where he optimistically said: “There are people who are willing to give me work as soon as I am acquitted in London. The moment that happens, we will move on.”

Are Hollywood producers lining up to cast Spacey in their movie? It doesn’t look like it at all. A former studio head told The Hollywood Reporter on condition of anonymity: “Just because someone hasn’t gone to jail doesn’t mean they have a brilliant career.” Another producer, Miriam Elkanan, said: “It will be a long time before we know if the studios and online platforms are ready to cast Spacey in the lead roles. The hardest part for him will be getting a job in the US, it doesn’t seem like he’s in high demand in North America right now.”

Spacey played his last big role in Hollywood in 2017 in the movie Baby Driver. Rather, after that, he still starred in Ridley Scott’s drama All the Money in the World, but after the scandal broke in 2017, scenes with him were reshot with another actor, Christopher Plummer. Then, in 2017, he was accused of sexual abuse by actor Anthony Rapp; Furthermore, the incident allegedly occurred when Rapp was a minor. After that, similar accusations rained down, and only almost six years later, Spacey managed to fight them. During this time, he starred in only one independent American project, which has yet to be released, and the Italian film The Man Who Painted God, which was released last year (and the role was dubbed by another Italian actor).

Of course, the example of Johnny Depp is before my eyes: after winning the trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accused him of all mortal sins, he immediately got the main role in the film Jeanne du Barry and walked triumphantly. the red carpet in Cannes. “But this is not the case. Really with Depp [решилось мгновенно]: “Oh, she’s free, let’s shoot “Jeanne”. But even foreign distributors who take a different view and aren’t as concerned about his legal issues are unlikely to be interested in the project just because Spacey is in it,” a person who buys footage on film markets told the publication.

So, chances are Spacey has relatively modest movie roles ahead of her. Like The Expendables and other products from the Millennium Films studio: action movies and thrillers of medium hand. Perhaps he will follow in the footsteps of Nicolas Cage and Gerard Butler, who film a lot and often indiscriminately, thus almost losing the superstar status they once enjoyed. He’ll probably be called upon in indie films, but not in projects as big as “House of Cards” (and Spacey also lost his role in this series after its “cancellation” in 2017).

A publicist told the magazine that the volume of allegations leveled against Spacey and the noise around him were too great to just take it and forget it. “Their reputation of him was at less than 20 percent. He now he is at minus five percent. There was such an aura around him that it would be hard to go back to anything significant.”

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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