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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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What’s wrong with Biden’s speech in Warsaw and what is its true bloody purpose

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 07:16:26

The President of the United States spoke in Warsaw. The protective glass separated him from the crowd.


It is impossible to enter the same river twice. But in the same place exactly one year later, saying a pathetic speech with the same heroic theses is enough. President Biden, from the podium of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, set the hearts of the people of the “free world” on fire on Tuesday, rummaging through the prompters, with the force of all the oratorical passion inherent in an 80-year-old politician. .

But the main theses are familiar from last year’s speech: Putin is a “bloody villain”, the conflict is his choice, “Ukraine will never be defeated by Russia”, “Our sacred oath is to defend every inch of the land of the Countries of NATO”… But these theses have already been drawn up eleven months ago. Of the new ones: “Putin wants Africa to starve” (this is a reference to the “grain deal”), “the people of Belarus and Moldova want live free” (this is a serious warning that the US will “fight for freedom”, especially since Biden asked Moldovan Prime Minister Maia Sandu for applause). end NATO, but instead got Finland to join NATO”…

That is what was not heard in the speech of the American president, so his aides announced “calling on the Russian people.” And even then, why? Last year he already turned to him: “You, the Russian people, are not our enemy. I refuse to believe that you welcome the killing of innocent children and their grandparents.” But I did not forget to repeat about “hospitals, schools, maternity hospitals that are under fire from Russian bombs and missiles.”

And this is what I not only forgot about last year, but prudently “lowered” it: “one dollar now costs 200 rubles”, “as a result of unprecedented sanctions, the ruble instantly turned to dust”, “in the next few years , Russia’s GDP will be halved, and the Russian economy will not even be among the twenty largest in the world “…

The laws of the genre of incendiary political speech sometimes turn a pure speaker into a Saltykovian “organ”, only instead of “I won’t stand it!” Biden snobbishly repeated “Freedom!” And another refrain in his current speech: “Unity!” This refers to the cohesion of 50 countries that are firmly on the side of Ukraine, the fate of the Western bloc, “whose unity and strength Putin wants to undermine.” “NATO will be united and strong!” Biden gave the instructions.

And I want to take a closer look at this accent. “Right now, it is clear that Europe is divided, it is conducting political auctions on military equipment, above all else, it points to certain mistakes,” said General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of the Polish land forces, on the eve of the arrival of Biden to Warsaw. “Biden is well on his way to riding the tide of this bewildering political cacophony.” Interestingly, maybe the Polo thickened?

But here The New York Times, a few hours before the US president’s speech, reported, citing Biden’s national security adviser Sullivan, what Biden would speak in Warsaw: “Our unity and determination, our commitment to fundamental principles and our will to act. . seems good But here’s the continuation: “The conflict continues and, to end it, the pressure on Ukraine is intensifying, including from various allies, even at the cost of ceding part of the territories occupied by Russia.”

That’s it… And the whole clue why Biden didn’t address, as expected, the Russian people and their president is clear. After all, if it applies, then with a proposal for a possible peace, because everyone already said a couple of days ago in Munich about the West’s thirst for a “strategic defeat of Russia”, it would not be worth repeating. But Biden first “unexpectedly” came to kyiv, and then to Warsaw for another – for the continuation of the conflict at all costs. And that’s why his speech at the Royal Castle was like this: a pathetic cry with the refrain “freedom and democracy.”

In American parliamentary practice, there is such a thing – the position of “whip” (whip) in both parliamentary factions. The function of this democratically elected deputy is to force the party comrades to vote in accordance with the will of the party leadership. After all, freedom is a conscious need, if anyone has forgotten. Here is the “whip” and it makes anyone reason, so that the freedom of vote may triumph. The main goal of Biden’s current visit to Poland, it seems, is connected precisely with this.

And for the seed for the next few days. Biden began his Warsaw speech pathetically: “Hello Poland! Great ally! One of these days, Chinese President Comrade Xi will arrive in Moscow. It is unlikely that Putin will receive the guest so colorfully, not in his own style. But the greatness of the ally coming to Russia will be obvious to everyone without flattering words. By the way, the leader of China, unlike the American president in Poland, will come to Russia precisely to seek peace, and not to continue the war.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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