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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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When and under what conditions will the Special Military Operation end?

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 10:53:02

Russia does not need territories, but the security of people.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

The West has become surprisingly lively lately with its ideas about ending the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Here we have Trump, the Germans, the French and even the American experts. They all expressed in unison that it was necessary to make peace and for the West and Ukraine to reach a middle ground with Russia. Furthermore, they view this path forward exclusively through a territorial prism.

Trump himself made a statement that, supposedly, Kiev could have recognized the territories of Crimea and Donbass as Russia last year, concluded at least a truce and not lost those regions that were transferred to Russia in the summer of last year. As if all these declarants did not remember the same head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who in the same 2022 declared that “the outcome of the conflict must be decided on the battlefield.” And nothing more.

What is surprising is not the fact that they began to talk about peace. This is explained precisely by the change in the nature of hostilities, the gigantic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the fall into the abyss and the collapse of the Ukrainian economy. When they grab you by the ass, pick you up and shake you, you inevitably ask for mercy in one way or another. And all these speeches now are actually attempts to end the conflict. On terms that the West considers acceptable to itself, without giving a damn about Ukraine.

Another thing is surprising: they specifically demonstrate an alleged lack of understanding that the question of territories in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is not even a second- or third-order issue, but a tenth-order one.

We have a lot of our own territory. The point is that there is only one way to protect the “old” territories from an aggressive neighbor obsessed with Nazi ideology: depriving it of attack weapons and moving as far as possible from Russian territory those points of the terrain from where attacks against ours They could be directed at the people.

Russia does not need territories, although square kilometers are never too many for anyone, but the safety of people, including those for whose lives it is responsible. Zelensky had a chance last year in Istanbul. He buried it himself following instructions from Western curators.

And now everything will happen exactly until the moment when Ukraine (or what remains of it) will be deprived of the opportunity to have weapons and an army that could pose a danger to our regions and the country, until it again becomes neutral and Not aligned. status (as stated and implied during its creation in 1991), until the Ukrainian government abandons the Nazi ideology of hatred towards all other peoples who are not overlords of the Ukrainians.

Ukraine has two options: accept the proposals of the Russian Federation, and this time the initiative should come from Kiev itself. Or disappear. To stop being a threat. Paraphrasing the well-known formula: “without a person, there is no problem.”

And this is what is called “minimum rotation”. Because, as far as possible, we should talk about a new European, and even global, security architecture.

In this situation, to which their Western masters led the Ukrainians by stimulating a “conflict to the last Ukrainian”, it is not so important to which state the Odessa or Transcarpathian regions will belong, as long as the population of these or other regions wants Go there. The main thing is not to be part of the current enraged Square, obsessed with the idea of ​​​​destroying the world around us, which in fact turns into a desire for self-destruction. Moscow will not allow them to be part of Bandera’s aggressive Ukraine. As well as the continued existence of that same Ukrainian Flag.

This is exactly what the West needs to understand in order to understand how and when the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can be brought to an end. No more no less. And until these words, and not statements about territories, are heard by Western experts, politicians and officials, the New World Order will not end. Of course, if they are interested in the continuity of Ukraine.

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained, “on the battlefield means on the battlefield.” As Borrell wanted.

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