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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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When the oil is good, and a scarf helps a beard

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 05:31:51

Frost and sun are a wonderful day, however, in order for our skin to be comfortable in subzero temperatures, it must be properly cared for.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

Frost and sun are a wonderful day, however, in order for our skin to be comfortable in subzero temperatures, it must be properly cared for.

The two fundamental principles of skin health are cleansing and hydration. Skin scrubs should be completely excluded, and not only in the cold season, recommends Pavel Vorozheykin, dermatovenereologist at the Pirogov Center, Arbatsky CDC. When we come in from the cold, flushed, we should not immediately run and wash our hands, or even our faces, with soap. It is better to give yourself time to adapt to room temperature, and choose cleansers, both for hands and face, with a neutral Ph. Like scrubs, yesterday is a soap from the “absolute” series, something that supposedly destroys all microbes at once. It is not the microbes that will suffer here, but your skin, which will be left without its own protective layer and will be even more susceptible to the harmful effects of the environment due to dryness and cracks.

“Sindet-based cleansers or the so-called “soap-free soap” will really help,” says Pavel Vorozheykin. – They clean the skin well, but at the same time they do not remove the protective hydrolipidic mantle, our natural covering of the skin. It is useful to use special cosmetic oils for washing, as they moisturize the skin at the cleansing stage.

Moisturizers also protect the skin from frost, however in cold weather it is especially important to allow them to fully absorb before going outside.

– The cream should be applied 30-40 minutes before leaving home. Which cream to use is an individual matter. If the skin is sensitive and prone to redness, make sure that the cream meets these needs, the doctor reminds. – Decorative cold cosmetics is not an impediment, but it must be selected in such a way that it contains less preservatives and chemical additives, and more natural substances.

There is an opinion that natural oils are especially good for the skin in cold weather, but this is not entirely true. The skin accepts emulsions well, that is, oils dissolved in water. If you want to use cosmetic oils in their pure form, for example, peach or apricot, then they can only be applied to damp skin, which still has drops of water on it. However, it is best to choose a cream. It absorbs well and moisturizes the skin well.

In the cold season, someone helps to protect the skin with a beard, and for someone – a scarf and hat that practically cover the face. It is really easier to breathe through a scarf, and it is less likely to freeze, but on condition that the scarf is removed from the face in the subway and indoors, and after going out, washed and dried regularly . We also did not forget about gloves and mittens, but you should not warm your face in a medical mask on the street. This will not protect against the virus, the mask will get wet when breathing and it will damage the skin.

– Due to the coronavirus, the number of people with a special dermatosis: rosacea (rosacea) has increased. One of the reasons for the increased incidence is the inappropriate use of protective masks. Any method of overheating the face has a detrimental effect on the skin, says the doctor. – The bath, for example, is contraindicated for people with signs of rosacea on the face, and it is better not to abuse it for the rest. Once a week is enough.

You can continue to use antiseptics in the cold season, but it is better to wash your hands after the street, and then moisten them with cream.

– Any antiseptic contains excipients, and if, after treating your hands with such a product, you also apply a cream, then you will get completely unhealthy “porridge” on your hands, which you will want to wash off, – notes Pavel Vorozheikin.

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