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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Where are the abandoned neighborhoods and villages near Moscow from? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 15:07:43


In Podolsk, near Moscow, there is a large residential microdistrict “Kuznechiki”. It was built for military personnel transferred to the reserve. Nothing special: a large number of residential high-rises, schools, kindergartens, shops… A standard “sleeping bag”, perhaps relatively new. But its neighbor is unusual – this is the Kuznechiki-2 microdistrict. The peculiarity is that it is abandoned: about a dozen practically finished new high-rises stand open with broken windows and serve as an object of constant interest for lovers of urban tourism. Moreover, the houses look good from the outside: inside you can find new buildings of good quality, interior doors wrapped in plastic and new garbage chutes – however, since the beginning of the 2010s, this entire estate has been abandoned.

“Grasshoppers 2” is now a popular location for dark photo shoots. Photo: Social media

Previously, there was a military unit on this site, then its buildings were demolished and residential buildings began to be built – the second part of “Grasshoppers”. When construction was coming to an end, it turned out that these plots of land were not intended for housing construction and there were problems with connecting to communications. As a result, the work was stopped and the almost completed houses were abandoned for more than ten years. They are surrounded by a fence with barbed wire, but local teenagers know the passages and regularly visit the “abandoned place”. Life is in full swing nearby: opposite one of the abandoned buildings there is a new school named after the 177th Moscow Fighter Aviation Regiment, which was previously located here. The future of Kuznechikov-2 has been in doubt for many years.

Around a dozen new skyscrapers that are almost finished are covered in broken windows.

“Torzhok” near the Moscow Ring Road

At the intersection of Leningradskoe Highway and the Moscow Ring Road, a Torzhok shopping complex has been located for about ten years, apparently already built – there is even a huge sign. In the summer of 2013, the media wrote that the “trade” was about to open its doors: the opening was planned for September, the center was supposed to operate around the clock, they were going to sell goods wholesale and retail directly from manufacturers there. One of the main ones was planned to be the Torzhok Gold Seamstresses brand store.

But something went wrong: the shopping centre never opened. Locals call this huge unfinished project “Pot” and complain that garages were demolished for its construction. A complex with an area of ​​tens of thousands of square metres is often in the news in connection with a possible demolition; periodically there are news that a new residential district will be built in its place. Opening a shopping centre here is now considered unprofitable. However, the “shop”, where no buyers have yet entered, stands still and attracts passers-by with a bright sign.

This shopping centre was planned to open with great fanfare in 2013. However, not a single shopper has walked through its doors since then. Photo: Social media

Were there cows…?

Now let’s move on to an abandoned highway – there are similar ones in Moscow. Located on the Borovskoye highway in TiNAO. Directly above the highway stretches a seemingly new overpass, seemingly reversible, as it is shaped like a horseshoe. But there is no normal entrance or exit. Old-timers remember that the overpass was built in the 2000s, when these territories belonged to the Moscow region. And the overpass was not intended at all for cars, but for cattle, to drive them across the road.

True, at the end of construction there was no livestock left and the overpass remained standing as a kind of monument to waste. Sometimes lovers of “abandoned buildings” come to it and even stop there – once the exchange was included in the list of the most unusual places for a date. So what: you are alone on the overpass, cars fly below, and in the sky there are planes landing at the nearby Vnukovo airport. Romance! The building is clearly visible even on Yandex. Panoramas – no one needs it in 2010, but in 2021…

By the way

Ruins of Barcelona

Of course, the list of abandoned buildings near the capital, and even within it, does not end there. For example, there are several abandoned rural communities near Moscow. One of the most famous is Barcelona. The layout of its townhouses is very reminiscent of the neighborhoods of this Spanish city. But Barcelona, ​​​​located near Moscow, was never completed: the developer collected money from shareholders in the 2000s and disappeared. The skeletons of the cottages can still be found on Novorizhskoye Highway.

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