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Where did Nadezhda Kadysheva go? Having survived the blows of fate, the singer enjoys quiet happiness with her family.

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 18:14:18

Nadezhda Kadysheva now rarely appears in public Photo: Courtesy of the Kadysheva family

Bright, shocking outfits, fiery songs and energetic dances – this is how we are used to seeing Nadezhda Kadysheva. But in the life of the artist herself not everything was as cloudless as on the stage: a series of deaths of relatives, suspicions of oncology, depression due to the “family curse” and public scandals with Nadezhda Babkina.

But the artist herself always tried not to tolerate fights in public. That’s why she almost never gives interviews and recently she completely disappeared from the screens. Fans were even alarmed: why did the artist’s face change so much, did she become ill with oncology again?

On June 1, the People’s Artist of Russia turned 65 years old! Especially for KP.RU, Kadysheva’s family decided to reveal how the artist lives now.


One of the most difficult periods in Kadysheva’s life occurred in the 90s; Then the “Golden Ring” already existed and the artist actively toured abroad. In 1989, Kadysheva was diagnosed with oncology. They were supposed to operate, but on the day of the operation it suddenly became clear that there was no cancer.

Nadezhda Kadysheva rarely gives interviews Photo: Courtesy of the Kadysheva family

The situation was repeated two years later (then the tumor was there and they removed it, but it turned out to be benign). But in the midst of all this news, the singer’s mental state began to deteriorate. At the age of 40, Kadysheva had contracted a family illness: deep depression. At the time, Kadysheva believed her family had a “family curse” that killed her grandmother, her mother, and then her sister Lyubov. All women could not live to be 40 years old. Then Nadezhda’s husband, Alexander Kostyuk, and her doctors pulled her out of this psychological hole.

And they did it. But years later, a new misfortune befell Kadysheva…

– We had a shame in the 2010s. Nadezhda began to have a conflict with Babkina. She then became very aggressive towards Nadezhda Kadysheva,” singer Anton Zatsepin told KP.RU.

Nadezhda Babkina has repeatedly expressed in the media that Kadysheva does not sing folk songs, chooses ridiculous outfits and, in principle, should not enter Babkina’s Russian folk territory. In public, Kadysheva, of course, “kept her face.” But then she disappeared.

– You see, Nadezhda is such a brilliant person that she has never been seen in the land of show business. But scandals never go unnoticed. She was dragged into this story, she was out in the open and then there was some kind of conflict, slander. People react to this differently. That’s why she closed herself off a little. There was stress. It took her a long time to recover,” Zatsepin added.


Since then, Kadysheva could be seen less and less at some social events, in television programs, on large stages, and she only gave brief interviews without details.

But recently the artist finally came out of the closet. In honor of the anniversary, the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts opened the exhibition “Melody of Folk Beauty: Exhibition of Stage Costumes by Nadezhda Kadysheva.” The artist donated nine complete costumes to the museum, which had never been exhibited anywhere before.

Kadysheva performs less frequently, but the public always waits for her Photo: Courtesy of Kadysheva’s family

As expected, Kadysheva performed several of her hits. And this after a long absence from the big stages and rumors about a new oncology. However, she didn’t sing it all herself. As Oleg Rodionov, head of the artist’s fan club, told KP.RU, you could also hear the soundtrack. Nadezhda Nikitichna talked a lot into the microphone and danced; Apparently, her performances become more difficult for her every year. Once every two or three songs, she Nadezhda went backstage to change her clothes and rest a little. Meanwhile, on stage, the vocalists of the “Golden Ring” and her husband assured her.

– I’m getting quite old, you know? “I am happy that I lived to see those years,” said Nadezhda Kadysheva at the opening of the exhibition.


This was Kadysheva’s only public appearance in many years. And in honor of her anniversary, her son Gregory decided to reveal to KP.RU where her mother disappeared and what she’s doing now.

– Our family has always adhered to non-advertising: we are not regulars at social gatherings and it is almost impossible to find interviews with my parents online. His creativity always speaks of a talented person: the songs of the “Golden Ring” are so self-sufficient that people listen to them and will listen to them for a long time, Grigory Kadyshev told KP.RU.

Nadezhda Kadysheva’s family Photo: Courtesy of the Kadysheva family

It turned out that Nadezhda Kadysheva herself is in excellent shape for her age.

– Parents are always together, at work, at home and even during sports. In fact, they spend a lot of time on physical and spiritual health. My father practices qigong gymnastics and my mother loves hiking. They can often be found in Moscow parks, where they spend hours. Also in summer we go to the country house, there is a very large area in the forest with trails where you can enjoy the fresh air. Parents always spend their holidays in Russia, most often in the Krasnodar Territory. Here they feel more relaxed and comfortable. As they say, “everything is yours, dear,” said Grigory Kadyshev.

As for the rumors about oncology, the artist’s only son revealed the true situation.

“I think it is important to report that she did not have cancer. As a family, we visit the doctor regularly for general checkups and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My parents have followed proper nutrition for many years, and even when they are on tour, my mother always takes food with her and cooks everything herself: rice, buckwheat, soups, baked fish. Her diet is very ascetic and it is really worth following her example.

Now Nadezhda Kadysheva is simply enjoying life. When there is opportunity and desire, she goes on tour; When her soul requires rest, she spends time with her family.

– Mom cooks very well. Our family’s signature dish is meatballs. It’s quite a ritual when we meet in the kitchen. Mom makes everything herself, from the dough to the minced meat, and my father and I are already involved in the modeling stage. We do everything according to the best traditions, we even cut out circles from a glass. Dad plays the accordion professionally; His manual motor skills are very developed and therefore this is very easy for him. We constantly treat guests, including foreigners. Once he even came to visit us with an entire delegation from Japan.

The artist celebrated her anniversary quietly, with her family, without noisy celebrations.


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