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Which of the Russian celebrities hides the parents of their children

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:22:33

Loboda fueled rumors of an affair with Till Lindemann. But the father of his daughter Tilda is not him.


Famous women often hide their “interesting” position. Some do not want to gossip, others try to work more and fear that the pregnancy will scare employers. However, many star mothers hide the fathers of their children. This happens for several reasons. Sometimes they do not want to announce a bright but fleeting romance. But most often they try to avoid the attention of a married chosen one. We remember the mothers who protected the names of their children’s fathers from the public.

Margarita Terekhova

Margarita hid an affair with the Tajik politician Saifiddin Turaev.


Probably, the protagonist of the film “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” was one of the first actresses who classified the name of the father of her son. Everyone knows the first daughter Anna, who later became a famous artist. Her father is the Bulgarian actor Savva Khashimov.

Alexander is married to the former soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Tatyana Naynik.


The second child “Milady”, son Alexander, was born in 1981. Colleagues wondered who his father was: Alexander Kaidanovsky, Andrei Tarkovsky or Igor Talkov. Novels with all these celebrities were attributed to Terekhova. Margarita did not confess, and only many years later she revealed the name of the chosen one, from whom she decided to give birth – Saifiddin Turaev, a Tajik businessman and politician. The beautiful Terekhova met him during the filming of the film “Who will go to Truskavets.” The delegation, which included Margarita, arrived at the weaving factory where Sayfiddin worked. The connection between the actress and the businessman was short-lived: he was married.

Saifiddin Turaev.

Recently, one of the TV channels gave Alexander a trip to his father’s homeland. Sasha met with Sayfiddin, but a truly sincere conversation did not work out. Turaev tried to build a political career, two assassination attempts were made on him. Sayfiddin died in 2020, did not communicate with Alexander. Now Sasha works as a director, she is married to the former soloist of VIA Gra Tatyana Naynik and has a daughter.

Agniya Ditkovskita

Agnia does not name the father of her second daughter Nika. It is believed that this is her ex-boyfriend Amir from her.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Agnia and Alexei Chadov were one of the most beautiful couples in Russian cinema. From this union the son Fedor was born, but the two famous actors did not get along and a year after the birth of their first child, they fled.

After parting with Alexei, Agnia did not change her long-standing principles and continued to keep her personal life a secret.



In 2017, there were rumors that Ditkovskite had given birth to her second child. Who is the father? This secret was kept very carefully. But then Agnia’s mother, actress Tatyana Lyutaeva, began to post photos of her beautiful granddaughter on social networks. Dark skin, an amazing eye shape – few people had any doubts that Amir, a young man from Uzbekistan, whom the actress met in 2016-2017, is the father of the child. The couple visited Amir’s homeland several times, where many beautiful photos were taken.



Now Agnia is the mother of many children, she is raising three children. The father of the third child, according to rumors, was the restaurateur Bogdan Panchenko.

Maria Poroshina

Rumor attributes the paternity of Poroshina’s child to her film partner, Yaroslav Boyko.


When the actress gave birth to her fifth child, all her relatives came to her discharge, except… the baby’s father. This immediately gave rise to a lot of rumors, especially since shortly before that the actress broke up with her husband, actor Ilya Drevnov. It was Poroshina who entered it in the birth certificate of the newborn Andrey.

However, Drevnov proved through the court that he was not the father of the baby. In addition to Drevnov, the rumor called Andrei’s father the actor Yaroslav Boyko, with whom Maria starred in TV shows. But the actress denied this rumor on the social network: “I am expecting a loved one’s child! My business partner Yaroslav Boyko has nothing to do with my maternal happiness, which we share with the father of our future heir in two countries (he lives outside of Russia). Rumor registered in the parents of the boy and heir to a European fashion house, and a Russian senator. But Maria is not going to show her letters.

svetlana ivanova

Svetlana Ivanova gave birth to daughters from producer Janik Faiziev.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Actress Svetlana Ivanova (“Pregnancy Test”, “Palm Sunday”, “Legend No. 17″) did not talk about who is the father of her two daughters – Polina and Mira. But the rumor of the people called the name of the talented director Janik Fayziev. Svetlana met him on the set of the film “August. Eighth” in 2011.

In 2019, the couple played a secret wedding. According to the firm conviction of lovers, happiness loves silence.

But once the couple publicly designated their relationship. Even if it’s humorous. In the series “Investigator Tikhonov”, filmed in 2015, the heroine Ivanova Lavrova goes to Kazan. Her colleague Tikhonov, played by Mikhail Efremov, warns: they say, be careful, a ruthless bandit, Janik Fayziev, is operating in that city. This is the kinematics.

adeline sotnikova

Adeline keeps the baby’s name and gender a secret.


The figure skater hid her pregnancy until the end. She attended social events, trained and participated in ice shows, even when she was about five months pregnant.

Then voluminous things, which are now in fashion, helped to hide everyone’s stomach. Therefore, when Sotnikova posted on her page on her social networks a touching photo of miniature legs with the words: “10/30/22. Our treasure. We love you. You’ve been with us for exactly one week today. A new life ”, for many fans this came as a shock.

The figure skater hid her pregnancy until the end.


What is the boy’s name, the skater is in no hurry to say. And the name of the father is completely taboo. It is only known that the first-born of the athlete appeared in the City Clinical Hospital No. 29, the weight of the baby is 3100, the height is 50. The fact that there is a loving man next to Adeline is hinted at in the post on the same social networks in the plural: “Our treasure”.

Elena Zakharova

In 2011 Elena’s one-year-old daughter died. She carefully protects the second son. Photo: Anatoly LOMOHOV/Global Look Press

Elena Zakharova’s personal life in 2011 was overshadowed by a terrible tragedy. The first daughter of the actress did not live even a year, dying of an acute viral infection. After the death of the child, the family broke up.

It took Zakharova several years to recover from the blow of fate. She decided to become a mother again in 2017. This time, the actress carefully protects her son from the attention of the media and the public. For a long time, only the sex of the child was known. Zakharova did not mention the names of her daughter and her father. More recently, it became known that the actress named her daughter Maya.

julia peresildo

The father of Yulia Peresild’s daughters is director Alexei Uchitel. Photo: Anatoly LOMOHOV/Global Look Press

The first actress-cosmonaut gave birth to her first child 11 years ago. Then her eldest daughter, Anna, appeared. Maria was born three years later. People around gossip about her affair with director Alexei Uchitel. But the actress herself delicately avoided this sensitive topic: the Master is married to the producer Kira Saksaganskaya. Clearly, the divorce of his wife was not part of his plans.

But in 2017, Yulia nevertheless made the name of the father of her children public. The teacher confirmed paternity.

Professor Alexei.

After that, it was as if a dam broke – Yulia began to post photos of her daughters on social networks and date her beloved man, actor Mikhail Troinik.

Eva Polna

Perhaps no one would have known the name of the father of Eva’s daughter for a long time if it were not for the TV show. Denis Klyaver took part in the TV show “Let them talk” and told them a secret with Eve … Of course, Polna considered this a betrayal. After all, they had an agreement with Denis: never talk about his personal life. Also, during her affair, Klyaver was married to the ballerina Yulia and raised her child with her.

Singer Eva Polna and her daughter Evelyn

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The singer gave birth to her daughter Evelyn in 2005 and for eight years she did not tell anyone who her father was. Now Eva, Denis and Evelyn spend a lot of time together.

Svetlana Loboda

The first husband of the former Viagra was the dancer Andrei Tsar. From him in 2011, she gave birth to a daughter, Evangeline. But Sveta broke up with him in 2014. But who became the father of the second daughter, Tilda, who was born in 2018 in a Los Angeles clinic? Svetlana not only keeps this information secret, but for many years she also tried to confuse the curious.

Until Lindeman.

Loboda for a long time fueled rumors about her affair with the leader of the Rammstein gang, Till Lindemann. She even gave her daughter a “suggestive” name. Tilda is Till’s daughter? However, it later turned out that the novel was a competent PR campaign, and there was no close relationship between Till and Svetlana.

Singer Svetlana Loboda

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

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