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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Which pensioners will be able to collect the extra 30 euros per month from Social Security

Date: June 4, 2023 Time: 01:11:40

Reduce the damage that a good number of women and men have suffered in their professional careers due to having to take care of their children. This is the objective of the extra complement of 30.40 euros per month -some 425.60 euros per year- of contributory pensions, managed by Social Security. Said amount will be added to the social benefit that retirees already receive, even if they will obtain the maximum amount. This responds, above all, to the desire to reduce the gender gap, so that they can alleviate the delay suffered by their contribution periods. But it should be clear who has the right to collect this payment, since only those who meet a series of requirements will be able to do so.

The second pension reform that took place a few weeks ago, the Government of Spain in the Council of Extraordinary Ministers presented several novelties. Thus, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, led by José Luis Escrivá, will agree to improve the gender gap supplement, which will increase by 10% in 2024, and another 10% in 2025, both in addition to its revaluation. according to the CPI, which by 2023 has been 8.5%.

However, this extra income is not new, since it was launched in February 2021, provided they meet the conditions that define Social Security.

Which pensioners can receive an extra 30 euros per month

The supplement to reduce the gender gap can be received by people who have children and will receive a contributory pension for retirement, widowhood or permanent disability, which have been recognized after February 4, 2021. However, Social Security only grants it to one of the parents and, for this, it establishes the following requirements, which are detailed in its Electronic Office:

The supplements that can be recognized in any of the Social Security mechanisms are incompatible with each other: it will be paid in the regime in which the pensioner has more periods of discharge. Have one or more children registered in the Civil Registry. births from 1995, the sum of the contribution bases for the 24 months after the child’s birth must be at least 15% less than the sum of the contribution bases for the 24 months prior to the birth .

What is the amount of the supplement per child

Social Security pays this income each month, in a total of 14 payments, with the two extraordinary payments that accrue with the monthly payments for June and November.

By 2023, its amount is 30.40 euros for each child, that is, a minimum of 425.60 euros per year, which will increase to 848.40 for two children, 1,272 euros for three children and 1,696.80 euros for four children. The limit set to receive the amount is set at the four descendants.

Therefore, if pensioners have had one or more children, they can request this benefit, together with the application process for their retirement, permanent disability or widowhood pension at the National Social Security Institute (INSS). If the couple is made up of two women or two men, the person with the lower pension will be the beneficiary.

What requirements must a man meet to ask for it?

Men can also be among the beneficiaries of the extra 30.40 euros per month, as previously indicated. But these have to meet the requirements mentioned below:

Cause a widow’s pension due to the death of the other parent by the sons or daughters in common, provided that they have some right to receive an orphan’s pension, from birth or adoption, with certain conditions related to the contribution.

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