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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Which supermarkets sell the cheapest grapes for New Year’s Eve?

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 02:01:46

The rise in prices is noticeable in the shopping basket and the typical Christmas products have not been an exception. A report from the OCU in which it compares the price of 16 foods with respect to the month of November, reveals that the increases exceed 5% on average at Christmas. Clams (+19%), Iberian ham (+10%) and sea bream (+7%) are the foods that have become more expensive. And they point out that the price of lamb has multiplied in the last 5 years, since it costs 48% more. In this inflationary scenario, any help to lower the shopping basket is good, even for New Year’s Eve grapes.

Grape farmers are already warning that there is “a lack of demand” in Spain, which has made the campaign “low prices”, while “all the costs of farmers have risen”, the president told EFE of the Regulatory Council of the PDO Uva de Mesa Embolsada Vinalopó, José Bernabéu. This tells us that prices in supermarkets may rise.

On New Year’s Eve, more than 20 million grapes of the aledo variety are consumed, “although it has seeds, its sensory qualities such as flavor or its thin skin make it unique,” he says. In addition, more and more families are opting for seedless, black or pink grapes. We see adequate the prices of the supermarkets taking 1 kilo of product as a reference, although many come in trays of 500 grams.


Packs of Mercadona grapes Mercadona

If we are looking for cheap grapes, Mercadona’s private label grapes come to mind. Although Hacendado grapes do not exist, we can buy a bunch of Aledo grapes in bulk, cheaper than in any other supermarket. There are also peeled ones, seedless or in individual clock-shaped packs (New Year’s Eve grapes) so that everyone has their serving of 12.

White grapes in bulk: €2.69 per kilo. White seedless grapes: €3.69 per kilo. Peeled and seedless grapes in syrup: €1.65 for two cans of 12 grapes.


Grapes from CarrefourCarrefour

On the hypermarket’s website we find several options for New Year’s Eve, all of them from Spain. The white ones are of the Itum Five variety (late, with an elongated shape and thin skin. Green apple flavor), while the pink ones are the Crimson variety (neutral flavor and very sweet with a crunchy texture).

White grapes in bulk: €3.75 per kilo. Pink grapes in bulk: €4 per kilo. White seedless grapes: €6.78 per kilo. Pink seedless grapes: €6.78 per kilo. Bicolor grapes: 6 €78 per kilo.

To field

This year they have reduced the varieties compared to 2021. They sell in bulk, their private label and also other brands. Those found originating in Spain and Peru. The pack of lucky grapes has risen from 1 to 1.20 euros.

White grapes in bulk: €3.81 per kilo. Seedless white grapes: €5.58 per kilo. Seedless black grapes: €5.38 per kilo. Seedless grapes in tubs: €658 per kilo. Premium pink grape: €8.99 per kilo. Seedless white grapes: €8.99 per kilo. Cup with the 12 lucky grapes: 1.19 euros.


Table grape in HipercorHipercor

In the El Corte Inglés supermarket is where we find a greater variety of grapes. In addition to its own brand, the brand SIN PEP@S and La Vendimia. The variety is very wide depending on the campaign: Spain, Italy, Greece, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, India, Chile, Egypt, Morocco or Namibia.

Aledo white grape: €5.95 per kilo Muscatel grape: €5.95 per kilo Purple grape: €5.95 per kilo White seedless grape: €6.95 per kilo White table grape, Harvest: 6.50 € per kilo Pink table grapes, La Vendimia: €6.50 per kilo. White and pink grapes, seedless (WITHOUT PEP@S): €7.9o per kilo. Pink grapes: €7.95 per kilo. Seedless black grape: €8.95 per kilo. Red seedless grapes, WITHOUT PEP@S: €8.95 per kilo. Pink seedless grapes with Mosatel flavor, WITHOUT PEP@S: €8.97 per kilo. 12 New Year’s grapes (pack 3 cans), Golden: 3, 99 euro.

Save more

They have the second cheapest white grape with seed, it does not even reach 3 euros per kilo, only behind Mercadona.

White grapes with seeds: €2.99 per kilo White grapes with seeds, in trays: €3.98 per kilo White grapes in 1 kg boxes: €4.49 Black grapes in bunches: €4.98 per kilo White grapes Seedless: €4.98 per kilo. Seedless black grape: €4.98 per kilo.

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