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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Who decides the degree of permanent disability? New factors in 2023

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 10:13:49

To talk about permanent disability, the first thing to do is know what its definition is according to Social Security, that is, the public body that manages it. This is an economic benefit, in the form of a monthly pension, which tries to cover a loss suffered by a worker when his working capacity is reduced or canceled due to illness or accident. Now, who decides the degree of permanent disability? The truth is that there are a number of factors that directly affect when deciding the degree of permanent disability.

Having said this, the next question is no other than when it starts and what procedures must be carried out. There are three ways. The process can be started ex officio, at the request of the collaborating entities or at the request of the interested party. Likewise, with regard to where the process begins, it must be carried out at the provincial address of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) where the potential beneficiary has his residence or at the Social Institute of the Navy (ISM).

On the other hand, with respect to the amounts of the pension for permanent disability, it can be said that they are determined by the regulatory base and the percentage that applies to the recognized degree of permanent disability. However, the Government of Spain established in the 2023 General State Budget a revaluation for contributory pensions of 8.5% for permanent disability and 15% for non-contributory pensions. Both revaluations became effective from January 1 of this year.

How many types of disability are there and are they appropriate?

Permanent disability, whatever its determining cause, is classified according to the following four degrees, as detailed on the Social Security website.

Permanent disability: for the habitual profession, the one that, without reaching the degree of total, occasionally gives the worker a decrease of not less than 33% in his normal performance for said profession, without preventing him from carrying out the fundamental tasks of the same. total: for the habitual profession the one that disables the worker to carry out all or the fundamental tasks of said profession, provided that he can dedicate himself to a different one. as a consequence of anatomical or functional losses, he needs the assistance of another person for the most essential acts of life, such as dressing, traveling, eating and the like.

This is how the degree of permanent disability is decided

In the first phase of investigation, any documentation and medical tests deemed necessary may be requested. The disability assessment team (EVI) will formulate the opinion-proposal taking into account the summary medical report prepared by the physicians of the INSS provincial office and the professional background report.

The provincial directors of the INSS or the ISN, as the case may be, will issue an express resolution declaring the degree of disability, the amount of the economic benefit and the period from which the review of the disability due to aggravation or improvement can be requested.

In any case, the pension can be extinguished by review of the disability, by recognition of the retirement pension when this pension is chosen and by death of the pensioner.

Amounts of permanent disability in 2023

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez contemplated an increase of 8.5% for pensions for permanent disability. These are the new amounts for 2023.

Great Disability

With a dependent spouse: it goes from 1,335.80 to 1,448.80 euros per month. Without a spouse: it goes from 1,082.60 to 1,173.53 euros per month.

Absolute or total permanent disability pensions of 65 years or more

With dependent spouse: 965 euros per month and 13,519 euros per year. With non-dependent spouse: 743 euros per month and 10,405 euros per year.

Total permanent disability pensions between 60 and 64 years of age

With dependent spouse: 906 euros per month and 12,682 euros per year. With non-dependent spouse: 692 euros per month and 9,694 euros per year.

Total permanent disability pensions derived from common illness in people under 65 years of age

With a dependent spouse and without a spouse: 577 euros per month and 8,081 euros per year.

Non-contributory pension for disability or invalidity

The monthly remuneration of people who receive a disability pension will become 484.61 euros per month Non-contributory disability pension with an increase of 50%: 726.9 euros per month.

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