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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Who dropped the nuclear bomb? The scandalous statement of the UN Secretary General

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 20:12:55

Vitaly Korotich: “It’s a shame, disgusting, but we live captive of this propaganda”

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

78 years ago, in August 1945, American pilots dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

140,000 people died in Hiroshima, 74,000 in Nagasaki. Mostly civilians.

On the anniversary of the tragic events, on August 6 and 9, commemorative events, peace ceremonies, are held in these cities.

– … Vitaly Alekseevich, today is such a sad day … UN Secretary General Guterres published his statement on this matter. But, there is not a word about who bombed Hiroshima, whose pilots, what state. How to understand it? How would all this be explained to us (not to Guterres, of course)?

– All world events, in principle, exist in a panoramic way.

– In what sense?

What happened 78 years ago? World War II ended in Europe. And the leaders of the great powers, who were generally formally allies, already understood that these relations were falling apart.

And already the alliance of the United States, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Soviet Union, in general, exists only formally.

And at that time, the legend was growing in American propaganda that in Europe the communist parties, especially in Italy and France, played a decisive role in the victory over Nazism. And, they say, Stalin really wants to continue the offensive, not stop.

And here, in the USSR, at that time there were more than 10 million people in the army.

Like, we are celebrating here with you, they said in America, and Stalin is about to leave for Europe.

The Americans were finishing work on the atomic bomb, they caught up with us.

Exactly the same project that Lavrenty Beria led with us and in which the largest physicists joined, this was still in operation.

And the explorers worked, and the physicists, and they all worked.

But we didn’t have a bomb yet, but the Americans did. And in the United States, the creator of relations with the Soviet Union, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, died, and his vice president Truman became president.

Whoever frankly said that this so-called movement must be stopped, the Soviet Union must be stopped, and so on.

A meeting of the leaders of the victorious countries was held in Potsdam, Stalin, Truman met there, all the leaders came there.

And there Truman told Stalin that he had a nuclear bomb and would not want to use it in vain.

When this was said, he was surprised that Stalin did not react to this in any way, he did not react at all and did not fall into panic or joy, he simply nodded his head.

And so, according to the American version, bombs were dropped on Japan to stop the Soviet movement into Europe and stop the triumph of communist regimes in countries where they had incredible authority…

– So, why now Guterres in his speech forgot to mention the country that bombed Hiroshima?

– Because Americans, in general, have never apologized for anything and do not apologize.

They destroyed many countries, they destroyed Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, now they “play” in Syria.

Everything is scary. But not once did they admit they were wrong.

States are ruining their soldiers, they are ruining foreigners, innumerable.

And now, in fact, investing their money and weapons in the war against Russia, they continue to do the same.

– Tell me, the Secretary General of the UN, he is not an American. And, something like, – “about America.”

– So he “more or less” like that.

But he lives in New York, and the United Nations is located on the Manhattan peninsula, in the most terrible area, in the busiest of American businesses. The United Nations has long been under the control of the Americans, and there is no single solution that suggests condemning, say, American terror in one country or another, condemning its attacks, from Afghanistan to other Asian countries …

And about all the excesses in Europe.

No such decision has been approved, regardless of who is in charge, Guterres or someone else who has led the UN.

The UN has been completely under the control of the United States for a long time.

The United States pays the main amount for the maintenance of the UN there

And the Soviet Union, and now Russia too, is seriously talking about the need to transfer this international organization to some other country. But there are no serious discussions about it.

And Guterres, in principle, cannot rebel against his support. Against whom contains the United Nations.

And, although the budget there is made up of contributions from other countries, but all this was built on American soil, and the house is in the United States, and you need to drive on the streets according to the rules of the United States.

And, if they want, they do not give visas to the same Soviet, and then to Russian representatives, even for a session of the UN General Assembly.

That is, it is the Americans who run the UN.

And the unfortunate Guterres, of course, would probably like to be more objective.

Yes, he is not American, but Portuguese, according to tradition, the UN Secretary General is elected from a neutral country.

Yes, and he’s trying to be neutral.

– And Japan, which celebrates a mournful date, also distances itself from accents – which concretely and in fact bomb from the city…

– And the Japanese are afraid, the Japanese are busy, the Japanese value their dependence on the Americans.

They are completely subservient to the United States. And – not just their Navy, which is stationed there, not just their nuclear warheads and submarines with nuclear warheads.

All this, in principle, is connected in one node.

And now to say that the Americans did it…

Oh no! It is that in Japan, when these black days are celebrated and the dead are commemorated, it is said that a large plane entered and dropped nuclear bombs.

Whether he flew from the moon, or from Mars, or it is not clear where.

And in general, following this propaganda, we can assume that … “the plane was probably Soviet.”

It’s a shame, disgusting, but we live captive of this propaganda.

And now, if a person like the UN Secretary General is forced to obey this, what can we talk about?

– So about what? Especially us…

– So, we have to talk about our independence, sovereignty.

And, to realize that we have them, atomic bombs. But we are not going to scare anyone with them.

But, in the same States, let them know, we’ve got it. And in any case…

– Thank you very much, Vitaly Alekseevich.

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