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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Why are people most often poisoned by mushrooms? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:54:36

Recently, a local resident was admitted to the Bronnitsy hospital near Moscow, who was persuaded by friends to go for mushroom picking. For the first time in my life. “They said they would check my basket. They ordered me to take only mushrooms with brown caps. At first they really checked, then they said it was fine and I was picking the right mushrooms,” he later told the doctors. The correct mushrooms were brought home, fried and eaten for dinner. And already at night, an ambulance took the man with signs of severe toxicological poisoning.

According to Mikhail Vishnevsky, president of the Union of Mushroom Pickers of Russia, up to 2,000 fatal mushroom poisonings and up to 10,000 non-fatal ones occur in the country every year. Most often, of course, inexperienced mushroom pickers are poisoned, who cannot distinguish a green russula from a pale mushroom. But there is a gap in the old woman: in second place in terms of frequency of poisoning are experienced lovers of calm hunting who decide to try new mushrooms. The top three of this sad rating are closed by mass collectors – people who take mushrooms for harvesting. They do not like to collect, but they work, it is important for them to collect as much as possible. And in a hurry, you can make a mistake.

Mycologist Vladislav Baulin believes that one of the main reasons for the increased frequency of poisoning is the expansion of the time for collecting mushrooms and their variety. “Before, quiet hunting had specific dates: a little in April-May, when the lines and morels begin, a little in July, when the spikelets appear, and, the main period, from August to mid-October,” says Baulin. to RG.

And now they are only looking for mushrooms all year round, experienced foresters even in December manage to get them from a snowy forest – winter mushrooms. Umbrella mushrooms used to be mostly received with one foot in the hat, now they are carefully placed in a basket: they knew that when cooked correctly, the mushroom is a bit reminiscent of chicken meat. Orange quiver was not even considered a mushroom before, a piece of shiny slime grows on a tree… Now they take it, and even, they say, for haute cuisine. Langermania, she is a golovach, she is a giant raincoat, our grandmothers circled in the forest in a wide arc, and modern housewives have learned to cook steaks out of it. “Half of what is brought from the forest today is not even close to being in the Edible Fungi directory,” says the mycologist. From here follow the first and main rule of the mushroom picker: if you are not sure about this particular mushroom, do not take it.

The first and main rule of the mushroom picker: if you are not sure, do not take it

Another cause of poisoning is human intolerance to lectins. “These are proteins found in some types of fungi, speakers and rows,” explains Mikhail Vishnevsky. It’s almost like with gluten: one person will eat and not know it, and the other will end up in the hospital. Many people today suffer from some kind of food allergy, but lectin intolerance is most often diagnosed in a hospital, where a person comes after tasting mushrooms.

Mushrooms, which are best not eaten, now include pigs; they also found an allergen that can land a person in a hospital bed. However, Vishnevsky emphasizes that pork is not dangerous for everyone, but only for people prone to blood diseases. The problem is that no one detects this predisposition in advance, and many people like to pick and eat mushrooms. And for some reason it is considered normal for us to take a mushroom in the forest, which a neighbor tried for a godfather last year and was delighted. By the way, my great-grandmother, to whom all the neighbors brought disputed mushrooms to identify them, did not collect pigs, rows or talkers, but she only recognized autumn mushrooms – those that grow on birch trees. Because only this species of honey agaric, even with the naked eye, can be distinguished from the fringed galerina, a deadly poisonous twin of the summer honey agaric. Even an experienced mushroom picker does not recognize Galerina among summer and winter mushrooms at first glance.

Well, the last reason for poisoning is the craze for microdosing and other novel practices of using mushrooms for medicinal purposes. People collect poisonous mushrooms, make tinctures and powders from them, and take them for medicinal purposes. The hand shakes a little when pouring the tincture, and now the medicine turns into poison. “It is better not to cook anything from poisonous mushrooms on your own. If you want to be treated with mushrooms, buy a ready-made supplement in a specialized store, as there are so many of them now. It may not help you, but it certainly won’t hurt you,” advises Vladislav Baulin.

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