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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Why as of March 1 they will stop publishing declarations of income and assets of deputies and senators

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 12:15:51

Pavel Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Construction and State Legislation

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

On Wednesday, January 24, the State Duma will consider a bill in second reading, after the final adoption of which, from March 1, 2023, the declarations on income and assets of Russian deputies and senators will no longer be published.

This topic, as an announcement, we discussed with a deputy of the lower house of parliament, a well-known jurist and legislator, Doctor of Laws Pavel Krasheninnikov.

… – Pavel Vladimirovich, I greet you. Tell me, please, why did he suddenly decide to refuse to publish statements? Why did such a conflict arise?

– What happens, Alexander, is that we have a fairly large number of deputies employed in legislative assemblies and municipal assemblies, and most of them do not work permanently.

– Yes, it is known.

– And now they were obliged – by law – to present statements, which gave rise to different nuances.

And the main one was that, for example, the same businessmen or public figures refused to be elected to representative bodies. Although, it would seem, they were in great demand and could provide great help.

– Why? For the statements?

– Including, and therefore, that “you have to tinker” with its design and presentation.

You see, in a nutshell, not everyone is interested in this, not everyone wants to do it, too lazy …

Someone does not want to show their income.

In general, different reasons.

And now there has been a rather noticeable departure of “representatives of the people,” as they used to be called, from these legislative assemblies and representative bodies.

(I repeat, we are talking now about those who work as deputies not permanently, but continue to engage in their direct activities).

All this was indicated in the bill approved in first reading.

– Yes, that’s understandable.

– We have gone further and now we are talking about even those who work permanently, submit statements, but – they are not scheduled for publication

That is, it is to protect your personal data.

– Keep it a secret.

– Why not?

At the same time, statements and all information must be in the representative body without fail.

And this information, if necessary, can be used by the heads of the authorities, law enforcement officers, special services, etc. This is important.

Further away…

– And those who are “deputies” permanently and do not apply…

– In any case, if they have large businesses, the deputies must account for them.

And they are not published either, but lie in legislative assemblies or representative bodies.

– Everyone is very interested in how the legislators of the upper and lower houses of parliament are going to treat each other in this regard, let’s say…

– As regards the State Duma and the Federation Council, we have agreed on the following…

– Interesting.

– All these declarations must be presented, both during the elections and after, during the elaboration of laws and other works.

But at the same time, general data is published: whether or not a statement has been filed, with or without a violation. But it is not personal information.

That is, there are no specific names, amounts of money, lists of real estate. In a word, this is not published. But, without fail, the information remains in the State Duma and the Federation Council.

What if there are violations?

– In this case, law enforcement officers can do it freely. After all, there are anti-corruption commissions in all such bodies, both in the State Duma and in the Federation Council.

– But tell me, please, will these “relaxations”, if you can call them that, apply to absolutely all deputies of the State Duma and senators of the Federation Council, or only to those who work in the NVO zone?

– This will apply to everyone.

– That is, the NWO zone does not count here?

– No, it will affect everyone. I reiterate once again that all deputies and senators submit a statement. And everything is being analyzed. But generalized data is published.

– Understood. And generalized data, you mean for the room as a whole, right?

– Yes, submission, non-submission, with what violations and so on.

But I want to draw attention to another point: the leaders of the legislative assemblies of the regions must be all, permanently. Before that, in 11 constituent entities, both options were provided for: it was possible to manage both permanently and non-permanently.

This is important because, after all, serious decisions are made: budgetary and regulatory.

We passed this bill on first reading before the New Year. The second is this Wednesday.

– And when – in general?

– In addition – depending on the adoption at second reading and the situation.

– Understandably. Thanks.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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