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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Why did a descendant of Nicholas I come from France to a godforsaken farm in Donbass? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 02:24:15


Alina’s story can be called fabulous. A student of a pedagogical college, she could not even imagine how her life would turn out. Yes, it seems that this can only happen in a fairy tale. Companions from the village say about her: “Cinderella.”

Gavriil first came to Donbass as part of a delegation as a photographer and translator. By the way, an expensive camera was stolen from him. But he acquired much more: his wife, whom he met in a restaurant, where he was invited by a local creative team to perform in front of foreign guests. The Frenchman invited her to dance. Then she Alina herself confessed: she was so shy that, apart from her name, she could not utter a word. And she started a romance between them.

He settled in Lyons. But when the NWO began, Gabriel decided to leave peaceful France for a troubled region. His parents were categorically against it, but later they reconciled: nothing can be done if the soul is Russian. Alina with Sofia, three years old, went after her husband. Now they live in Alina’s father’s house: on the moor, without gas, with a stove to heat, on a farm with three dozen houses.

Along the street look

Malaya Shishovka is an hour’s drive from Donetsk. The way here from the Uspenka border in an editorial car took me an hour. At nine in the morning there were practically no cars at the DPR post, although there was a whole queue in the opposite direction.

– It’s lucky for you, – explained the border guard. – The same cars will return in the afternoon. People go to the Rostov region in search of food, medicine and water. Yes, and “humanitarians” will be drawn.

Passing the border, we find ourselves in the Amvrosievsky district, which was one of the first to receive blows in 2014. Settlements flicker one after another. And what names they have, wonderful and kind: Blagodatnoe, Agronomic, Karpovo-Nadezhdinka, Lisichye, Rodniki, Rubashkino, Whistlers, Russian-Orlovka, Garden, Vegetable. There is also its own Victoria with the only street in the world for the entire estate for two dozen inhabitants. (By the way, Mira Street is the main street of almost all Donbass settlements).

We turn left, and the highway to Donetsk is behind us. Endless fields stretch out from both sides. Trucks with the letters Z speed by. And here is Malaya Shishovka, named after the river that runs through it. The brightly painted stop, where there is not a single passenger, is perhaps the only attraction of the farm. By the way, this is the only public place. There is also not a single store, kindergarten and school. As, however, there are almost no children.

– We have a schoolboy for the entire farm. So every day the bus comes for him. He takes you to school, then he takes you home. We jokingly call him “director”, an elderly resident of Shishovka, who introduces himself as Lyubov Ivanovna, smiles. – The stores? What are you talking about? We are all on the farm, we raise chickens, we plant a garden. Bread is delivered by car twice a week. Bread – 30 rubles.

The love story of her neighbor Alina and the Frenchman Gabriel is known to everyone here.

– Lucky girl! But she was also lucky! I don’t even know who else. She is from a good family, her mother is a teacher and her father has already died. My daughter also studied to be a teacher. And she then she got married and moved to France. We were all surprised and happy for Alina here. But even more surprising was that they returned. And the French went to fight. fat boy! They say that she has roots from the king himself! – in the neighbor’s speech, Ukrainian words slip from time to time.

The blows of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Shishovka passed. But here, too, explosions are heard. Most of the young people have left. The average age of the inhabitants is over 60 years. When the mobilization was announced, three went to fight. one does not come back…

In the center, Gavriil Doroshin with his fellow soldiers. Photo: TV channel “Russia”

Napoleon’s family?

The Doroshin family always spoke Russian. Proud of a rich pedigree that can be easily traced. Gavriil Doroshin in eight generations is associated with the Russian Emperor Nicholas I and even indirectly with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Tell me, what can there be in common between the Russian tsar and the French emperor? Let’s take a look at history. I was so captivated by it that for a whole week I sat at encyclopedias, studying the family tree of Gabriel Doroshin. At my request, the well-known Russian historian, professor, doctor of historical sciences, vice-rector for scientific work of the Moscow State University of Technology named after MV KG. Razumovsky Dmitry Volodikhin, who confirmed Gabriel’s relationship with the Russian tsar.

Napoleon Bonaparte married Josefina and adopted their two children. The stepson of the French emperor proved to be an excellent commander, and his son later turned out to be married to the daughter of the Russian sovereign. Nicholas I’s daughter Maria Nikolaevna married Maximilian Beauharnais of Leuchtenberg, the son of Napoleon’s stepson, the grandson of Josephine Eugene Beauharnais.

Then there were many interesting interweavings. The tsar’s grandson, named after his grandfather Nikolai, married to Countess Nadezhda Akinfova, became the father of Duke George of Leuchtenberg, who married Princess Olga Repnina-Volkonskaya. His daughter Tamara Leuchtenbergskaya, who was born in 1901, is the great-grandmother of Gabriel Doroshin.

Gabriel Doroshin family tree. Photo: TV channel “Russia”


During the War of 1812, Napoleon’s stepson, Prince Eugène Beauharnais, was a French general. Before the attack on Moscow, he set up camp in Zvenigorod and spent the night in the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery. In a dream, Saint Savva appeared to Eugene and asked him not to destroy the monastery. And he promised that in this case, Eugene would return home alive, and the offspring from him would serve Russia. According to legend, upon awakening, Beauharnais saw an icon in the temple with the same old man he had dreamed of. Shocked by what happened, he gave the order not to touch the sanctuary and even installed a cordon around it. When the French withdrew, the Zvenigorod Monastery remained safe and sound. Beauharnais returned home alive. What can not be said about the other associates of Napoleon.

Probably now we are witnessing how the prophecy of Saint Savva is coming true.

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