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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Why in Smolensk sewage enters the Dnieper without proper treatment? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:53:05

The sewage treatment plant on the outskirts of the district center was put into operation in 1971. A recent video filmed by a Krasnin activist shows a dilapidated technical building with a rusty door. Inside, the drains must undergo ozonation. But everything is broken, not a soul around. The object was obviously not abandoned yesterday.

Through pipelines, sewage enters sludge settlers: the solid fraction settles to the bottom, the water flows into the river, explained Nikolai Yarov, a member of the ONF headquarters in the Smolensk region: “The sewage facilities receive the best service possible. Of course, this is not enough.”

– Due to the fact of the inadequate state of treatment facilities, the local prosecutor’s office went to court. By a decision that entered into force on February 17, 2021, the Krasninsky district administration was obliged to ensure sanitary cleanliness and disinfection of domestic sewage discharged within the limits of the urban settlement, as well as to ensure the operability of treatment facilities through reconstruction, Yulia Kazakova, senior assistant prosecutor of the Smolensk region, told RG. – Two years were granted for voluntary execution. They have already expired. The decision is now under execution. The prosecution is keeping the issue under control.

Failure to comply with a judicial decision is punishable by law. But, provided that the local authorities, which have a real opportunity to take at least some measures, are inactive or make the work difficult. Here, the case is stuck in a deadlock for a banal reason – there is no money, the prosecution admits.

Two years ago, the local administration was ordered to remove the violation.

The estimated cost of the overhaul of treatment plants is 120 million rubles, the Krasninsky district administration told RG. This is about a third of the municipal budget for the current year. In general, these infrastructure projects are implemented within the framework of federal programs with co-financing from the region. But neither the district nor the region for the third year cannot find money even for the preparation of the documents necessary for applying.

“It is not possible to carry out a major revision without developing design estimates and conducting a state examination in connection with it. The estimated cost of preparing the design and estimate documentation is 4.5 million rubles. Due to the budget deficit local, the municipality cannot find such an amount To the administration of the Smolensk region Appeals were repeatedly sent to allocate the necessary funds: in 2021 – three times, in 2022 and 2023 – one at a time, “the district administration noted.

Not so long ago, the governor was replaced in the Smolensk region. Vasily Anokhin, in the acting state, actively visits the districts: finds out the priority needs of the population, makes encouraging promises. It is possible that the case will reach the Krasnin sewage treatment plants. However, residents of other municipalities also point out the lack of adequate wastewater treatment. In particular, in the Smolensk region, where the sewage from high-rise buildings in the village of Smetanino was led into a ravine next to the Krapivnia River, a tributary of the Dnieper. The court ordered the local administration to build treatment plants in 2013. They should have been put into operation in 2014. Until 2019, the problem was hampered by a lack of funds, then the district received 200 million for sewage treatment plants in Smetanin and Prigorsky. But getting the new equipment up and running, according to Smolensk residents, has not been possible so far.

Direct speech

Nikolai Yarov, a member of the ONF headquarters in the Smolensk region:

– In Krasnoye it is impossible to raise the issue of the construction of modern treatment facilities, since it will lead to a significant increase in the sewage disposal fee, and people will not be able to pay for it. The collection rate there is already low, at a level of 65-70 percent… That is why a cheaper option was chosen: rebuild the building, clean the biological treatment ponds, repair or replace the pumps. But for now, everything rests on the development of the design and estimation documentation. There is a similar problem with sewage treatment plants in the village of Gusino in the same Krasninsky district. But even more egregious, in my opinion, the situation has developed in the village of Smetanino near Smolensk. A new water treatment and purification station has been inactive for two years, since there are no funds in the local budget for the MUP to serve them. The issue price is about 500 thousand rubles. That is, the facility built under the federal program does not work. Sewer drains are poured into the ground, there is an unpleasant smell. And all this eventually ends up in Lake Vonlyarovo, where people swim. The ONF keeps the fate of the three objects under control, we will request the prosecutor’s office and the regional administration to allocate the necessary funds so that sanitary regulations are respected and the neighbors are not inconvenienced.


The former head of the Gagarinsky district of the Smolensk region was sentenced to prison for abuse of authority (under Part 2 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In particular, for lobbying the interests of a friendly company in tenders for the reconstruction of treatment facilities. According to the regional department of the Investigative Commission, in 2017-2018, the official, under threats of dismissal, ordered his subordinates to ensure the victory of the “necessary” candidate. The company was awarded a contract for the development of design estimates for the reconstruction of the mechanical treatment unit and the overhaul of the biological treatment facilities at Gagarin. Although his offer was 250 thousand rubles more expensive than that of a competitor. As a result, the local budget was damaged. The official acted in a similar way when selecting a contractor to improve the park, plaza and two patios. The former chief was sentenced to two and a half years in a penal colony. The verdict did not take effect.

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