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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Why is Bezrukov making so much noise in Russia?

Date: June 4, 2023 Time: 00:36:02

An experienced researcher knows how to look to the future. And there it is alarming… Photo: Channel One

“To spy”


Andrey Rybin (Sergei Bezrukov) has plowed in the Lubyanka all his life and retires on his 45th birthday. He would not mind working more, but his wife Anna (Olga Lomonosova) insists: it’s time to remember the family, to rest more … I already bought tickets to Baikal.

It was not there: it turns out that there was a CIA sleeper agent in the FSB for many years. The Americans themselves still do not really believe in the existence of it, but the situation is alarming. A colleague (Aleksey Matoshin) takes Andrey back to work after a festive family dinner with kebabs – you have to find out the rat. Anna is furious. Meanwhile, a nasty guy from the US arrives, a former CIA officer. Andrei is being followed…

The detective turned out, undoubtedly, relevant and modern. Although somewhat condo-reminiscent of multi-part Soviet TV movies about spies and current melodramas at the same time.

First channel.

Monday – Thursday, 9:45 p.m.

“polar waltz”

Alena (Tatyana Lyalina) started a new life in the north. Photo: Russia 1


Young doctor Alena (Tatyana Lyalina) is building a successful career at a medical center run by her father (Oleg Fomin) and is about to marry Yegor (Aleksey Onishchenko), a surgeon. But one day, she Alena embarks on an expedition to the city where she was born, the polar Belozersk. And she comes home a different person. She watches as her father commits an unseemly act, her relationship with her fiancé deteriorates. Alena returns to the Arctic, where everything is honest and clear.

She goes to Belozersk to find herself and discover the secret of her mother, who disappeared 20 years ago. Misha, a smiling helicopter pilot, helps her.

Russia 1.

Monday – Thursday, 21.20.


The hero of Makar Zaporozhye does not believe in his father’s guilt. Photo: NTV

action detective

Special Forces soldier Mikhail Tsarev (Makar Zaporozhsky) arrives in his hometown for the anniversary of his father Nikolai Tsarev (Nikolay Kozak), head of the local department of the Russian Guard. But right in the restaurant, in the middle of the fun, Tsarev Sr. is arrested on suspicion of corruption.

Mikhail does not believe in his father’s guilt, because for him he has always been a model of fearlessness, courage and courage. To get to the bottom of the truth, he gets a job in the Russian Guard as a simple sergeant. He will soon regret his decision more than once…

As is so often the case on this channel, the sketchy plot more than redeems the fiery momentum: fights and gunfire, chases and explosions.


Monday – Thursday, 20.00.


In each line only “Kidney”

If you have not yet seen the series “Kidney” in the KION online cinema (it premiered there last January and the second season is already underway), you can now do so completely free of charge. True, for this you need to be on vacation or not work at all – “The Kidney” will be shown on the night air.

As “KP” wrote more than once, this is a bright comedy-drama about a malicious fire inspector who strangles the business with bribes. Suddenly, his kidneys fail and he needs a transplant. And the whole world from him turned upside down … The best role in the entire career of Lyubov Aksenova and one of the best domestic series of 2022.

First channel.

“Outbreak”. Monday – Thursday, 23.40.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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