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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Why MakSim interrupted the concert: “This is horror! He couldn’t talk like he had a stroke.”

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:53:28

MakSim has a difficult schedule: a busy tour, filming on TV, his own art school

Photo: Artem KILKIN

39-year-old MakSim interrupted the concert in Sochi. The singer on stage did not play the notes, could not sing, had respiratory problems: half an hour after the start of the event, the artist left the stage, the concert was canceled. There are many questions: why the sick artist was sent to the stage – MakSim could not sing normally from the very beginning of the concert (where he looked at the management). Why don’t they work with an artist who has suffered a serious illness and has not fully recovered to get the backing vocalist (they save on tour)? We understand what is going on with the artist.

timeline of events

The singer was released from the hospital a year and a half ago, where she spent two full months in intensive care. Marina Abrosimova (this is the name of the singer) was hospitalized with coronavirus pneumonia: there was 95% lung damage, serious complications. The artist was saved, but her lung tissue was severely damaged: the rehabilitation took a long time. Long-term health effects show up in many after severe covid, and Marina had an extremely severe form. Therefore, she needs constant monitoring of health and the absence of serious stress. But MakSim reported: “I feel like new!”

The star began to restart her career: due to health problems, she was at the epicenter of public interest. Any artist would not miss such an opportunity to regain popularity and win. Marina hired new management and started acting. This past summer there were several concerts in large venues and in wildlife preserves. MakSim performed with musicians, sang live: his voice sounded like before the disease.

MakSim was silent about health problems – last fall the “I will live” tour began – 10 cities in just the first month. Tickets must be sold. MakSim came to Sochi after the big March concerts in Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don, where everything went well; previously Marina sang on the tour from October to February. In addition to speaking at private events; filming in the program “Voice. Children”. The schedule is tight.

What happens to the star?

Two transfers of the concert on the tour on MakSim in November 2022 have already happened: Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, canceled a few hours before the concerts. The official version sounded like this: the pressure increased, and after the examination, the doctors recommended rescheduling the performance: Marina is still taking a lot of medications after covid pneumonia, but she was also prescribed an additional course of treatment and rehabilitation procedures. The reason for the problems was called the schedule: a tight tour, filming on television, her own art school.

In Sochi, on March 18, MakSim appeared on the stage with the musicians and began to sing live: she tried to be more precise: her voice sounded weak, she did not hit the notes, she moved slowly, as if she were lagging behind. After 20 minutes, part of the audience began to leave the concert, after 30 minutes Marina left the stage. The official statement from the MakSim management about the reasons for the emergency: the singer’s pressure increased, but she decided not to cancel the performance so as not to disappoint the audience; during the concert, Marina worsened, so she left the stage; the money for the tickets is returned at the place of purchase; Doctors take care of the artist’s health.

We speak to the concert audience. Renat Abubikerov told KP.RU: “There were local organizers at the exit, and they said that they did not understand what kind of garbage and money would be returned to everyone. We take tickets for 5 thousand, return back. We saw that the ambulance had arrived. Svetlana Vasilyeva became a spectator at a concert in Sochi: “We were there for that half hour. MakSim’s behavior was similar to a person with a hypertensive crisis, or rather a stroke: his tongue did not obey, he sang, but the words were not pronounced, as if he swallowed letters … he does not look like a drunk.

Anastasia Usmanova in the singer’s group “VKontakte” wrote: “Recently, she often feels bad. She does not need to set such a tight schedule, she is no longer of age to act as a carrier. I watched the video and it’s terrible! She does not could speak! Even say the words! How many artists were killed by a busy schedule … “Anna Dolina from the same group” VKontakte “:” I was recently in Rostov at a concert: I was generally on top. If so, without interruptions, concert after concert, not really resting – this cannot be without consequences. Sergei Khomkalov: “I was at a concert. From the very beginning it was clear that something was wrong with her. “You know?” she practically sang nothing. All the audience sang this song … “Maria Kiseleva:” Why was it necessary to start the concert and continue: love for fans or greed?

Behind the scenes “Voice. Children ”said that in the fall Marina had panic attacks at rehearsals, once they even called an ambulance. Obviously, such a tight work schedule does not suit the artist. After illness serious, you need to spend more time in sanatoriums, relax, with children Such serious health problems do not go without a trace.

There is a lot of talk about the artist’s dress: MakSim sang in a wide hoodie, it is noticeable how Marina’s hands and face were restored. During her illness, the artist lost a lot of weight and now she has gained weight. It was immediately suggested that the singer was pregnant; however, no one confirms this version. Someone suggested that MakSim was drunk – a few years ago he abused alcohol, but the leaders of fan clubs refute that version – Marina drinks a huge number of pills that are simply not compatible with alcohol, now it is contraindicated for her.

MakSim voices are worth mentioning separately. She writes talented songs, she has a voice, she performs her songs soulfully. But MakSim has never been an outstanding and strong vocalist. Together with the singing teacher Yulia Taravkova, we listened to MakSim’s live concert on one of the radio stations: “I sang very well, almost not a single false note. MakSim’s voice fully recovered from her illness. She didn’t get weaker, but she didn’t get better either. I don’t see vocal development: the artist sings just like her at the beginning of her career. Her timbre remained childish, a flat closed sound, her chest harmonic undeveloped, most songs sung in an undertone. MakSim does not sing, but she quietly sings her songs.


– The singer’s voice fully recovered after the illness. But health sometimes fails. These are the consequences of severe covid pneumonia, which affected the body. In Krasnaya Polyana, the pressure increased in the mountains. What are the consequences yet to be said.

– Spectators of the concert believe that MakSim’s behavior was similar to the behavior of a person during a hypertensive crisis or a microstroke. Few believe that the singer got drunk.

– Colleagues of the artist in conversations with us express bewilderment: why they save money and do not travel with showgirls: this saves the situation in case of problems with the star’s voice, it affects the sound quality for the better.

– MakSim has 10 spring concerts ahead. The artist management assures that they will go according to plan.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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