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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Why rest in Kavminvody is in many ways better than in Karlovy Vary – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 16:00:52

People are convinced by their own experience: the richness and diversity of balneological resources of the Caucasian Mineral Waters have no equal on the Eurasian continent. But the approaches to balneology and medical rehabilitation in Russia and in other countries differ significantly. For example, in Turkey a good hotel with a pool is called a resort, preferably on the seafront. Are there radon and hydrogen sulfide baths, curative narzanes? Do you offer a variety of physical therapy treatments? No.

“Europe is resting” – one of the guests recently made such an assessment to our sanatorium. He admitted that rest in Kavminvody is in many ways better than in Karlovy Vary or Baden-Baden. And for me this is not news. But did our compatriots, who traveled halfway around the world, really have to wait for the closure of borders to understand this?

A private investor, without waiting for the budget allocation, can supply the equipment that is necessary for the rehabilitation

Almost every Russian has a complete medical history by the age of 40: diseases of the spine, gastrointestinal problems, heart disorders. And how many weakened children! Those who drank our mineral water for two weeks, lay in the Tambukan mud or radon bath, went through health programs, and then send grateful news to our all-Russian health resort. It is especially pleasant when couples have a long-awaited baby after staying in a sanatorium.

16 years ago, developing the concept of a sanatorium, I decided: it should be a comfortable multi-profile four-star resort, where the entire medical base will be at hand. In 2007, it was risky to invest personal funds in the spa business: the flow of vacationers fell and the cost of vouchers increased. But I was born here and I know that this field of activity must be attractive to investors.

In addition, I am sure that it is necessary to invest in the development of the domestic tourism industry, and not take them abroad. Our team had no doubt that they would be able to revive the sanatorium, where the families would go. Ideas came to life: to modernize buildings, to lay a mineral pipeline from the mineral spring well to the sanatorium, to open a spa center, to purchase the most modern medical equipment, and most importantly, to create a healing atmosphere.

I had to become a builder, an economist, a designer and hotelier, a restaurateur, a doctor and an engineer. Even a schoolboy understands: the material and technical base of the sanatorium requires the attention of the master, current regular repairs. It is necessary to monitor the health-improving balneological complexes with mineral pipes, mineral baths and pump rooms for drinking, mud baths. This is a constant headache and investment, but the difference between a spa and a hotel is that the income depends not only on the number of rooms, but also on the number of procedures.

A private investor, without waiting for the budget allocation, can supply the necessary equipment for the rehabilitation activities. Among the advantages of the business model will also be the fact that we will be able to develop a flexible calendar of procedures. We have adapted to the needs of vacationers so that they can carry out procedures from morning to afternoon without days off. We change shifts so that a person has time to improve his health in 10 days. In addition, we can use a flexible system of discounts for tours, depending on the season. And one more nuance: in the absence of a medical card, we will not scold the guest for an oversight, but we will do it within a day. In addition, we do not prohibit the stay of parents with babies.

A sanatorium and spa institution is an enterprise with its own economy. We pay taxes, replenish the budget of the region and constantly worry about profitability.

However, not everything in this life is measured with money. Now I was invited to rest freely and undergo comprehensive rehabilitation of participants in a special military operation. 16 guys from Donbass, who took part in the hostilities, were able to visit Pyatigorsk and admire Mashuk. They were different from ordinary vacationers: after the terrible months of shelling and shelling, the eyes of the young did not shine. So the guys got used to our silence, they relaxed.

We cannot remain indifferent to the families and friends of the dead children. The sanatorium provides the families of the heroes with free coupons for a special socio-psychological rehabilitation program. Our entire team treats them with warmth and care. Staff regularly transfer uniforms and food to the NWO area. We are not limited to humanitarian aid, we also help the families of soldiers; it is unlikely that they will have the opportunity to go to the resorts. They offered to restore the body free of charge to the masters and participants in the Great Patriotic War.

I believe that recreation in the waters should be available to those who need it. I want all the potential of our most beautiful region to serve the benefit of local residents and visitors to the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Tourists admit that rest in the Kavminvod sanatoriums is better in many ways than in Karlovy Vary or Baden-Baden. Photo: Oleg Sergeev

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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