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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Why Sharikov looks like artificial intelligence. What will the “Biblionoch – 2023” be like at the Bulgakov Center on Arbat KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 09:22:05

Master class from Sonya Pichugina “Collage in the style of art-zine” (16:00-18:00)

Zinmaker and organizer of Locals Zinfest in Yaroslavl Sonya Pichugina will conduct a master class on creating collages on the theme of Bulgakov’s works. In parallel, the artist will talk about the history of samizdat in the country, contemporary artists who work with fanzines and their authorship techniques.

All materials are provided by the Center, and guests will have their own collage as a souvenir.

Lecture by Valery Pecheikin “Red Devil. Bulgakov and Marx” and presentation of the book “Pushkin, help!” (18:00-19:30)

Playwright, screenwriter, writer and columnist Valery Pecheikin will present his new book “Pushkin, help!” – a collection of lectures on Russian literature from Pushkin to Kafka. The author will talk about what has already been said and written in a non-standard format – through food, markets and cartoons. An autograph session is scheduled after the performance.

In the lecture “The Red Devil. Bulgakov and Marx” the author will talk about the influence of Marxism on literature, why Sharikov is similar to artificial intelligence and how to check any text with the “Marx test”.

Bulgakov and Marx never met, but such a meeting is possible in Bulgakov’s world.

Presentation of the book by Anton Akimov “Stories of the houses of Tbilisi told by its inhabitants” (20:00-21:30)

Anton Akimov is a great friend of the MA Museum. Bulgakov, one of the authors of illustrations for the book “Bolshaya Sadovaya, 10. The story of the Moscow house, told by its inhabitants”, co-author of the books “Stories of Moscow houses, told by its inhabitants” (together with Dmitry Oparin) and “Stories from the houses of St. Petersburg, told by its inhabitants” (together with Yulia Galkina and Maxim Kosmin), traveler and photographer. At the meeting, she will talk about her new book about sunny Tbilisi and share interesting stories about her creation.

Apartments, atmosphere and people, and most importantly – the author’s experiences, discoveries, impressions and stories from the life of city residents. The presentation will be followed by an autograph session.

Lecture by Elena Mikhailova “Bulgakov and Gorky” (21:30-22:30)

Elena Mikhailova. Photo: Bulgakov Center Press Service

On May 7, 1926, a search was carried out in the apartment of Mikhail Bulgakov in Chisty Lane, during which three notebooks of writers’ diaries and two typewritten copies of the story “Heart of a Dog” were seized. Two years later, in 1928, Alexei Maksimovich Gorky came to the USSR. Bulgakov, who has long and unsuccessfully tried to return his text messages, turns to him for help…

Professor Elena Mikhailova will tell how this case ended and how the relationship of the writers developed in the future: about Gorky’s reviews of the plays “Running” and “Molière”, about Bulgakov’s participation in Gorky’s series “The life of remarkable people”, about the letters to Gorky and about what they received in response.

“Vinyl Night: Foreign Music in the USSR and Russia” with Boris Logvin (Vinyl Market) (23:00-00:00)

Boris Logvin. Photo: Bulgakov Center Press Service

At the end of the night, vinyl specialist Boris Logvin will host a nightly gathering for novice record collectors and record lovers. He analyzed in detail the vinyl collection of the Scientific and Educational Center and compiled a selection of the best foreign music.

It will be about the Soviet black market and the musical tastes of different generations, about rarities and finds and how to choose and evaluate records correctly, how to handle them and what you need to start collecting your own vinyl collection.

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