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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Why the police refused to protect the Novosibirsk victim in a conflict with a businessman KXan 36 Daily News

Date: November 29, 2023 Time: 01:48:58

Novosibirsk Svyatoslav Pereladov exactly one year ago, in January 2022, was injured under extraordinary circumstances. He and a friend came to pick up a car brought from Krasnodar to the Impocar ​​company, which delivers cars throughout the country. In the hangar, the young people came into conflict with the director Dmitry Balobin, who was outraged by the young people’s claim to two small scratches on the Bentley body. According to Svyatoslav Pereladov, there may not have been any conflict. The cargo is insured, the company was not threatened with financial responsibility for scratches. However, the discussion turned out to be stormy, and Dmitry Balobin suddenly got behind the wheel of someone else’s Bentley, in the back seat of which a strange nine-year-old boy was sitting, the son of the owner of the car. And he began to actively roll out of the garage. The guys tried to stop him, but Dmitry was so determined that he stepped over Svyatoslav’s leg, not at all embarrassed by either this fact or the screams of the victim.

– Having already left the territory of his company, Balobin told us – now you will not prove anything about scratches. I will write in the act that the car was issued, but you refused to sign the act, says Svyatoslav.

The young people called the traffic police and an ambulance to the scene. The traffic cops arrived, but they refused to record the collision of a three-ton car on Svyatoslav’s leg as an accident and called it a simulator. “You can even complain to Putin,” the victim was told. True, they later had to apologize when an ambulance arrived and Svyatoslav was diagnosed with a fracture of the metatarsal bone. Well, then the crew went to their own business and advised them to call the district police officer.

District police officer Nikolai Svetlichny, who arrived at the scene, questioned Svyatoslav and his friend, and then made a heroic attempt to break into Dmitry Balobin’s office in order to listen to him too. Surprisingly, the Impocar ​​security guard did not let the police representative see the boss: wait, they say, three or four hours, the director has an important meeting. Obviously, this is how it is now customary to treat the police in commercial structures?

On the same day, in a cast and on crutches, Svyatoslav limped to the district police officer to write a statement and demand that Balobin be brought to justice. Right, apparently, there was no need to rush. Almost a year has passed and there is no criminal case. No one is prosecuting Balobin for beating him. The police invented many “refusal” decisions, all of which were canceled by the prosecutor’s office. But this does not change the essence of the matter (or rather, the absence of it).

It is quite obvious that the prosecution does not receive instructions from the police. Moreover, for them, the conclusions of the court do not matter. On December 2 last year, the Leninsky District Court recognized the fact of the inaction of the employees of the regional police department No. 7 and ordered the head of the department to eliminate the violations. Scandal? State of emergency? Nothing like this.

– I thought that after the court’s decision on the bureaucracy, everything is finally moving, – says Svyatoslav. It turned out that he was wrong. They do not care.

On December 2, the court ordered the head of the regional department to deal with the case, and ten days later, on December 12, the police chief sent another refusal to Pereladov’s lawyer, Asya Malik.

And it’s really not a joke. There is a record of a forensic medical examination, which says that Pereladov’s health suffered moderate damage. You cannot break people’s bones, for this they are criminally punished. Rather, they should be punished. What is really going on?

– In the Ministry of Health of the region, I was told that the policemen took the minutes of the forensic medical examination from the expert institution on May 25 last year, – says Asya Malik. – But it has not yet been included in the verification materials. Where is? Unknown. Why do cops behave the way they do? One can only guess.

“Why do you need this? You are doing nonsense,” – this is how Svyatoslav Pereladov conveys the words of law enforcement officers. Therefore, from the point of view of law enforcement, defending your rights is nonsense. The victim has a fracture and a year of red tape. Another year – and the terms for bringing Balobin to criminal responsibility will expire.


In addition to endless resources, another way to combat bureaucratic procedures is to demand compensation for the budget through administrative channels. Next week, Svyatoslav will submit such an application to the court. But he is inclined to think that even a few tens of thousands of rubles in his favor will in no way change the position of the police, who literally waved at him. Further, Pereladov appealed to the Investigative Committee.

In the meantime

Alas, such stories are happening more and more often in Novosibirsk. RG wrote about one of them last year. She was about an old woman for whom a conflict with a neighbor in the countryside turned into a spinal fracture. The criminal case against the offender was also not initiated for almost a year. And after our publication, despite the intervention of the prosecutor’s office, everything got even worse: the police “suddenly” came to the conclusion that there was no assault, and the grandmother broke her spine, apparently through her own negligence . Her family, exhausted by red tape, found no strength to continue fighting. Injustice has triumphed.

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