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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Why the program ‘Vamos a Casarnos’ will not return to the screens

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:59:34

Syabitov and Guzeev a year without “marriages” – this is how they call “Let’s get married” behind the scenes. Larisa Andreevna continues to work on Primero. And Rosa Raifovna is filmed on entertainment channels.

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The matchmaker of the program “Let’s get married” Roza Syabitova causes rumors about the return of the show on the air. Syabitova will hint: it’s time to bring a younger co-host to the program “Let’s get married”; she will then offer the 26-year-old singer Klava Koku for this role. We learned what really goes on behind the scenes of Let’s Get Married.

A year ago, the program “Vamos a Casarnos” was taken off the air on Channel One. The entertainment project was launched from Monday to Friday at lunchtime: the hostesses Larisa Guzeeva and Roza Syabitova talked in the studio with potential brides and a couple. The place of entertainment programs on the air on weekdays was taken by socio-political, social, analytical and current news programs, which are now in great demand and interest in society.

Rumors about “Let’s Get Married” returning to air in the spring are not true. As an employee of the KP.RU project team said: “It is not planned to film the “marriages”. There won’t be this season. It is not clear if they will do so even in the long term. At the time of the CBO, other projects are relevant, but whether “Let’s Get Married” will return to the air in the future is also a big question. It is possible that the time has come to change the format and make the show not so entertaining with bright characters as useful – talk about the lives of people, the creation of real families. The show turns 15 in 2023. Times are changing, and the question of changing the format should have been haunting the creators for a long time.

Larisa Guzeeva is doing a new project on television with a team of “married couples”.

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Roza Syabitova believes that the program cannot be completely closed: “We must leave the concept of the program, since it is he who makes it unique. But it changes the flow of material. For example, invite a young and talented presenter who reflects the opinion of young people. The dispute between generations is interesting to watch. I know from myself, I starred in youth shows all year, including on YouTube and Rutube. And of course we need new heroes. Our program has always been a mirror of its time.” Syabitova proposes a candidate for the role of the young presenter Klava Koku, with whom she became friends on the set of the STS project “Dancing Mask”. The proposal of a new host is doubtful. Therefore, while Syabitova simply starred in the video for Koki.

While Roza Syabitova is participating in the show of entertainment channels, Larisa Guzeeva continues to work on Channel One. Guzeeva hosted “Voice 60+”, and now Larisa Andreevna has another project – “Podcast. Laboratory – Lyrics. The topic of the podcast is correspondence staff from the classics of world literature, famous people.Part of the Let’s Get Married team works with Guzeeva on the project.We are not talking about the return of “marriage” to the air.

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