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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Why the US hides its involvement in the Nord Stream explosions: Europe will not like the revealed facts

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:07:50

The White House is not only not interested in investigating this story, it is not even going to deny it.


The explosions of the two Nord Stream gas pipelines will haunt Europe again next winter, predicts the journalist Seymour Hersh, who published a revealing investigation into the September terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea. In an interview with a television channel. He told RT that the United States, which is behind the pipeline explosion, continues to ignore any questioning and investigation proposals.

– The White House is not only not interested in investigating this story, but it is not even going to deny it. They could blow up the gas pipeline at any time, – the Pulitzer Prize winner emphasized, also noting that Washington immediately directed the arrows of the investigation to Sweden and Denmark. – National security adviser Jake Sullivan, who was heavily involved in organizing the original operation, said: “Our allies are looking into this,” referring to the non-US investigation. In September and October, Sweden and Denmark carried out their investigations and came to a startling conclusion: something had indeed happened underwater, and that “something” was an explosion.

The West even tried to blame Russia for blowing up gas pipelines. But it is clear to specialists in this field that Moscow is not interested in such sabotage in the first place.

– People in the pipeline business, consultants to companies working with pipelines are firmly convinced that Russia did nothing like that; such a step would be foolish on your part, – noted the journalist.

Journalist Hersh said the United States does not plan to deny its culpability in undermining the Nord Stream


According to Hersh, the United States began to prepare for this special operation in advance, already at the end of 2021. The most optimal areas for undermining were studied and found along a length of 1200 kilometers. And everything would have remained a secret if, at the end of January, US President Joe Biden had not brought the issue of “stopping” Nord Streams into the public arena. At the briefing, he said that states know how they can stop the pipeline.

– President Biden is lying, silencing the truth about what happened under his orders … In my opinion, at the end of September last year, it was clear that the probability that Ukraine would win, reject Russia, would be very small. It doesn’t matter what we can do there he thought,-says the American journalist. – Then Biden says to Western Europe and Germany: “We are very worried that they will decide not to support us to the end, because they buy gas from Russia.” In response, Germany said that Russia controlled the pipeline. Biden feared that Germany would lift sanctions and buy gas from Russia again. And then, in fact, he said to Western Europe: “We will let you freeze.”

The US president’s goal was to prevent Germany and Western Europe from opening one of the gas pipelines in case of cold weather. Yes, the German authorities imposed sanctions, stopping one pipeline, but they had the right to open a new one, which Biden categorically did not want.

“This was the essence of the operation: to make sure that Europe, in particular Western Europe, continues to support NATO and supply weapons, fueling the proxy war against Russia that is being waged at the moment,” the journalist believes.

The issue of undermining the Nord Streams is not as worrisome for Washington as it is for Europe, Seymour Hersh is sure, since “next winter is really worrisome.”

– I am sure that the population of Europe is more attentive to this problem than the Americans. They see reasons for discomfort in Germany: a lot is happening there, there are discussions in the Bundestag, all this is being actively discussed.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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