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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Why they want to return the transfer to daylight saving time: the doctor explained what is actually good and bad for the body

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:19:14

Somnologist Zavalko explained the benefits of the regular transition to winter and summer time

Photo: Oleg UKLADOV

On Monday, a deputy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Matveev, said that on the day of the summer solstice – June 21, he would present to the State Duma an initiative to return to the regular transfer of arrows to summer and winter time. . . For example, the constant winter time, according to which we now live, is inconvenient, depriving us of long bright nights, and dawn comes at three in the morning, too early.

This type of initiative, it must be said, arises in the field of information almost every year. And the reaction of experts in different areas is different. Irina Zavalko, Ph.D., neurologist-somnologist, BabySleep sleep consultant, told us about the preferred regimen in terms of health:

– From the point of view of somnology (the science of proper and healthy sleep – Ed.), the existing winter time is the most optimal. For starters, moving the clock twice a year creates regular stress, especially in the spring when time moves forward an hour, meaning you have to get up earlier. And this is a sensitive blow to the body, both the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and the endocrine system, that is, metabolism, hormonal levels, etc. suffer. Both in children and adults. At the same time, it is really possible to rebuild the sleep pattern in a few days, but to get used to it, our body systems require much more time. That is, the translation of watches is stressful for a person. And it is definitely not intended for people to spend more time in the world, but only in an attempt to save on energy resources. At the same time, the modern rhythm of life is very different from 30-40 years ago: we spend most of the day indoors, go to bed late at night, many are used to working at night. There were many more entertainment nightclubs. That is, the saving of energy resources is doubtful, but the stress for the organism is quite real.

The second point: what time is better, summer or winter? You need to understand that in central Russia (this is most of our country) the most important and most unpleasant time is the short daylight hours in the autumn-winter period. From the point of view of somnology, it is important that a person does not get up after dark. If you get up, let it be cloudy, but in the morning (and not in the evening), then by doing so you put your body in a working mood, synchronize circadian rhythms and biological clocks. That is, summer time in the autumn-winter period was very difficult to bear, because dawn comes an hour later, which means that adults, schoolchildren and students began to work and study before dawn. That is, the first hours after waking up, they literally filled up on the go.

Therefore, winter time in our case is much more preferable – it is important for a person to see the morning, even if it is cloudy. And in the summer everywhere, as a rule, dawns early and gets dark late, so the time here is not important. It is important to think about what will happen in the fall and winter.


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