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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Why was a seriously injured participant of the Omsk SVO denied subsidy for utilities? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:12:35

“I still can’t believe it,” Liliya Viktorovna barely holds back tears. – Everywhere there is talk of unprecedented support measures for the participants in the special operation. But for some reason they don’t apply to my son.

Serezha Yakimov, a boy from the Siberian village of Sazhino, joined the army immediately after graduating from school. He served in the closed city of Sarov, the nuclear center of our country. After demobilization, he got a job in the police, but was soon fired. I signed a contract and went to Ukraine in 2014. Assault paratrooper, always on the front line. He returned home with the medal “For the return of Crimea.”

– When the special operation began, I saw that I couldn’t find a place for him. I ask him, what are you doing? But it turned out that Seryozha had already passed the order and signed a contract. The paratroopers have a motto: “No one but us.” Then he says: “How can I stay at home, mom, when my comrades are there?” Liliya Yakimova remembers.

Private Yakimov enlisted in the air assault company in April 2022. And already on June 30 he left on a business trip to perform combat and special missions in a special military operation in the territories of the DPR, the LPR, the Zaporozhye region, the Kherson region and Ukraine.

“Since then I can’t close my eyes,” admits Liliya Viktorovna. “I prayed and asked for only one thing: to see my son alive.

She saw him a year and a half later, in a hospital bed. Sergei was seriously wounded in battle. He was attacked and a grenade was thrown at him. More than 50 fragments inside. He was burning. Bleeding, he crawled on the ground. A military surgeon who has seen a lot said, “I don’t understand how you survived, boy.” It is a miracle. You were supposed to be the “two hundred.” But the paratroopers do not give up until the last moment.

Yakimov went through several difficult operations. A fragment is still in the lung. Still limping. But he is improving. After treatment at the Vishnevsky National Medical Research Center for VMT in Krasnogorsk, he arrived at his native military unit in the city of Novorossiysk, where he is currently receiving further treatment.

In December 2023, the region adopted Decree no. 313 of the Governor of the Omsk Region, Vitaly Khotsenko, “On an additional measure of support in the form of monthly monetary compensation for part of the costs of paying for housing and utilities of citizens.” of the Russian Federation participating in a special military operation and their families.”

“My son and I lived in a big house with gas heating. Now I am left alone,” says Liliya Viktorovna. – In December alone the cost of gas amounted to 6,700 rubles. Plus about 4 thousand rubles for everything else. Therefore, a 30% compensation would be very helpful. I was delighted, I collected all the documents and contacted the MFC of the Tyukalinsky district with a statement. But she unexpectedly received a rejection. Due to the fact that my son is currently… not in the territory of the Northern Military District.

As Natalya Chaika, head of the Omsk branch of the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation, explained to RG, support measures for SVO participants in the region are suspended if they are on vacation or undergoing treatment. And they will only resume when they return to the special operations zone. According to Decree No. 181 of the Governor of the Omsk Region previously adopted on 08/03/2023.

– How is that? – pensioner Yakimova is indignant. – Why do Seryozha’s wounded comrades from other regions receive this measure of support, but he has no right to it?

This is truly monstrously unfair. It turns out that as long as a fighter with registration in Omsk is on the territory of the Northern Military District, he is entitled to compensation. And as soon as you are injured and receive treatment on Russian territory, the benefit is “automatically” canceled. Limping slowly, soldier. When he recovers and returns “on tape”, his mother will receive a couple of thousand rubles to pay for utilities. Meanwhile, she pays the electricity and gas in full.

They say that soldiers who know about this have to lie. Obtain a certificate from the military unit proving that they left for the Northern Military District. And do not provide a certificate proving that you are receiving treatment on the territory of the Russian Federation. But pensioner Yakimova, from a Siberian village, did not know such tricks.

RG asked the deputy governor of the Omsk region, Alexei Romakhin, to understand the situation. He promised to help. But it’s been a month and still no response.

The mother of the SVO participant was recommended to collect a new package of documents and try to contact the MFC again. The other day she received another refusal with the same wording: Yakimov is currently not on the territory of a special military operation.

RG turned to the prosecutor of the Omsk region, Alexey Afanasyev, with a request to verify these facts and consider the possibility of taking a legislative initiative to restore the rights of SVO participants injured in the special operations zone.

After all, such a selective approach worsens the social situation of those wounded in battles and wounded soldiers. And this is unacceptable.

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