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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Why Western cinema dominates movie distribution in Kyrgyzstan KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 05:33:47

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Before the collapse of the USSR, there were about 200 cinemas and movie theaters in the republic. After the declaration of sovereignty, most of them were privatized, reused or demolished. So, on the site of one of the largest cinemas in the country, a mosque was erected.

Now there are only 15 cinemas in Kyrgyzstan. Almost all of them are private, most of them are located in Bishkek, where they have to survive in harsh market conditions. And it dictates its own rules, in connection with which 70 percent of the repertoire is Hollywood production. Dream factory movies attract people with spectacle and special effects.

“The box office revenue depends on the content and therefore on the revenue of the cinema,” Almaz Kaiypov, head of the Association of Cinema Owners of the Kyrgyz Republic, told the RG correspondent. – We have no other sources of income. But this situation is observed not only in our country. Today, Hollywood movies dominate in many countries. Even in France, a country that is the cradle of cinema and has long been the leader of European cinema. Today it is also backing down under pressure from the American film industry. In the film market of this country, national films represent only 20 percent. As for the repertoire of our cinemas, it depends entirely on the demand generated by the audience. The vast majority of these are young people who grew up with all kinds of trends and comics. Therefore, they taste the same.

According to Almaz Kaiypov, the American film industry has come a long way and is almost impossible to catch up with today. Even the giants of Asian cinema cannot resist the onslaught of Hollywood. Furthermore, even significant financial injections are not capable of turning the tide.

Film distribution also includes the production of Kyrgyz directors. It is true that they still cannot compete with foreign films. In terms of content, these movies are closer to real life, they have more positivity and sensuality, but not so much with the effects. Although, in fairness, it must be said that the works of Kyrgyz filmmakers at international film festivals are often among the winners. However, if movie critics rate them highly, the same cannot be said for the audience. The same can be said about Russian-made films. Good films from the Russian Federation in Kyrgyz cinemas are a rarity. The last time the film directed by Dmitry Dyachenko “Cheburashka” was shown with great success in the republic.

Meanwhile, the Association of Film and Television Producers of the Russian Federation explained that they cooperate with Kyrgyz distributors, but offers from the latter do not come as often as we would like.

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We will now discard the business side of the matter and move on to the moral. Psychologists say that despite the dominance of the Internet, cinema is still an art form that can influence the human personality. Moreover, this influence can be both positive and negative.

“Cinema can serve as an impetus for the formation of a young person’s personality,” psychologist Tatyana Akifyeva explained to the RG correspondent. – I saw the performance of the famous Russian actor Dmitry Pevtsov, who, in my opinion, set an impressive example. According to him, after the release of the film “Officers”, the phrase “There is such a profession – to defend the motherland” became the motto of many guys. Competition for admission to military schools has increased fivefold. Today, the question reasonably arises: what do Hollywood horror stories teach? If now we do not take care that the lives of children are filled with kindness, love, honesty, then we will lose a whole generation. Meanwhile, our youth lives with a negative agenda.

Cinema has raised more than one generation of people. In Soviet times, the film became quite an event. It was discussed in the press, during a break at work, in the family circle. Now the situation is somewhat different, although the role of cinema in the formation of personality is still huge. A lot depends on what the person is looking at.

– “Young Guard”, “Quiet Flows the Don”, “They fought for their homeland”, the films of Vasily Shukshin or Andrei Konchalovsky caused a storm of emotions and controversy, as if what was happening on the stage was not the fiction of the author. , but real events, – says the famous film director, honored worker Cultures of Kyrgyzstan Zamirbek Eraliev. – In our republic, domestic films began to be shot in the 1960s. It was because of their plots, which are based on life situations, human actions, because the main thing in them is not the game, but the life of the actor in the painting, made a great impression on the audience. These tapes were later called the “miracle of Kyrgyzstan.” Cinema is still a favorite art form for people. Another question is what movies are being made today and how accurately they reflect modern life and dreams of the future. Cinema at this time puts violence in the psyche of people. These scenes are also taken from life, but why promote them? On the other hand, if you take the film “Come and see”, which made a strong impression on the viewer, there are also scenes of violence. However, this is shown in a negative way. That is, people understood that it was bad. And now the murder or rape shots are added just for effect.

According to Zamirbek Eraliev, Soviet cinema has always been different from Western cinema: if the former was dominated by humanistic principles, the latter was more entertainment-oriented to impress the audience.

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If film critics are more or less sensitive in their judgments on Western film production, public figures are mostly categorical. They believe that Hollywood cinema is a kind of propaganda tool that manipulates human consciousness with the help of technology. And it does so covertly, at the level of emotions beyond the control of consciousness.

– One of the goals of Western cinema is the formation of values, and they often differ from those we are used to, – explained public figure Mairam Zeidrakhanova. – However, something else is much more dangerous – the deliberate imposition of certain values, which, unfortunately, became apparent not so long ago. One of them is the liquidation of the family as a traditional institution and the formation of a certain unified technocratic culture, which is led by a syndicate of corporations. Or take, for example, films about the Great Patriotic War. For some reason, the main role in the victory over Nazism is assigned to the United States.


Ayturgan Temirova, People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic:

– If we want to raise a full-fledged young generation that loves its country and defends it if necessary, it is impossible to focus the attention of the mass audience only on spectacular films. But then we may lose the movie distribution industry. If only western movies are shown, this will negatively affect the education of young people. I see a way out in state support for theaters. After all, in addition to making money, they have one more purpose – educational. To do this, at the box office it is necessary to show films from the school curriculum, classics, both Kyrgyz and Russian, tapes dedicated to historical dates. This is where state support would come in handy.

Why not organize nights of Russian or Kyrgyz film classics? The Ministry of Culture could be the organizer of these shows. I would understand if they said there is no such movie. But it’s there, gathering dust on the shelf.

I am sure that our children should not be brought up on someone else’s ideology. Now everyone criticizes the Soviet censorship, which prohibited the showing of certain films or introduced age restrictions for films in which there were many scenes of violence, since this traumatized the psyche and brought out aggression. And now in almost every film there are murders, rather than frank sex scenes, and all this, alas, is in the order of things.

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