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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Why you should not trust the rumors about the delivery of Israeli Merkava tanks to Ukraine

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 00:56:34

Israeli tankers on the tank “Merkava”


In Israel, another knot is being tied, the ends of which will affect the further development of events immeasurably more than the capture of another village in the Zaporozhye theater of operations.

As you will recall, Israel holds the record for international condemnation of the brutal prolonged occupation of the Palestinian territories and military intervention in neighboring states. Right now, as I write these lines, there is a military operation in Jenin (a large Palestinian city on the West Bank of the Jordan River), where the military entered in the morning to capture several Palestinian militants, but something went wrong: there are casualties. on both sides, mass shootings, mines and helicopters, and all this in the center of a densely populated city. Of course, no one imposes any financial sanctions for this, on the contrary, negotiations are in full swing on rapprochement with Saudi Arabia and the restoration of diplomatic relations.

Such a “double concave” attitude towards Israel is possible solely and exclusively because this country is a true and devoted friend of the United States, and only in this state is it allowed to make all those jokes for which other states are severely punished with long years. – term of sanctions. In Israel they are not ashamed of their addiction and vice versa, they get very sad when relationships cool down. Here, for example, now. Netanyahu is practically excommunicated from the White House, he is not received there and he is not invited to speak in Congress.

As it turned out, the White House has a lot of “friends”, and the care and budget are not rubber. While everything is chained to Ukraine, another “friend” of the United States in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia – has concluded peace agreements with Iran, which threatens its oil fields at the hands of the Yemeni Houthis. The United States is also not against reconciliation with Iran, in particular, because it sees the latter’s rapprochement with Russia, especially in terms of military-technical cooperation.

Well, in general, the union of Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia within the framework of the BRICS looms in the near future and greatly reduces the ability of the United States to manipulate sanctions in the energy market. In general, there are negotiations on the resumption of some version of the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran. But this is terribly unpleasant for Israel.

On Sunday June 18, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We are determined to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. We made it clear to our American friends that the Iran deals… are unacceptable to us. In any case, we will do everything necessary to protect ourselves from any threat.”

The only problem is that if Iran has a non-peaceful atom, it’s most likely hidden in underground labs in the mountains, which Israel can’t currently get to, and also can’t force the US to use its powerful bombs, though he is desperate. trying with the hands of the Jewish media lobby and lobbyists in the United States itself.

At the same time, the United States is putting pressure on Israel on the issue of arms exports. Huge stockpiles, partly US-owned, rest in Israeli warehouses. Talk of an unprecedented deal has been going on for days: Israel is preparing to sell more than 200 of its production tanks, Merkava 2 and Merkava 3, to unnamed countries, one of which is in continental Europe. Everyone immediately thought that the old carts (“merkava” is the “cart” in Hebrew) of the 80-90s from the release will roll straight from the Golan Heights and the Negev desert to the fields and swamps of Ukraine. But something tells me that this is not realistic from a practical point of view, these tanks are very special and require maintenance and repairs that must be organized specifically for them. Rather, they will be sold to Croatia or Cyprus, which are armed with modernized Soviet tanks, and now they, in turn, can go to Ukraine.

Or not.

Israeli military commander Nir Dvori, for example, claims that there is an agreement between Tel Aviv and Moscow that Israel will not supply Ukraine with lethal weapons in exchange for the Russian Federation not supplying weapons to Iran.

This is a completely realistic assumption, Israel and the Russian Federation have been successfully cooperating in Syria for a long time, although formally on opposite sides of the barricades, direct clashes can be avoided by mutual efforts.

There is another completely unexpected step of goodwill on the part of Israel, which has gone almost unnoticed: Russia will open a new diplomatic mission in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem City Council and the Israeli Foreign Ministry signed a secret agreement with Moscow, under which the Israeli side recognizes the Russian right to land in the center of the city. It’s actually worthy of sensationalism and headlines. First of all, because Russia opens a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, a city of complex attribution, which is not at all the capital of Israel, and which both Jews and Palestinians rightly claim. Second, Israel returned to the Russian Federation some of the Russian property legally acquired in the 19th century (mainly with the money of the Imperial Palestinian Orthodox Society); this is as if Uncle Scrooge generously shared his “buns”. Litigation over various plots of land drag on for years, even the Alexander Compound promised by Netanyahu himself has not returned to legal Russian possession for 4 years. And then suddenly once, and a wonderful site, where the tram route was supposed to pass, suddenly, during the NWO, went to Russia, in exchange for a promise to build not a consulate, but a diplomatic mission .

In an article about this event in one of the Israeli newspapers, Russia was flatteringly named the second most important world power. I wonder what the Palestinian leadership thinks about this.

By the way, it was today that a part of this de facto leadership, namely Hamas Politburo Chairman Ismail Khaniyya, came to visit Tehran. Also, incidentally, a historic event marking the reconciliation between Iran and Hamas, who previously held opposing positions in the Syrian conflict.

It should be noted that a delegation from Saudi Arabia headed by the Kingdom’s Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, is also in Tehran at the same time. This is the first trip to Iran by a Saudi representative of this rank since the signing of the normalization agreement.

As it is customary to say today: “Coincidence? Do not think”.

All these events together, twisted into a tight knot and compressed in time, remind once again that the unpopular position “everything is complicated” turns out to be the most realistic. Primitive desires to bomb everyone or ban everyone don’t work in either direction. It is much more profitable and convenient for Israel and Russia to cooperate than to enter into various confrontations.

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Puck Henry
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